Our New Frosted Acrylic Signs Debut

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Here at Signs.com, we’ve launched our new Frosted Acrylic Signs.

If you want a way to quickly signify that your operation is “first-class” and “high-end,” you might find no better solution than frosted acrylic signage. The perfect glass substitute, frosted acrylic is a dense plastic material that, as the name indicates, boasts a stylish frosted finish.

Signs.com prints your design directly onto the frosted substrate with digital UV inks. The result: a sign that serves as a strong introduction to your company, and one that’s certain to impress current as well as would-be clients.

Why Acrylic Over Glass?

Similar to frosted glass, frosted acrylic is not completely see-through (like our clear acrylic signs) – rather, it allows a certain amount of translucency. As a result, it appears that you’re looking through a frosted or fogged window. The frosted aspect serves to diffuse the light, giving a design or whatever is placed behind it a soft, almost ethereal feel. When used on a large scale, frosted acrylic (as well as frosted glass and frosted decals) can also add a level of privacy – for conference-room walls and office windows and dividers, for instance.

Frosted acrylic is a great substitute for frosted glass (just as clear acrylic is for standard glass) for myriad reasons, including:

  • Acrylic weighs less than glass, so you can feel more secure when hanging or installing a larger sign.
  • Acrylic is more flexible and more impact-resistant than glass – it has a bit more give to it, which allows it to be less likely to break.
  • Yes, acrylic can break – but while glass will shatter into a rain of very dangerous shards, acrylic will typically break into larger, dull-edged pieces (think safer).
  • Acrylic is resistant to UV light, so sunlight won’t be as damaging as it can be to standard glass.

If there’s a downside to acrylic, it’s that it can be more susceptible to scratching than glass. However, it’s unlikely that a frosted acrylic sign would scratch with normal, everyday use. As long as you’re careful when removing the packaging your acrylic sign arrives in (and the protective film it ships with), and you’re careful while installing the sign, you should be fine. If scratches do occur because of hard or sharp objects abrading the sign’s surface, you typically can polish or buff out the small scratches.

The Allure of Frosted Acrylic

As we noted at the top of this post, but worth repeating here: We print directly onto the frosted acrylic substrate with professional-grade UV inks. Unlike some other sites we’ve come across, we’re not simply printing onto an adhesive frosted material and then applying that to an acrylic panel. Because of our printing process, your printed design should remain vivid for the expected life of the sign – 5 or more years with proper care and placement.

Frosted Acrylic Signs available from Signs.com are a sturdy 1/8-inch thick and they can be ordered in a variety of eye-catching shapes: square/rectangle, rounded corners, circle/oval, custom, and custom with border. Plus, we can produce your sign at any size between 4 x 4 inches and 96 x 48 inches.

For mounting our Frosted Acrylic Signs, we recommend standoffs – the same type of hardware that many galleries and design firms use to mount signage, artwork, architectural panels, and photographs at a fixed distance from a wall or other surface. Because these standoffs are anodized brushed aluminum, they’re extremely durable and, importantly for exterior applications, they won’t rust, weather, or patina (that green film that can show up as a result of oxidation). The standoffs nicely complement the look of the frosted acrylic signage and maintain that elegant feel.

If you request it, we’ll drill installation holes for placing the standoffs. We can place the holes in any of the following locations: the sign’s four corners; all sides center; corners plus top and bottom center; top corners only; top and bottom center; or left and right center. You can also choose a custom placement.

Location, Location, Location

You can install our Frosted Acrylic Signs onto any rigid surface, inside or out: onto wood, metal, concrete, drywall, etc. Again, we heartily recommend using our aluminum standoffs for the best overall support and aesthetic, but you can also hang your sign through drilled holes using rope, bungee cords, or even zip ties.

Where to place that new frosted acrylic sign of yours is your next decision. Here are just a few locations to consider:

  • Exterior entryway or front door: A frosted acrylic sign can establish a professional tone for your company before a prospective customer has even entered your establishment.
  • Lobby/reception area: Here’s where clients are awaiting meetings to acquire your services and products, and where salespeople are nervously waiting as they look to sell you their latest wares and services – no better place to impress them with your signage!
  • Conference room: You’ve likely adorned your company’s conference room with awards you’ve won, pictures of your founders, and the latest teleconferencing tech – why not add a picture of your corporate headquarters or company logo emblazoned on frosted acrylic?
  • Any interior wall: A frosted acrylic directional sign can direct visitors to a demonstration room or research area, or it can point employees to the company library or perhaps your downstairs luncheonette.
  • Suspended from a ceiling: Since it’s not as heavy as glass (and less prone to breakage), you can suspend your frosted acrylic sign from a ceiling using appropriate hardware.
  • Mounted onto a flat surface: Frosted acrylic works just as well placed on a flat, horizontal surface as it does mounted to a wall – perhaps placed on a pedestal to serve as a location map or with your company’s historical timeline.

The Frost Factor

No matter where you decide to install your Frosted Acrylic Sign from Signs.com, your business will benefit. As noted earlier, it’s a great way to immediately send the message that your company is professional, values quality, and will do everything in its power to ensure every customer is treated with premium care.  

So as you explore which signage options make sense for you, consider the visual statement that frosted acrylic can lend your operation. We think you’ll decide that Frosted Acrylic is not only a head-turner but can also serve as a client magnet.

By the way, we referenced frosted decals earlier in this post, and our Custom Frosted Decals can provide you with that frosted or “etched” appearance on a sheet of translucent vinyl. The decals can be printed with your custom message, graphic, or logo, or be left unprinted (as a blank sheet of frosted vinyl material). Frosted vinyl window decals can be used indoors or outdoors.

And if you want to explore other, “non-frosted” ways to go with your signage, we offer these options:

Acrylic – This is the clear version of our Acrylic Signs; as with our Frosted Acrylic, we direct print with UV inks onto this durable, colorless, and transparent substrate. We can print first-surface or second-surface (for extra visual depth) on clear acrylic, and we can provide a standard or polished edge for you.

Brushed Aluminum – We can direct print your image, graphic, or design directly onto 3mm brushed aluminum e-panel material, comprising two sheets of aluminum and a reinforced polyethylene core. Our Brushed Aluminum Signs are great for outdoor or indoor use.

Metal Prints – If you’re seeking an internal signage solution, our Custom Metal Prints feature dye-sublimation printing process where we infuse a photo into 0.45-inch aluminum panels. The result is a high-resolution, extremely clear print on metal, available in four finishes and various sizes.

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