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Exhibiting at a trade show, festival, market, or other event can be demanding. Setting up your booth, coupled with long hours on your feet, limited (and sometimes downright scary) lunch options, and all the rest can make for some very challenging days.

One of the last things you want to worry about when working your booth is having to constantly pull and push your table cover out of the way as you search for promotional samples, tradeshow swag, or an essential document stored under the table. You need quick access to these things as you deal with the constant stream of folks wanting more information about your products and services.

Our new 3-Sided Table Covers, then, are just the ticket for you! They cover only the front, sides, and top of the table, leaving the back of the table easily accessible and ensuring that whatever you have stored under the table is comfortably within reach.

A Sensational 3-Sided Solution

As with our standard Custom Table Covers, our 3-Sided Table Covers enable you to turn a table cover into a professionally branded marketing tool.

Specifically designed for 6-foot or 8-foot tables, the covers have rounded corners and are machine-washable. Our lightweight and durable table covers are made of 6.8-oz. polyester and they’re flame-retardant, meeting the NFPA 701 small scale standard. That said, we strongly recommend keeping your table cover away from any open flame or heat source.

We use dye-sublimation inks to print your design onto our table covers. The dye-sublimation (aka “dye-sub”) process serves to permanently dye the design into the cover’s fabric, becoming part of the fabric itself. As a result, you won’t see your design chip or peel away, as you might with other types of printing processes; nor will they fade.

In addition, dye-sub printing produces a more pleasing result when it comes to color – you’ll find that your design is vibrant and will really grab the attention of event attendees. Even the more subtle colors in your design will pop. So your company logo, message, or any information you’ve chosen, can be certain to be quickly seen by folks approaching your table or booth from any direction.

The dye-sub printing process also plays a role in how easy it is to care for your table cover, because the design is essentially embedded into the polyester fabric. A damp cloth will remove most surface dirt. For harder-to-clean stains, you can machine wash the cover in cold water with mild detergent, on low-spin or gentle cycle; then, just hang to air dry.

Other Ways to Cover: Stretch, Runner, More

Prefer to have all four sides of your table enveloped? Our Standard Table Covers ensure that all sides of the table are indeed covered; and, of course, all sides can be printed so that the four sides of your table are graphically fantastic. Otherwise, our Standard Table Covers are like our 3-Sided Table Covers in every respect.

We also offer two more table-covering options:

  • Stretch Table Covers – If you favor the open-back/three-sided option, but you want a stretchy solution, this might be your preference. Because they’re made from a 6.8-oz. polyester tension fabric, these covers can be pulled taut over a standard 6- or 8-foot rectangular table. Here, too, the front, sides, and tops can be printed with our dye-sub printing process, ensuring a durable and vibrant design.
  • Custom Table Runners – Maybe you already have an existing cover, and you’re seeking a display table runner to lay on top of it? We have those, too. Our Custom Table Runners, made from 6.8-oz. polyester fabric, are 90 inches in length and are available in widths from 24 to 60 inches. Also printed with our dye-sub inks for a long-lasting, impactful design.

As you can see, no matter your final choice in a table covering for an event, we have you, um, covered (see what we did there?). And if you’re seeking more trade show and event-related signage and marketing materials, we can help you there, too: Visit our Trade Show page for information and suggestions on everything from pop-up displays and tension fabric stands to table top retractable banners, business cards, and much more.

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