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Events Yard Signs

Every personal milestone deserves to be commemorated. Let everyone in on the celebration with custom events yard signs that your guests won’t miss! Check out these free sign templates created by our expert team of graphic designers.

Anniversary Signs

Make anniversaries more special by adding a custom yard sign to the party. Let guests know they’re in the right location by adding your names to any of our free templates below.

Anniversary Signs Anniversary Signs Anniversary Signs

Baby Shower Signs

Got a new bundle of joy popping out soon? Announce the upcoming arrival of the latest addition to your family with custom baby shower sign templates.

Baby Shower Signs Baby Shower Signs Baby Shower Signs

Birthday Signs

Who doesn’t love to attend birthday parties? Create a sign using these templates to make it easier for guests to find the party.

Birthday Signs Birthday Signs Birthday Signs

Campaign Signs

Running for office? Announce your plans and gather support from the community with good ol’ campaign yard signs!

Campaign Signs Campaign Signs Campaign Signs

Graduation Signs

Let the graduate know how proud you are of their achievement with our custom graduation sign templates.

Graduation Signs Graduation Signs Graduation Signs

Grand Opening Signs

Attract customers to your new business by displaying an attention-grabbing Grand Opening sign outside your establishment. Use any of these custom sign templates!

Grand Opening Signs Grand Opening Signs Grand Opening Signs

Reunion Signs

Whether it’s a reunion with your buddies from college or your extended family, get people in the mood to reminisce and reconnect with a personalized reunion signage.

Reunion Signs Reunion Signs Reunion Signs

Sale Signs

Tell the public about your upcoming in-store events by putting up a custom sale sign on the storefront!

Sale Signs Sale Signs Sale Signs

Wedding Signs

Weddings are always a highly anticipated event that takes months, even years, of planning. One way to ensure it goes smoothly is to place wedding signs outside the venue. This can prevent delays caused by lost guests and suppliers!

Wedding Signs Wedding Signs Wedding Signs

Welcome Home Signs

Let a loved one know how excited you are about their return with a Welcome Home sign that they can immediately spot from a distance. We have several customizable templates for you to choose from.

Welcome Home Signs Welcome Home Signs Welcome Home Signs

The Importance of Events Yard Signs

Signages play a major role in all types of personal and professional events, so much so that they can even make or break your celebration. They may seem overlooked at times, but there are practical reasons why you should print yard signs for your upcoming event.

One important reason is if it will be held at a venue unfamiliar to the attendees, placing a sign outside will help your guests spot the location faster. Getting stuck in traffic or taking unnecessary detours can dampen the mood, which is the furthest thing you want to happen if you want your guests to enjoy and have fun.

For business owners planning to hold in-store events such as a weekend sale or a store reopening, announcing these through custom signs are guaranteed to attract attendees. Display your signs days or weeks in advance so more people can see them and to give your guests more time to prepare.

For intimate celebrations such as birthday parties or wedding anniversaries, a custom signage can double as a backdrop for photos. Once the celebration is over, you can display your sign at home. That way, you can look back on the fun memories every time you see your custom event sign.

Different Ways to Create a Custom Event Yard Sign

Create a custom yard sign that’s uniquely yours in three different ways:

1. Create a yard sign from scratch using our online design editor.
  • To access our beginner-friendly tool, click “Get Started” after selecting your preferred signage features in the order calculator.
  • Choose “Design Online”. Our design tool lets you add text and shapes, upload your own images, and insert your own background. Click “View Proof” to review your draft.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your signage design, click “Save & Continue”.

2. Let one of our expert designers create a unique signage artwork for you. To avail this service, let us know the details of your design request by filling out a Free Design Services Request Form.

3. Customize any of our Events Sign Templates for free!
  • Browse through all available sign templates for events and click on the thumbnail of the artwork you want to personalize.
  • You will be redirected to our online design editor where you can use all the customization features to edit the template.
  • Once you are satisfied with your design, click “Save & Continue” to proceed with checkout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are event yard signs made of?
Our event yard signs are printed on weather-resistant 4 mm. corrugated plastic. We only use fade-resistant UV ink so your signs stay vibrant even under direct sunlight or heavy rains. Meanwhile, our wire stakes are made from 9-gauge steel.

How much does an event yard sign cost?
Ordering larger quantities lower the cost per unit, so if you want to save more, buy signs in bulk!

How many yard signs does my event need?
It depends on how large your venue is, but ideally, you should place one in every entrance and exit point that’s visible from the main road so guests can easily see them. If you are planning to erect a yard sign in a public space, make sure to check the sign permit requirements in your state first.

Can I customize the dimensions of my yard signs?
Yes, yard sign dimensions are highly customizable, although certain sizes are popular or considered industry standards. For instance, the 24” x 18” yard signs are commonly used in real estate.

What are the most common yard sign sizes?
These are the other popular yard sign sizes: 24” x 6”, 24” x 18, 18” x 12”, 36” x 18”, 2’ x 2’, and 4’ x 4’.

What are the most common uses of yard signs?
Yard signs are versatile marketing and promotional tools, making them popular in real estate, political and awareness campaigns, food businesses, community events, and fundraising activities. Some people also use them for homecoming and birthday parties.

Where is the best place to put up yard signs?
Place your yard sign in areas with high vehicle or foot traffic. The greater your sign's visibility to your target audience, the wider your reach is, and you can increase impressions, too.

How long does it take to print my yard sign?
The production or printing time can be as quick as one business day or it can take a few weeks, depending on how many yard signs you order, your location, and other variables such as finishing touches like hemming of the banners or adding pole pockets.

Are there any local regulations about displaying yard signs?
Yes, although these rules may vary depending on your location. It’s important to check your state’s regulations, zoning rules, and homeowner’s association policies before installing yard signs.

How do I store my yard signs when they’re not in used?
Store your yard signs upright next to each other. Make sure they lie flat and that there are no heavy objects on top of them to prevent unsightly dents and creases. The same rules also apply to wire stakes.

Which display option is the most recommended in windy locations?
Heavy-duty wire stakes are the ideal display option if you want additional stability in windy locations. These come in 1/4" steel with a welded top made from a 9-gauge steel. However, it remains highly recommended to remove signs during extreme weather conditions (e.g., strong winds and storms) to ensure their longevity.

Can I add lighting to my yard sign to make it visible at night?
Yes, you can incorporate lighting elements like LED lights or spotlights to your yard sign to make it visible at the night.

Can I use yard signs for specific types of events like birthdays or graduations?
Yes. Yard signs are not just for businesses and political campaigns. Thanks to their versatility, you can also use them for intimate events like birthday, graduation, and homecoming parties.