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The Benefits of Yard Signs Over Other Displays

Small businesses and organizations with small budgets assume they have few advertising options. Billboard signs are too costly and unlikely to make an impact. Paid ad campaigns come at prices single-owned businesses, real estate brokers, and school admins can't afford. But there is a low-cost advertising option for companies working with limited resources. Yard signs are affordable, durable, easy to design and install. You can display them in areas your target consumers frequent and stay top-of-mind every time they see the sign.

Find out about the many benefits yard sign printing will have on your next business promotion or event campaign.

1. Draw Attention to Your Business or Property Instantly

Custom yard signs point a potential customer to your establishment. Locals are more likely to read and remember the sign when they pass by it on the way to work, school, or an errand. Industries such as real estate, political campaigns, and events maximize the visibility of yard signs.

Your sign can grab the attention of anyone who lives near your store, restaurant, or event venue. Whether you're inviting guests to an open house, offering a new item on your menu, or promoting a university event, putting up signs are a great way to attract passersby to drop by your event or establishment.

Once you've captured the customer's attention, you can also put up signs at your establishment to improve their experience. Use these signs to direct them toward free parking, give more details about an open house event, or highlight exclusive discounts you're offering visitors that day.

2. Affordability

You see yard signs wherever you go—they're an inexpensive marketing tool many can afford. You'll spend less than a fraction for less exposure and a chance of the audience's attention on a TV commercial, social media ad, or a billboard they can't read in 2 seconds. The low cost also makes it perfect for temporary promotions or one-time events. Potential customers will also easily see the sign in its best quality with its year-long longevity outdoors.

You can also maximize a limited budget on a few or bulk printing of several signs. However few yard signs you require, you can adjust the individual and total price based on your available resources.

3. Repeated Exposure to Your Brand

You remind locals and frequent visitors who see your yard sign what your business has to offer and how they can benefit from it. Studies report that they need to see a message at least seven times before it gets through. The more people read your sign, the more likely they will remember and agree with it. This familiarity helps you build trust with your customer, which eventually feeds the idea that they should try your product, visit your store, or check out your property. Remember that getting them to do business with you takes time but having enough signs may shorten that period.

4. Easy to Install & Low Maintenance

Yard signs only require a few steps to install—no need to hang them from above or drill them onto a wall. Just sink the stakes into the ground, and your sign is ready to go. Each yard sign is also lightweight, making it easy to carry across your different establishments or properties.

5. Create a Design in Minutes

Unlike other print advertising tools like brochures or catalogs, personalized yard signs don't require a complicated design or an extensive background in creating graphics. You can access ready-made templates and edit them based on your business information. Choose from designs for real estate promotions, events or political campaigns, and various business announcements.

6. Durability

Each sign is usually made of weather-resistant corrugated plastic. The material is sturdy enough to withstand the elements. The print looks good as new even after continuous exposure to the sun, wind, and rain

Final Thoughts

Yard signs are a low-cost promotional tool any business can invest in. Take advantage of the sign's durability, effectiveness, affordability, and customizable features for your different campaigns.

Choose from different personalized yard sign types or templates available here on Signs. Once you've edited the template, you can upload the design, and we'll produce it for you on time. Explore the possibilities with the best custom yard signs for your business today.

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