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How to Design and Choose the Perfect Yard Sign Size

Are you thinking of starting your marketing campaign through yard signs? Yard signs are a powerful marketing tool that you can use for promotions, real estate property listings, advertisements, political campaigns, events, directional purposes, and more. These are outdoor signs that are printed on a 4mm corrugated plastic material and come with wire stakes or metal frames for easy setup on lawns.

With the variety of ways that these can be used, there are also many size options to choose from when it comes to yard signs. So how do you know which size matches your business needs best, and which ones can immediately capture the attention of your audience? In this guide, we’ll help you determine the factors to consider when choosing the perfect size for your yard sign.


When deciding on a yard sign size, legibility, or how letters can be distinguished from one another in a typeface, plays a key role. A signage that is too small might not have enough space for letters to be recognized and can make font types look too cramped. This can defeat the purpose of effectively communicating your message to your audience, especially if you’re using different fonts to emphasize certain parts in your sign. One example of this, are signs that have call-to-action statements. This can be a sale announcement, an open house, or a welcome sign.

Yard Signs Size and Readability

How small or big do you want your sign to be? Is a small yard sign enough to fit the message you want to convey? Or do you need a big yard sign size to make your sign more readable? Do note that readability is all about the readers – it defines how your message can create an impact and how easy it is for them to decipher, process, and comprehend various elements of your sign. This includes the size, font type, the page layout, color, etc.

Standard Yard Sign Sizes

Here at, our yard signs come in a variety of sizes. The most common yard sign size used by customers is 24” x 18”. This particular size can be seen as far as 70 feet away, and is large enough for passersby to notice it. It works great in several applications, including real estate property listings. This size is also compatible with various display methods such as metal frames and wire stakes.

While this is the standard size for yard signs, we have other popular choices among our customers. These are:

  • 24" x 6"
  • 18" x 12"
  • 36" x 18"
  • 2’ x 2?
  • 4’ x 4?

24" x 6" signs are also known as riders. This size is mostly used for smaller signs that are paired with main yard signs. With this size, you can display contact numbers, business branding, or announce an update on the current sale status of a real estate property.

Our 18" x 12" signs are the smallest in our size options. You can use this for company logos, directional signs, or any short text. If you need a bigger space for your advertisement, you might want to order jumbo yard signs. These are basically yard signs that are larger than the standard 24” x 18”.

Yard Sign Size

Read more about our yard sign sizes here: Signage 101: Yard Sign Sizes

When deciding on the size of your sign, as well as the font size that you’ll use, remember to also consider the distance and the speed limit in the area where you will have your yard sign installed. If your sign will be placed in a quiet neighborhood with a low speed limit, your text can be smaller unlike in areas with a high speed limit such as busy highways. To get an idea on what’s the appropriate letter height per speed limit, please see the chart below:

Speed Letter Height
25 mph
30 mph
35 mph
40 mph
45 mph
55 mph

Aside from basing the letter height on the speed limit, you can also determine what yard sign size and font size is right for you by finding out the ideal readable distance of various letter heights, and the recommended letter heights for different types of signs.


Whether it’s passersby, onlookers, or motorists reading your yard signs, it’s important to make sure that your font type of choice will grab the attention of readers and quickly get your message across. After all, it only takes about 4 seconds for your audience to look at your sign and get on their way. For yard signs, the best choice for font types are clean and bold sans-serif typefaces. Opting for fancy fonts in your yard sign will only make your audience waste time on trying to decipher the lettering instead of them focusing on what you want to communicate.


Since the goal of putting up yard signs is for your message to be seen even from a distance, choose bright and saturated colors instead of muted, dull colors. You can also make your sign pop out even more by experimenting with contrasting colors for your background and text.

In a study by the United States Sign Council Foundation (USSC) on Sign Legibility and the Impact of Color and Illumination, four text and background color combinations were used to test the legibility of signs. These are:

  • Black Text/White Background
  • Yellow Text/Green Background
  • White Text/Black Background
  • Red Text/Black Background

Based on the findings, positive contrast signs or signs that have vibrant and saturated colors outperformed negative contrast signs in terms of recognition and legibility – especially when it comes to nighttime visibility. In addition, it has been observed that with neon illumination, white text trumps over red during the daytime, but no significant difference was found during nighttime.


The location of your sign will also influence your decision on which yard sign size and design you should select for your campaign. If you want to install your sign in a high-traffic location, there’s no need to put up a large sign. It’s also possible that a big sign can cause a distraction to drivers passing by.

Another thing to think about when choosing the right yard sign size for your campaign, is if there’s enough space in the location. If placing multiple yard signs, make sure that they’re not crammed in one area and that there’s distance between each sign.


Once you’ve decided on the yard sign size that works for your marketing campaign, showcasing your message to your audience is easier. The right-sized yard sign can enhance what you want to promote and advertise, and keep your readers engaged and interested in your business.

Check out for custom yard sign printing services. We offer a wide variety of yard sign sizes for you to choose from.

How to Use Yard Sign Templates

Are you looking for a faster and more convenient way to create your yard sign design? has free design templates that are easy to use and beginner-friendly – no need for any design experience! Simply use the search bar and select a premade template. Fill in the information and preview your work before checkout.

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