Renewing Our Registry: Sign Up Now

This is a rare guest post from the co-founder of, Kirk Green. Kirk is not so much a guest blogger as he is a reluctant blogger. Occasionally, he has observations that we think need wider distribution than his personal mumbling. So, we convinced him to write down a few of his ramblings and we […]

Save the Signs, Save the History

Today’s post comes courtesy of Stephanie Swift; artist, photographer and owner of Pretty Little Pixel. Stephanie’s unique prints of various signs around Salt Lake City, Omaha, New York City, Las Vegas and Dallas have garnered many accolades in the art community. In the last five years, her work has been featured at the Utah Arts […]

4 Ways to Get Your Brand Out There

Today’s post comes courtesy of AJ Wilcox. AJ is a passionate marketer, blogger and all around lover of display advertising. Enjoy! As a marketing director, I’ve had lots of experience with signage and display, and I wanted to share my experiences to help other businesses looking to get the most from their public displays. There […]

4 Lessons of Signs and Dating

It’s with great pleasure that we bring you today’s post by our good friend and occasional guest author Emery Scott. Emery is a self proclaimed marketer, social media wiz and serial dater. Enjoy! How much easier would dating be if we each had signs that proclaimed our intentions? “Yes, I’m interested. Ask me out.” “Sorry, I’m taken.” “I’m keeping my […]

3 Tests When Developing Company Signage

From time to time here at the Communication Department, we like to sit back and let others do the heavy lifting. That’s why today’s post is courtesy of our friends over at Business Logos. Business Logos, founded by two pioneers in the online graphic design industry, caters to small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs. […]