Harper Grey: Website Woes

  How well does your website represent your company? If your dress shop is funky and casual, your website should reflect that atmosphere. If your law firm handles only grim-faced, uber-serious executives, it should be buttoned-down and formal. If your restaurant caters to ski bums and teenagers, your website should probably create that tone. I […]

Happy Mother’s Day – What Kind of Mom Are You?

  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there; we would be lost without you! In celebration of this special holiday, we’ve devised an entertaining, enlightening, down-right amusing survey. We know that moms come in all varieties . . . so what kind of mom are you? Take our quiz to find out. (Write down your […]

The Kentucky Derby: 5 Facts, Tips & Traditions

  Nothing announces the arrival of spring quite like spring showers, tulips, the Masters and of course the Kentucky Derby. The 138th Kentucky Derby takes place on May 5th at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Maybe you are lucky enough to be attending the race this year, or maybe you are just throwing a party to watch […]

3 Ways to Anticipate Customer Needs

Like many people, I’ve changed my shopping habits over the last few years as the economy faltered. I tightened up spending and began to budget and plan for shopping trips more carefully. I try to avoid impulse spending and am aware of stores’ marketing gimmicks to get me to buy stuff I don’t need. But […]

Harper Grey: A Lesson in Temperature From the 3 Bears

  Oh, my darling retail shops. You tease me with your fickle fervor. First you’re hot, then you’re cold. You make me perspire and bring a flush to my cheeks. Then your icy-hearted  indifference blows chilly, freezing my fingers and nose and leaving me out in the cold. Seriously. What is up with the crazy […]

Harper Grey: The Fitting Room Experience

  Ask any man and he’ll tell you that women like to buy clothes. If he’s married to one he’ll complain about how much of his money she spends (even if she makes more money than him). If he’s dating one he might angle for sympathy by telling you about the epic shopping trip she […]