How To Effectively Manage Your Salon Staff

Whether you’ve managed a salon for years, or are weighing the benefits and costs of doing so, the inevitable question becomes, “How can I effectively manage my staff?” Odds are you entered into the world of salon management because you love the creative minds you are able to interact with on a daily basis. However, […]

Human Resources in a Small Business Setting

Human resources, or HR as it’s more commonly known, is a term used a lot with companies. So, what exactly is human resources and what does human resources do? HR describes the people who work for a company, and it’s also the term for a business’ department that’s responsible for employee relations.

Now Firing: 4 Tips to a Smooth Separation

Today’s post was written by Monnica Manuel. Monnica is a business blogger, corporate trainer and sales consultant with a passion for helping businesses and organizations achieve success in their daily operations. If you’ve ever had to handle a “separation” for an organization, or had to be the one to make the decision to separate from […]

How Stressed Are You?

  It’s 10 p.m . . . what are you doing right now? Ordering inventory online? Paying invoices? Trying to sleep but worrying about your mounting business debt? You’re not alone. Stress is a common problem for Americans, but particularly for small business owners, who get a double dose from both personal and business factors.

Reflecting on Labor Day

  During the nineteenth century, workers in the United States worked long days in tough conditions. With the introduction of factories and a huge migration in to large cities, workers found themselves abandoning the natural work cycle that depended on the sun and instead punching a time clock. The more hours a worker worked, the […]

Top 10 Signs You’re Overdue for a Vacation

  A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Top 5 Last-Minute Vacations With Sign Cachet. But we’re aware that some of you haven’t taken a vacation for quite some time. How do you know when you’re overdue for a vacation? Here are the top 10 signs:

8 Ways to Go Back to School for Professionals

  It’s August – time for kids across the country to start getting ready to go back to school. I love the smell of those new crayons, the bright, un-sullied canvas of the new backpacks, the anticipation of new knowledge being imparted to tomorrow’s leaders. This time of year, not only do I eagerly await […]

7 Reasons To Hire an Intern & 3 Reasons Not To

  Every spring, hordes of college juniors and seniors pound the pavement, looking for an internship that will help them gain experience and make them more employable after graduation. Your business may benefit from having an intern around this summer, but before you post an ad on Craig’s List, do your homework and make sure […]