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Free Closed for Christmas Sign Templates for Small Business Owners

Free Christmas sign templates from Download and print our free Christmas sign templates just in time for the holidays.

Essential Holiday Signage For Your Retail Store

The season is upon us and more holiday spending means more opportunities to bring business to your local store! In the competitive realm of retail, it’s important to master the art of visual appeal. And what better way to attract customers than to display the goods you have to offer with custom holiday signage, featuring […]

Top 10 Signs You Bought The Wrong Gifts

We know your intentions were good. But sometimes it’s hard to find just the right gift for everyone. During those lazy hours after Christmas brunch and the unwrapping festivities, you might find yourself wondering how you did in the gift giving department. Well, here’s the Top 10 Signs You Bought the Wrong Gifts. We hope […]

Top 10 Signs You Were Naughty This Year

You know that song about Santa making a list and checking it twice? Well, here at we don’t really need lists and such. We know who’s been naughty and it might just be you! How can you tell if Santa’s putting coal in your stocking? Read over the Top 10 Signs You Were Naughty […]

Top 10 Signs You Aren’t Ready for Christmas

Hey, you! Christmas is tomorrow. Which means that you have a matter of hours before Santa arrives, gifts in tow. Are you ready? We know that some of you sure aren’t. It’s time for some tough love, which starts by us pointing out the Top 10 Signs You Aren’t Ready for Christmas.

Harper Grey: A Few of My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things… OK, pretend that I’m Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Except not quite as dorky. And better-dressed. And I’m singing. On key.

Dear Santa: Letters From Kids We Love

Christmas might be the season of giving, but it’s definitely also the season of getting. And no one appreciates presents like kids. We asked some of the kids we love what they want for Christmas this year. Here’s what they told us.

Gift Exchange and Giving Goats

  Every year I attend several parties that host a “fun” gift-exchange game. I bring a $5-$15 wrapped gift and put it in a pile along with everyone else’s offerings. Then I get to unwrap a $5-$15 gift that someone else brought. Yay! Or not. OK, I get that Christmas has turned into a holiday […]