Three Shopping Resolutions For the New Year

It’s that time of year again… time to declare resolutions that I know I won’t keep for more than a week. But today, instead of sharing with you all my big plans to lose weight, learn Mandarin Chinese and stop texting at the dinner table, I’m going to share a few shopping resolutions. Ones that […]

Tales From the Returns Line

OK, so you didn’t get exactly what you wanted this year. Or maybe you got what you wanted, but it was broken when you opened it. Or maybe you got what you wanted but it was the wrong size. Poor you… now you’re in the Returns Line, which is akin to Dante’s nine circles of […]

Harper Grey: A Few of My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things… OK, pretend that I’m Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. Except not quite as dorky. And better-dressed. And I’m singing. On key.

Gift Exchange and Giving Goats

  Every year I attend several parties that host a “fun” gift-exchange game. I bring a $5-$15 wrapped gift and put it in a pile along with everyone else’s offerings. Then I get to unwrap a $5-$15 gift that someone else brought. Yay! Or not. OK, I get that Christmas has turned into a holiday […]

Let’s Talk About Your Holiday Decorations…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… but can we talk about your holiday decorations? Every year, I look forward to the weekend after Thanksgiving with both excitement and trepidation. The neighbors rummage through their crawlspaces, basements, garages and storage sheds and drag out all the Christmas bins. They hang a wreath on the […]

Tiny Java and the Challenges of Entrepreneurship

This week the articles on the blog have been all about home-based entrepreneurship. Brad Manuel’s guest article on Monday told us about Nothing Knew, the business he started from his home in order to keep track of his three busy teenagers. On Tuesday, our copywriter Catherine interviewed the owner of Pear Tree Preschool. Libby […]

Harper Grey: What We Are Thankful For

  My job at involves writing a weekly column for the blog that provides readers with an insider’s view of my shopping escapades, eating-out adventures and experiences with customer service, both good and bad. I love to shop (that’s why I landed this super-sweet gig). I love to eat out. I love to indulge […]

Harper Grey: A Better Idea for Black Friday

  I write a column every week about shopping. Obviously, I like it. A lot. Too much, some (read: my husband) might say. I enjoy browsing through shops, looking for great clothes or fun gifts. And I love, love, love a bargain. But what do I NOT love? Black Friday. I don’t do the wake […]