Now Firing: 4 Tips to a Smooth Separation

Today’s post was written by Monnica Manuel. Monnica is a business blogger, corporate trainer and sales consultant with a passion for helping businesses and organizations achieve success in their daily operations. If you’ve ever had to handle a “separation” for an organization, or had to be the one to make the decision to separate from […]

How Stressed Are You?

  It’s 10 p.m . . . what are you doing right now? Ordering inventory online? Paying invoices? Trying to sleep but worrying about your mounting business debt? You’re not alone. Stress is a common problem for Americans, but particularly for small business owners, who get a double dose from both personal and business factors.

7 Reasons To Hire an Intern & 3 Reasons Not To

  Every spring, hordes of college juniors and seniors pound the pavement, looking for an internship that will help them gain experience and make them more employable after graduation. Your business may benefit from having an intern around this summer, but before you post an ad on Craig’s List, do your homework and make sure […]

National Volunteer Week

  Imagine that your company could make a tangible difference in your community, improve employee morale, increase your employee’s skills and project a positive image, all in the course of one day. This week, companies all across the country are doing just that as they become engaged in their communities through volunteer work as part […]