Small Business Taxes – To Hire or Not To Hire

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Tax season isn’t everyone’s (or anyone’s) favorite time, but it comes along every year and since taxes must be paid, there’s nothing we can do but get them done.

In the past, the only option was to hire a tax professional. Today, because of advanced technology, people can do their own taxes through software programs at home or online. But just because you can do something yourself doesn’t always mean that you should. Read More

A History of American Taxation: A Tea Party, a Whiskey Rebellion & More


Today millions of Americans will fill out their tax forms, write checks and mail or e-file the whole mess of paperwork off to the IRS. Some Americans receive tax refunds (those lucky folks usually file in January or February…their refunds have long been spent). Some have to pay a little. Some have to pay a lot. Regardless, most like to whine and complain about paying at all. Read More