Fall Colors & Their Associated Emotions

With the temperatures dropping and the air turning crisp, it’s no wonder why we wrap ourselves in our favorite sweaters, sip hot chocolate and crave everything that makes us feel all warm and cozy inside. Fall is also the time for warm, rich colors, clearly seen with all the leaves changing. From cinnamon red to […]

Sign Design: Effectively Using Design Elements

We’ve all seen them – signs that are ugly, unreadable or confusing. These signs don’t help the businesses they advertise; they hurt them. Customers shouldn’t have to decipher your sign; its purpose and message should be immediately apparent. When it’s time to make a sign for your business pay close attention to the elements of sign design. […]

5 Signage Lessons From a Successful Yard Sale

  Every spring, I purge all the extra junk in my house. I clean out all the closets, tidy cabinets and pantry and generally rid my home of all the clutter and detritus that seems to accumulate over the course of a year. Then I host a yard sale, allowing my neighbors to purchase previously […]

Road Signs for Humans, Road Signs for Deer

I live in an area where there are a lot of mule deer; two herds of about 25 deer each roam in the foothills above our home. Every evening they wander down to an area near the road to nibble on the grass that is apparently much tastier there than the grass elsewhere. Luckily, the […]