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Political Yard Signs

Political Yard Signs

Quality Political Yard Signs to Promote Your Campaign

In the past few years, political yard signs have risen in popularity exponentially. Each neighborhood is America is peppered with yard signs that show support. With how popular it has become, you can’t deny its impact. In fact, a recent study found that on average, lawn signs increase vote share by 1.7 percentage points.

Take advantage of these essential advertising tools. provides custom high-quality yard signs that can help you with your next campaign. Whether you’re campaigning independently or part of a candidate’s team, displaying political signs is a great way to raise awareness.

Highlight Your Campaign Message With Custom Political Yard Signs

Before you start designing your own political yard sign, define your central campaign message first. Building upon a campaign message or slogan is extremely powerful. If “Yes, we can” and “Make America great again” are any indication, catchy slogans can become the backbone of a candidacy.

These short, quotable slogans, when placed on yard signs, serve as a constant reminder to potential voters about your candidate and what they represent. Easy-to-digest displays are a great way to reach those who may be unaware or on the fence about your candidate's political platform. Zero in on a message, and hammer it home.

Designing Your Own Political Yard Signs

Designing political yard signs, whether for personal use or for a full electoral campaign, is straightforward and easy. With, you can use templates, upload a print-ready file, or create a design from scratch. Below are some tips in creating your political yard sign.

  • Customize – Choose the size and shape of you campaign signs. The standard size is 18” x 24” but you can opt for smaller or larger displays depending on your plan. Large signs are good for intersections and high-traffic areas while small yard signs work well in large numbers. You can also use different shapes to stand out and attract attention. You can use round signs that put the spotlight on a candidate's name or custom cutouts for a display that truly stands out.

  • Color – Go bold and play around with contrast. You want your signs to immediately grab attention while still being legible. A combination of red, white, and blue colors is classic, but don’t be afraid to mix it up. Remember that most of the other candidates will also be using those color palettes. Strive to stand out – in a good way.

  • Legibility – This is perhaps the most important tip for campaign yard signs. Every line of text has to be legible, clear, and easy to understand. As far as politics are concerned, there is no room for miscommunication. You can forego every other design element and just place your candidate’s name on the sign and people will understand what it’s for. Spell out your message in big bold letters to ensure that the message sticks.

  • Minimalism – Related to the point about legibility, keep the yard sign design as simple as possible. Negative space works in your favor. If you need to add graphics such as a portrait of the candidate, make sure that the focal point of the design is the name of the candidate or the campaign slogan.

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Political Yard Signs Frequently Asked Questions

How many yard signs does my political campaign need?
It depends on a lot of factors. How well known is your candidate? How big is the voting population? Do you plan on giving away political signs or will you be installing them yourself? Answer these questions and you’ll get an idea of the quantity you’ll need for your campaign.

What are campaign yard signs?
Campaign yard signs are displays used to support a candidate, political party, or advocacy. They can be used by individuals and organizations.

Is a political yard sign the same as a yard sign?
Yes, both signs are made of the same material and installed the same way.

What is a political yard sign made of?
Our yard signs are made from 4 mm. corrugated plastic. This material is lightweight, weatherproof, and fade-resistant.

Can you use campaign yard signs to promote your business?
You can use campaign yard signs as promotional displays. Make sure to create a new design that reflects your advertising goal.

How much does a campaign yard sign cost?
The cost of yard signs depend on the size, customization options, and quantity of your order. In general, the more you order, the bigger your savings on a per piece basis.

How many yard signs does a campaign need to make an impact?
Generally speaking, the more election signs you put up, the more your campaign will be more effective. However, there are still some factors you'll need to note when developing your signage strategy. The number of yard signs a campaign needs to make an impact varies depending on your campaign location and the population within that area.

If you are in a more population-dense location, putting up fewer signs that people can easily see is a good tactic, especially if you are on a budget. You can then set up more signs in lesser-populated areas so people can stop by and look at your platform.

Are there laws governing where yard signs can be placed?
There are many laws and regulations implemented for yard sign placement, and these become more stringent during campaign and election seasons. While sign laws vary from state to state, some of the common regulations involve installing signs in private areas and property, as well as the sizes and duration of the installed signs.

Election signs should have specific sizes and must contain accurate information regarding the candidate's name, their platform, call to action, and the sponsors who printed these signs. The political signs must be displayed only in authorized areas with complete permits from the property owners.

When can political yard signs be put up? When do they need to be taken down?
An important aspect of the many rules and regulations on political and campaign signs is the duration of their installation. In the case of political advertisements for a candidate, these signs can only be displayed during campaign periods and must be taken down before election day. Meanwhile, call-to-action signs that display neutral political themes (i.e., signs that encourage people to vote) can still be raised during the elections, though they must also be taken down once the election season is over.

Can yard signs be placed on public property?
Generally, yard signs cannot be placed on public property, especially without a permit from the local government. However, there are special occasions when public officials allow them, primarily during an electoral campaign period.

Even if a candidate's sponsor has acquired permission to install their signs, they must still follow strict guidelines, such as adhering to the public right-of-way, public zoning laws, and public property rules. Political signs that endorse candidates are also usually not allowed in public institutions like office buildings, schools, and roadside infrastructures to maintain politically neutral and non-coercive environments.

How can a campaign prevent yard sign theft or vandalism?
Public awareness campaigns and engagement can only do so much to prevent yard sign thefts and vandalism. However, during campaign seasons, extra penalties are usually implemented if such acts are to occur and the person responsible is caught. Sponsors and campaign teams may do the following to properly prevent campaign sign thefts and vandalism:

  • Secure Installation. Use strong harnesses and sturdy sign stakes to secure the signs firmly to the ground.
  • Strategic Placement. Once you've received your campaign permits, try placing your signs on open/visible areas and on private property.
  • Surveillance: Always keep an eye on your signs when they are set up. This not only prevents theft but could also help with sign maintenance.
  • Extra Signs: Saving for extra signs to replace stolen or damaged yard signs won't hurt your campaign. You can also replace worn-out signs to keep your campaign awareness fresh.

Can yard signs influence local discussions and engagement?
The primary purpose of a political yard sign is to promote the candidate and increase their visibility and name recognition in time for elections. That said, there can be instances where a well-maintained sign can spark meaningful discussions, especially about the candidate's platform and policies.

Campaign teams and sponsors can create yard signs to start conversations and discourse about a candidate's stance and perspectives on specific political issues. However, there should also be disclaimers and clear messaging about the platform so the conversation doesn't become too confrontational and aggressive.

How large should a political yard sign be?
The size of a political yard sign can vary depending on the placement location and regulations. All political yard signs usually have specific size limitations during campaign seasons to promote fairness and neutrality in promotions, with the maximum size bordering on the 24" x 36" or 24" x 48" depending on the state or city.

Aside from campaign parity, the yard sign sizes are implemented so that it wouldn't affect people's right of way and movement in public areas.

What should a campaign do if their yard signs are being vandalized or stolen?
People are typically fined and penalized when they are found to have vandalized or stolen yard signs, which are considered property. During election season, these punishments become more severe when done on election and campaign yard signs since these can be seen as political sabotage or defamation. When you find your political signs vandalized or stolen, you must stay calm and do the following:
  1. Document the damage. Take photos and videos of the damaged signs to be used as evidence. You can also take a picture of your previously installed sign and timestamp it to ensure it's not just misplaced.
  2. Report to the authorities. Immediately report the theft or vandalism to the police and request they investigate the incident. You can also use the documentation as evidence to support your claims.
  3. Try to stay positive. Do not show aggression before, during, and after the investigation since your actions may also reflect on the candidate you support. It's also best not to jump to conclusions about the perpetrators and trust the authorities to do their job.
  4. Keep extra signs for replacement. It's also good to keep spare signs that you can install to replace the damaged or missing ones. Still, you should ask permission to add these extra signs since a new sign might disrupt the investigation.

Are yard signs a good way to gauge voter support in an area?
Yard signs can provide insights into voter support in an area, but they should be used cautiously to gauge overall voter sentiment. While these signs primarily support a candidate during the elections, these would also elicit some dissenting opinions. You should properly gauge the interactions brought about by these signs and encourage discourse in a civil and non-aggressive manner. You can also design political signs to clearly state the candidate's platform and beliefs, preventing people from misinterpreting them.

You may also contact professional banner services to help with your color combination and make your banners more visible and eye-catching while avoiding clashing color combinations.

What should I do with a yard sign after the election?
Most city and local governments give campaign teams and sponsors only a few days to take down and dispose of political and campaign signs after the elections. With this, you have the option to either reuse the signs for future campaigns, repurpose them for other projects, or donate them to schools, community groups, and recycling centers so they could be used for means. If your yard signs cannot be reused or recycled, you can dispose of these signs yourself, provided you follow the city rules and regulations on waste disposal or hire professionals to do the work for you.

Political Yard Signs Templates

At, we provide hundreds of design templates that you can use to create your yard sign. These templates make it easy to tailor your yard sign to match your brand or business needs. If you opt for a premade template, such as those below, you can simply fill in the information you want to display and print. You can then preview the sign before you order it.

Election Yard Signs Campaign Yard Signs Political Yard Signs

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