Our Interview with Under30CEO.com’s Matt Wilson

Matt WilsonMatt Wilson and Jared O’Toole are two amazing guys with traditional backgrounds in business and finance. But while their backgrounds might be traditional, Wilson and O’Toole are anything but. It was quickly apparent that the corporate path was not for them; they were more interested in entrepreneurship. In 2009 they co-founded their company, Under30Media, to provide resources and inspiration to help other talented young entrepreneurs find their own paths. Their first venture, Under30CEO.com, took off quickly, gaining exposure on MSNBC and BusinessWeek. Subsequent sites include Under30Finance.com, Under30Careers.com and Under30Experiences.com. Read More

What Motherhood Taught Me About Running a Business

What Motherhood Taught Me
Entrepreneurship and motherhood don’t seem to have much in common. Until you start counting all the skills you’ve gained from years of multitasking, mediating fights, organizing homework and washing thousands of loads of laundry. After 22 years of motherhood, I can say that I’ve learned a lot about kids. And about how to run a business. Because the two endeavors? Aren’t so different after all. Read More