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Where to Buy Yard Signs? – Signage 101

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Look around you and you’ll find yard signs everywhere. Your neighbors probably have some on display to advertise their upcoming yard sale; the house down the street that’s being sold has one, and in all probability, you also have one stowed away somewhere in your garage. Yard signs are indeed more common than we think. A question that often comes up is “Where can I get or buy yard signs from?” Let’s find out! 

Where To Buy Yard Signs edit here? 

If you’re in the market to buy yard signs (rather than looking for a free political yard sign), your options fall into four general groups of options that we’ve outlined below. 

Big-box retailers are one of the most obvious ways to procure yard signs due to both their many locations and their brand familiarity with the masses. However, these large companies cater to a broad spectrum of customers, so signage-specific options might be minimal. For example, their offering as it relates to design services, turnaround time, and the like are also often subpar when compared to online printing companies that specialize in custom signage. Alternatively, generic yard signs such as ‘For Sale’, ‘Yard Sale’, and ‘No Trespassing’ are among the pre-made yard signs that you’re sure to see and are likely cheaper than online printers due to the lack of customization and bulk production of these very common yard sign designs. 

Brick-and-mortar sign companies are the lifeblood of local communities. They are able to discuss with you face to face about your sign requirements and have it arranged for pick up or delivery. In our experience, the drawback of these signage companies is often all the fees that come with ordering from them as they try to offset the costs of running and maintaining brick-and-mortar locations. Turnaround time and convenience can also be drawbacks when using your local sign shop. That said, in a pinch, these local companies can sometimes be just the solution you need and it supports the local economy for those that are advocates for supporting their local economies. 

Online marketplaces are also a good option to consider when purchasing yard signs.  These have thousands of listings so knowing what you need and using filters will help narrow down your search. Remember to read the fine print to ensure that you get exactly what you ordered. Review sizes, pricing details, and where it will be shipped from. If you’re looking for a generic yard sign, this is another place to look for them as well. You can also check your community for a bargain! Some home printers or budding entrepreneurs may be offering their services for an attractive price. 

Online printing companies, such as Signs.com, offer fully custom yard signs at an affordable price with a quick printing turnaround time and free design services. The best benefit for online printing is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You can choose a template or create a design from scratch, place your order, and it will be shipped straight to your doorstep. Online printing companies no doubt offer a wide range of advantages when compared to other options to buy yard signs. 

Common Yard Sign Designs And Where To Buy Them 

What are the most common pre-made yard signs? These are the ones that you’re most likely to order over the counter without needing a lead time or having it custom-made. There are at least a few of these super common templated yard signs that are worth mentioning.  

Yard sale signs are the most common. Other popular sign types include ‘Garage Sale’, and ‘For Sale’ signs. A generic yard sign is available just about anywhere. While some yard signs allow for the buyer to use a permanent marker for additional customization, if you’re looking for a professionally customized/printed yard sale sign you’re best bet is to use an online printing company with a sophisticated sign editor or creator.  

Birthday and graduation signs are another popular yard sign with pre-made options. So common are these types of yard signs that they can even sometimes be found in grocery stores. These are typically used a single time so due to the cost, some people prefer to rent instead of purchasing one. Especially for generic designs, renting a pre-made sign is more cost-effective. During COVID, renting yard signs as an option/business model became way more popular due to social distancing and quarantine measures. If renting is the desired or needed option, there are a number of companies that rent out various signs and displays. The cost of doing so is typically driven by how many signs, or how long the message is, and the duration of the rental period.  As with the generic yard sale signs, If you want a birthday or graduation sign tailor-made for a specific person or event, you can order from custom printers such as Signs.com. 

Blank yard signs are precisely that: blank. They provide a canvas upon which you can work your magic. Blank yard signs are ideal for DIY projects or are wanting to hand-customize the sign with markers or otherwise. Big box retailers sometimes have these in stock but you’ll have to check ahead to see if they sell it piecemeal or in bulk. We also recommend checking the pricing on blank signs since some stores and online companies will sell these at the same price point as printed or even custom-made signs. While a single blank yard sign might be found via one of the options we’ve discussed above, it’s much more complicated if you’re looking for bulk blank yard signs. In this case, you can either look for yard sign wholesalers (companies that sell directly to the printing companies) or reach out to the manufacturer. In both cases, this can prove to be tricky as both wholesalers and manufacturers often only sell to a printer or middleman or registered businesses. Not only is it uncommon for individual consumers to be looking for bulk blank yard signs, but the upstream providers of these yard signs are also leery of selling directly to the end consumer and competing with companies that typically are their customers. If you’re unable to find a bulk provider, online printing companies are likely to be your best bet to either obtain bulk blanks or figure out other options. 

Where to Get Political Yard Signs 

Among the most popular types of yard signs are political signs. You can see these in neighborhoods and communities by the dozen during election season. And with different levels of government having elections at least every two or four years, it seems like political yard signs are always on display. Even if it’s not an election year, you’ll often still find political signs displayed in front of the homes of loyal supporters. They’re a cost-effective way of backing candidates or advocacies, showing support, and spreading their message. Or maybe just displaying your continued loyalty to a candidate – at any level –  you really wish had won. No matter what the reason is for looking for yard signs, there is no doubt that some of the most common questions around yard signs are: how and where to get political yard signs? Throw in the name of a well-known candidate – Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Beto, Harris, DeSantis, Buttigieg, Pence, Sanders, etc. – and there are literally thousands of people asking where to get Trump yard signs or where to get Biden yard signs. Regardless of your preferred candidate, party, or cause, in an effort to help here are the answers to these common questions. 

Candidate Yard Signs – Free or Paid? 

The best place to start is whether you can expect to get free political yard signs for your candidate or if you’ll need to pay to publicly show your support via a yard sign. 

From our research, in most cases, it seems that one should not expect to get free political yard signs. We researched the two most recent presidential candidates – Trump and Biden – and found that even their own official websites often linked to some kind of shop or store that charged for campaign yard signs. Not only did official candidate websites charge for yard signs but often the respective political party’s official websites likewise offered Trump and Biden yard signs for a price rather than free of charge. So, while you can contact the campaign headquarters of the candidate you wish to support to find out if they give out free campaign signs the odds are pretty good that you’ll need to pay to show your support. 

So, if you’re looking to buy yard signs of your preferred candidate, cause, or party where do you find them? The best bet to find them is through the official websites of these candidates. While a quick Google search can undoubtedly land you on the correct website one of the most useful political websites is Ballotpedia

Ballotpedia is extremely comprehensive in listing political candidates at all levels of government. Each candidate’s profile page includes links to the candidate’s social media platforms as well as the official website. From this same page, you can also navigate to a profile page of the major political parties where likewise official social media platforms and website links are included. From there, most websites will have a “Store” or “Shop” in the main navigation of the website to quickly land you on the right spot to buy political yard signs.  

If you find that official campaign websites are overcharging for yard signs, which they often do, there is an entire cottage industry built around custom printing for political candidates and elections. A quick Google search will give you seemingly endless options from which to purchase yard signs, swag, and more. If you decide to go this route make sure to read further below as this option isn’t without pitfalls. 

What About Free Political Yard Signs? 

While political yard signs in most cases are something you’ll need to pay for we did come across several instances of how to get free political yard signs.  

Yard Signs For a Donation 

Many candidates and campaigns will offer a free yard sign in exchange for a donation to the campaign. Sometimes this donation will be less than the price of the yard sign and sometimes the donation will exceed the cost. Either way, they are obviously not truly free but if you’re going to donate anyway this might be a way to get a “free” political sign.  

Yard Signs To Local Campaign Headquarters 

If there is a specific area or district that is critical to a candidate’s chances of winning, we have seen the campaign ship large amounts of yard signs to the local headquarters so they can give them away for free to supporters in the area. There is often a limit of one sign per customer, and the campaign is likely losing money on these signs, but the increased awareness for the candidate in that area sometimes makes it worth it for the candidate. Not sure if your candidate’s local headquarters is offering something like this? Use the official website to find local headquarter locations and reach out and ask! Likewise, you may be able to follow social media accounts for local campaign efforts to make sure you get a free one before they are gone!  

Yard Signs As Part of Marketing Efforts 

The last instance in which we’ve seen free sign giveaways is through the social media efforts of the candidate. Contests, giveaways, and the like sometimes are used as a way to spread the digital word with a free sign as the prize. Follow the candidate’s social media platforms, or the accounts of the local grassroots leaders, to spot these opportunities for free signs.  

Printing Your Own Campaign Signs 

If a candidate or party is not offering free signs but you still want to show your support, you can print a custom display with your local brick-and-mortar store or an online sign printer. Ordering custom political signs gives you the freedom to print the exact message you want to share. A big benefit of creating your own sign is that it attracts attention as opposed to cookie-cutter signs you come across during election season. Printing your own custom political sign is sure to be an eye-catcher and help your message stand out among a street full of signs. But doing so means that you can quickly wade into a gray area of custom printing if you’re not careful.  

From an individual perspective, the content of your sign should be protected by freedom of speech but one should be wary of copyright laws as it pertains to printing campaign materials, slogans, and images.  

Generally speaking, candidates and campaigns protect their official slogans, messages, and campaign images in an effort to get people to print them as they were intended and to make more money off them by offering them on official websites and through approved vendors. So, printing official campaign signage through an unauthorized printer can create copyright issues for the person printing them. While some campaigns may not put much effort into enforcing or protecting copyright laws, others in the past have done so. 

Further, while it’s not strictly required to get permission from the campaign to print your own signs, you can create your own design and print it as you wish provided it does not contain defamatory and offensive content and you follow any applicable rules. As detailed by the FEC, “Communications paid for by an individual, a group, a political committee, a corporation, or a labor organization, but not authorized by a candidate or a candidate’s campaign, must contain a disclaimer notice identifying who paid for the communication and indicating whether any candidate or candidate’s committee authorized the communication.”  Thus, we’d recommend that if you choose to print campaign yard signs yourself that you make sure that there is enough effort put into it that it is your own unique creation as well as making sure that it adheres to any regulations in place so as to avoid any copyright issues. 

What About Online Signage Providers? 

Online printers are mostly in the same boat as individuals when it comes to campaign yard signs. While the official signage and designs are likely protected by copyright by the campaigns there are bound to be campaign yards signs that flow through their printers during election season.  

To make sure they are in compliance with copyright laws and other regulations most signage companies will make sure that any signage templates offered are created by themselves and not the official campaign signs. At Signs.com, we do exactly this by making sure any political yard signs we offer on the website are templates created by our team of graphic designers so as to comply with copyright laws. 

Some online signage providers will make sure they are in compliance by officially partnering with campaigns and candidates.  

But others will simply offer everything under the sun with a complete disregard to any potential copyright or compliance considerations. While some campaigns may turn a blind eye to this as it increases the candidates’ brand/name awareness it can be a slippery slope without official permission. It is also this last case where individuals need to be most wary as many online printers often have terms of service that put the ultimate onus or burden on the actual paying customer to confirm they have the rights and permissions to print what they are printing.  

So, once again, if you’re looking to print your own campaign signs we’d highly recommend that you either play by the rules or be aware of the risk you are taking if they are official campaign slogans and designs. 

Regardless of how you obtain your campaign yard signs, and no matter who might be your preferred candidate, party, or cause, we encourage you to abide by the rules set forth and practice decency and kindness as a participant in our democratic system! 

Find Your Yard Signs!

Yard signs are ubiquitous but in a good way. They’re so common and have become a part of everyday life that we often forget what are all the options from which you can buy (or rent!) one in the first place. Generic, cookie-cutter designs are always available in big-box retailers and many other places, while some political signs can be requested for free from a candidate’s campaign headquarters. For the truly custom yard sign needs, there’s always Signs.com.  

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