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Real Estate Yard Signs

Real estate yard signs can get your property noticed faster by potential buyers or renters. Invest in custom signage to ensure that your advertisement stands out from the rest – even in busy areas filled with hundreds of posters, billboards, and banners. Customize any of our templates below to get started.

For Lease Yard Signs & Templates

Attract potential lessees with these custom for lease yard sign templates designed to immediately catch the attention of passersby.

For Lease Yard Signs & Templates For Lease Yard Signs & Templates For Lease Yard Signs & Templates

For Rent Yard Signs & Templates

Putting up For Rent Signs in a prominent location is a tried-and-tested way to find trustworthy tenants. Although not everyone who sees it is a potential client, pedestrians or commuters may still end up referring your property to others.

For Rent Yard Signs & Templates For Rent Yard Signs & Templates For Rent Yard Signs & Templates

For Sale Yard Signs & Templates

Consider adding For Sale yard signs to your promotional tactics to increase the chances of getting your property off the market as soon as possible.

For Sale Yard Signs & Templates For Sale Yard Signs & Templates For Sale Yard Signs & Templates

For Sale By Owner Yard Signs & Templates

Are you planning to sell your house without hiring a real estate agent? Directly connect with potential buyers with these For Sale by Owner sign templates.

For Sale By Owner Yard Signs & Templates For Sale By Owner Yard Signs & Templates For Sale By Owner Yard Signs & Templates

Open House Yard Signs & Templates

Let the public know that they are more than welcome to walk straight to your door with a warm and inviting Open House yard sign.

Open House Yard Signs & Templates Open House Yard Signs & Templates Open House Yard Signs & Templates

Importance of Real Estate Yard Signs

There is no denying that real estate yard signs remain relevant even in the age of social media ads and online marketplaces. Even if a majority of landlords and homeowners nowadays solely promote their properties on the internet, adding a physical sign or two to your front yard can significantly reduce the amount of time spent looking for a buyer or a renter. After all, there are some who still look for their next home by driving up and down their target neighborhoods.

Putting up real estate yard signs can also draw the attention of the people in your neighborhood. Your neighbors may not be interested in moving to your home, but they probably know someone who might!

How to Use Our Real Estate Yard Sign Templates

Here at, you have three different ways to come up with your very own custom yard sign:
  • Create one from scratch using our online design editor.
  • Ask one of our expert graphic designers to transform your idea into a flawless design.
  • Customize any of our real estate yard sign templates, created by our team of talented designers. These are available for free!

If you want to use a template to create a custom sign, just follow these easy steps:
  1. Browse through our customizable templates and click on the thumbnail of your preferred design.
  2. You will be redirected to our online design editor where you can add a personal touch to the template as much as you like! You may insert your contact information, use bold colors to make your sign stand out more, add the logo of your brokerage, and many more. Use the ruler, bleed lines, and grid lines to check the measurements and alignment of your design . Click “View Proof” to review your design.
  3. Once you are satisfied with your artwork, click “Save & Continue” to proceed with checkout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many yard signs does my real estate property need?
One or two signs are enough, as long as they are placed in an unobstructed location where they can be easily spotted by passersby. Make sure that the text is legible enough to be read from a distance. For reference, a 1-inch-high letter can be seen from 40 to 50 feet away. If you want your custom real estate yard sign to be easily read from a moving vehicle, go with a larger font.

What are real estate yard signs made of?
Our real estate yard signs are made from 4 mm. corrugated plastic. The mounting accessories such as wire stakes and frames are metal while our real estate posts are made from PVC plastic.

Are real estate yard signs weatherproof?
Yes, they are. Yard signs made from corrugated plastic are one of the most cost-effective outdoor signages because of their durability and versatility. We even use high-quality UV ink so your message remains clear as day regardless of the weather!

What should I put on my real estate yard signs to attract new customers?
Use vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics and combine them with large and readable text that your audience can see easily from a distance and different angles. Keep your message simple and short since most people don’t have much time to read too much information.

How do I choose the effective wording for a real estate sign?
Make sure you focus on one simple message. For example, if you’re selling a property, highlight the words FOR SALE, or if you want potential buyers to view it without an appointment, ensure that your sign’s focal message is Open House. Additionally, present an action you want your audience to take. Do you want them to call or email you for a consultation? Whatever it is you want them to do, convey it clearly.

How do I choose the right font for my real estate yard sign?
Use fonts that are simple and easy to read from a distance. However, make sure that you also consider the length of your message and brand guidelines. For example, Gotham, Helvetica, and Garamond will complement most brand style guides. Meanwhile, Franklin Gothic and Trajan work well with signs with a short headline executed in capital letters.

How do I choose the right size for real estate yard signs?
The ideal dimension for yard signs depends primarily on the distance between the signs and the readers. For instance, smaller signs (e.g., 18” H x 24” W) work well with residential settings and local events because they mainly target passersby, whereas medium (e.g., 24” H x 36” W) and oversized signs (e.g., 48” H x 72” W) offer increased visibility to both vehicles and foot traffic.

Do you have a real estate yard sign design template that I can use for my business?
Yes, we have plenty of templates specifically designed for real estate. These design templates can help you create yard signs that reflect your brand and business needs.

Are there any legal restrictions on using yard signs?
Depending on your location, there may be size and content restrictions you should keep in mind prior to installing a yard sign on your personal property. Remember to secure any necessary permits from your local or city council if you plan on using temporary signs on public spaces such as sidewalks. To avoid hefty fines and other issues, check with your municipal code libraries, zoning department, or local government website for any rules and regulations on yard sign installation.

What are the different types of real estate yard signs?
These are the most common types of real estate yard signs: for sale signs, directional signs, open house signs, and rider signs, which are smaller than the main sign.

What are the best materials for real estate yard signs?
The 4 mm corrugated plastic with UV- and water-resistant properties is the best material for real estate yard signs. When partnered with weatherproof ink and durable wire stakes and metal frames, your signs can last two years or more of outdoor use.

Where can I find customizable templates for yard signs?
Visit and click the yard sign page where you can choose from various real estate design templates available in our library. You can fill in the information you want to display and print and change the colors if you wish. You can also preview the sign before placing your order to ensure that your sign is written and styled correctly.

What are some tips for designing an effective yard sign?
You want your audience to read the most important information as quickly as possible. Thus, your yard sign should only include one primary message (e.g., for sale or open house), your logo, and contact details. Other best practices you must keep in mind: Use large and easy-to-read fonts, contrasting colors (e.g., dark texts and light background), and enough white space (ideally comprising around 30-40 percent of your design area).