Types of Yard Signs and the Most Popular Ones

Yard signs are durable, lightweight, and portable signs that can be both used in indoor and outdoor settings. The stakes are never high (literally and figuratively) when you utilize yard signs for your marketing campaign because it’s a tried-and-tested solution to easily reach a local audience – without breaking the bank or using any specialized knowledge. In addition, yard signs contribute to “The Rule of 7,” one of marketing’s oldest principles. This was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, a renowned marketing guru based in Cambridge, MA. It states that your audience needs to be exposed to a product, service, or campaign seven times before they decide to purchase or take action.

Because of the versatility of yard signs, it’s not surprising why they are a top choice among small and big businesses. In this article, we’ll tackle the different kinds of yard signs and its many uses in various industries.

Yard Sign Varieties

Thinking of printing custom yard signs but don’t have a clue on which material fits your preferences? Here are the different types of yard signs to help you get started:

Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

Also known as coro or Coroplast™, corrugated plastic yard signs are the most commonly used types when it comes to custom yard signs. These are durable, inexpensive, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Coroplast™ signs also feature flutes or channels that allow wire stakes to be inserted for stability.

Most political yard signs that you see in neighborhoods are made of this material. It works great with short-term outdoor graphic text, images, and colors. These can also be printed digitally or silk screened.

Four Types of Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

Corrugated plastic yard signs come in various shapes, sizes and colors. These are:

  • Directional Signs
    These are signs that show people the location of an event. These are often used at receptions, sports competitions, and more. Realtors also install this type of sign at entrances of neighborhoods to direct potential buyers and drive more foot traffic to the real estate property.
  • Yard Signs
  • Shape-Cut Signs
    These are signs that are cut precisely to the shape that customers specify. Shape-cut signs will make your message stand out more and set you apart from competitors because of their unique, custom shape. If you want a sign that is memorable to readers, we recommend shape-cut signs for your campaign.
  • Rectangle-Shaped Signs
    These are the signs that are often used for political campaigns, real estate property listings, and store advertisements. The most popular yard sign size for this type of sign is 24” x 18” and 18” x 12”.
  • Yard Signs
  • Yellow Corrugated Plastic
    This is mostly used in silkscreen printing and for large orders that require a one or two-color print. Compared to painting yellow over white coro, yellow corrugated plastic is inexpensive and more cost-efficient. If you need to print decals, yellow coro is also an excellent sign choice.

Aluminum Yard Signs

Similar to coro signs, these are rustproof and can withstand any form of precipitation, as well as the harshest weather conditions. Custom aluminum signs have a smooth, baked-on, high-gloss, factory-painted coating, and are known for being strong, lightweight, and durable. Its weather-resistance combined with its resistance to handling, makes it have more longevity than corrugated plastic yard signs.

Alumacore Yard Signs

Alumacore signs are made of two pre-painted aluminum sheets, which are bonded to a corrugated polypropylene core. This makes the sign have a strong yet lighter panel compared to solid aluminum. If you’re looking for short- to medium-term printed panels and two-sided, rigid signage for indoor and outdoor settings, alumacore yard signs are what you need.

Max Metal Signs

These are signs that are made of two pre-painted aluminum panels which are bonded to a solid plastic core. The aluminum composite material in max metal signs are lighter and sturdier than solid aluminum panels or plywood. It has better resistance to dents and scratches, and gives off a classy look when mounted. We recommend max metal signs if you want to add frames on your signage.

Industries That Use Yard Signs

Installing yard signs is one of the most foolproof ways to grab the attention of passersby. They are inexpensive and can be used in variety of applications. To give insight on how you could get creative with yard signs, here’s a list of how various industries utilize them:


Yard signs can be used to help establish a candidate’s presence in a local community. To run an effective political campaign, make sure to highlight the name of the candidate, and the slogan and cause in your political yard signs to attract more voters. Remember to also be aware of the do’s and don’ts and the laws of the state regarding political signs to avoid any issues with municipalities.

Political Yard Signs

Real Estate

Yard signs are very common when it comes to real estate advertisements. These are used to promote open houses, sales, or even when a property is sold. Realtors often use aluminum yard signs because they have more stability than wire stakes and can be placed in grass or dirt. To gain an advantage from competitors, you can do the following:

  • Incorporate an effective tagline in your signage
  • Choose a unique shape
  • Follow the color scheme of the local area
  • Add a brochure box for potential buyers to learn more about your listing

Real Yard Signs


Whether your business is in a residential area or in a commercial space, retail yard signs are an excellent way to entice your customer base as they walk or drive by your sign. To drive more foot traffic and sales, make sure that there’s a visible point of purchase in your sign. Showcase your products and services, promote deals, discounts and sales, or use a call-to-action statement that will encourage readers to check out what your business has to offer.


From fundraisers and sporting events to graduation, yard signs can help entertain and keep readers engaged in various school functions. Use vibrant colors in text, graphics and more to attract your audience and make the campus look lively.

Graduation Yard Signs


Aside from boosting awareness about any upcoming event in a local area, yard signs are also used to inform people about restricted areas, as well as direct crowds in essential places in the venue. This includes restrooms, food stalls, first aid booths, designated exits, pick-up locations and more.

Celebratory Events

Similar to tradeshow yard signs, yard signs for celebratory occasions can help inform guests where the location of the celebration is. If your reception is in a hidden place, consider printing and installing multiple yard signs with various instructions on how to navigate the area. You can also use yard signs to direct guests to designated areas in the venue, from food stations and restrooms to photobooths and parking slots.


There are countless ways to capture the attention of your audience, and setting up yard signs is one of them. While it is often used by various industries, it’s important to set your brand apart from competitors. Personalize your yard signs by adding text, and graphics, changing a color scheme, adding your logo, or adding a tagline and contact information to the sign.

At Signs.com, we can help you design and create signages that stand out. We also have free design templates that you can easily customize and a design team ready to attend to your needs.

How to Use Yard Sign Templates

No time to create your own yard sign design? Signs.com offers free design templates that are easy to use even for beginners who have no design experience. Just type what you need in the search bar and select a premade template. Fill in the information and preview your work before checking out your order.

Should you require assistance, our professional team is here to provide free design services.

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