101 Awesome 3D Street Paintings and Famous Artists

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3d sidewalk art feature

You’ve undoubtedly seen it before somewhere on the web, or maybe even real life. The 3D sidewalk chalk art, also known as street art or street paintings that looks amazingly real. Artists across the world practice the trade today but few know that forms of street painting trace their origins back to Britain as far back as the 1700s.

The 3D art itself is two dimensional art often drawn on sidewalks that when viewed at a certain angle appears to be three dimensional and creates an optical illusion that is stunningly real.

In 1984 leading street artist Kurt Wenner invented 3D pavement art as a result of being inspired by anamorphic art – or one-point perspective art that is viewable only from a specific angle. In doing so he had to invent an entirely new geometry to make his sidewalk art work the way it looks today. Many of the other famous names of sidewalk art, including Edgar Muller, Julian Beever and Manfred Stader trace their beginnings back to Wenner.

Today these talented street painters or chalk artists often gather at festivals visited by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe to display their talents and admire fellow artists’ abilities. We’ve put together a few of the most famous street painters as well as 101 of the coolest 3D chalk art paintings we could find.

Famous Street Artists

All of the street painters below are extremely talented at sidewalk art but also artists by their own right.  We’ve included some of their best street paintings as part of our list and listed their bios and websites below – check them out!



Kurt Wenner – Father of Pavement Art. Educated at Rhose Island School of Design and previously worked for NASA.  Asphalt Renaissance is Wenner’s book that showcases his work.


manfred_staderManfred Stader – Another early artist on the scene, German born and raised Stader continues to be one of the best at the craft today.



leon_keerLeon Keer – Learned his trade painting murals for multinationals and today this Dutchmen is a leading 3D sidewalk artist of world wide fame.



julian_beeverJulian Beever – English artist who has practiced the trade since the mid 1990s. His book, Pavement Chalk Artist, features much of his work from around the world.



edgar_mullerEdgar Müller – German street artist renowned for his abilities and was first artist to create a street painting that changed from one image to another with the change of light.



joe_hillJoe Hill – Famous artist who holds record for largest and longest 3d artwork (Reebok Crossfit in gallery below) and has worked with brands across the world. Also is behind the 3D Joe and Max website.



nikolaj_arndtNikolaj Arndt – Nikolaj was born and educated in Russia but currently teaches in Germany. Despite teaching he still is a leading 3D artist that has worked around the globe.



We’ve tried to include all the artists whose work might be included below. Let us know in the comments if we missed any so we can give them a shout out!



shark and diver

santa over house


royal thieves

shark man

santa and elves

rope bridges

river rafting beever

river and rocks

old house

rope bridge

reebook crossfit

reebook crossfit 2

raft fall off

polar bear


plane in storm

pizza slice


parking garage stader


nail bed stader

mini waterfall

metal detector

man falling backwards

living room

lego army final

safari jeep

kids in snow

jungle bike

indoor glass office

indian fish pool

ice pit 2

hose and drain

horse out of fire

royal wedding

hole in side

hole biker


head platform

hand stands

hand through cement stader

grocery store aisle

greek water

grasshopper on pole

golf shot


iron man

fossil digger





diving board

death fall


croc falls


construction scaffolding

coke bottle

coffe cup stader


classical fountain wenner

city perch

car emerging

calgary stampede wenner


bridge in office




bank hesit

baby times square


animal drawing

american flag and eagle




whales and ball


waterfall save

water eagle


upside down

underground oasis


triangle fall

transformer out of subway

trade show looking down

tiger tv

swimming pool in mall



Street lava picture Mueller

spray paint fly

snake charmer



ski start



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