Why Are Window Graphics Still Vital In This Digital Age Of Advertising?

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All day every day we are surrounded by advertisements. Scrolling through our social media feed, watching television, checking our email, and even in places that we don’t expect—like a digital screen mounted in the bathroom. We’re getting used to quickly moving through these images and onto the next thing, and it makes you wonder how we can appreciate a still image. So how can window graphics compare to the ever-changing digital media we see every day? That’s where Signs.com comes in.


We realize that for a window advertisement to get noticed, it must be well designed, to begin with. When your window graphic is well thought out, it grabs the attention of a passer-by, prompting them to visit the store or remember that image. We offer free design services to help you get your window advertisements just right.


Another area where a printed window ad has an advantage over a digital ad is the crisp, beautiful colors and bold lines. Your client never sees the wrong shade of blue; they see the exact color of your product.  


You have probably seen a window graphic that is poorly executed. Handwritten, faded colors, rolling corners, bubbles in the middle of the image or it’s completely blocking the light because of the material used. Signs.com uses high-quality products specifically meant for window ads, including clear or opaque vinyl, window clings, vinyl lettering, frosted vinyl and perforated vinyl for those areas that need light to come through.

While digital ads are appropriate in many areas, window graphics are a reliable, attention-grabbing source of advertisement for your business. The window graphics can showcase your product, store hours, holiday specials, or promotions right on your storefront. A vibrant, purposeful window ad is a commodity to a growing and changing business. The ability to use a large scale and easily changeable image drives traffic into your store and relays clear, concise information to your clients.

Signs.com is a leader in the window graphic industry and continues to be innovative and current in the world of printing and advertisement. The team at Signs.com is ready to work with you, and they want your business to be successful. Contact us or chat with our team to talk about your project, or email our team to get an estimate or to talk about the full range of products offered online. Working together with Signs.com, you will take your window graphics and advertisements to the next level, bringing your vision to reality.

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