Free Printable Templates For Coronavirus Signage

We are going through difficult and uncertain times. Whether your business is temporarily closed, changing hours and services, or remaining open
and looking for health resources, has you covered. Perhaps right now you do not have the time or resources to order a new sign.
That’s why we are offering free printable health and closure sign templates related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.
Now you can have something up to help out your customers. Just consider this a favor from your friends here at :)

Masks Required Signs

Many businesses are requiring that masks or facial coverings are worn by everybody that enters. States are also passing laws about masks and where to wear them. Use one of these temporary signs to make sure your customers know that they must wear a mask. To purchase a permanent sign, click here: masks required signs.

Social Distancing Signs

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing has become a necessity. These printable social distancing signs are perfect for telling your employees, customers, friends and family members that social distancing is important to you. If you are looking to purchase a permanent sign, click here: social distancing signs.

We Are Open Signs

Whether you are re-opening your doors or you never had to close them, it is important that your customers know that you are open. Display an open sign in your window or door to inform them that you are open for business. Visit our we are open page if you would like to purchase one of these templates on any of our sign materials.

COVID-19 Vaccine Signs

The COVID-19 vaccines are currently being distributed nationwide. Use one of these vaccine sign templates to display registration, availability, eligibility, and other information about your vaccine distribution.

Support Our Healthcare Workers

Our healthcare workers are doing truly heroic things each and every day. Show them your support with these custom sign designs. Head to our Thank You signs page to purchase one of these designs.

Sale Signs

If you are going to be having a sale with your store re-opening these sale signs are perfect for you. Download and print one of these free templates for a quick way to display your sale. If you are going to be having a sale with your store re-opening these sale signs are perfect for you. Download and print one of these free templates for a quick way to display your sale. If you would like to purchase a signs, click here: sale signs.

Touchless Payment Signs

Over the years, using cash to make a purchase has become less and less popular. The COVID-19 pandemic has all but eliminated cash purchases in favor of card and touchless payment options. Use a sign template to let your customers know which types of payment your business accepts.

Hand Washing Signs

The most important thing that you can do to keep yourself healthy is wash your hands frequently and the right way. Display these hand washing signs as a reminder to those around you of the importance of hand washing. If you would like to purchase one of these templates, click here: handwashing sign templates.

Take Out/Drive Thru/Delivery

These templates are perfect for restaurants that are remaining open and offering curbside, take out, drive thru and delivery services. These should be displayed anywhere that your customer will see it like a window or a door. They are the perfect coronavirus front door signs. To browse and purchase a permanent sign, click here: curbside pickup and drive thru signs.

Maximum Occupancy Signs

Due to social distancing, many businesses must limit their occupancy to much lower numbers than they have in the past. Inform your customers about your maximum occupancy policy with these free templates. Or purchase a maximum occupancy sign for a long term solution. Or purchase a maximum occupancy sign for a long term solution.

Temporary Hours

Your business may not have to close its doors, but it may have temporary hours due to decreased demand or public health reasons. If that is the case, use our temporary hours coronavirus shop signs below. See options to purchase a sign here: business hours signs.

Closed Signs

Many businesses have had to temporarily close their doors due to COVID-19. If this is the case for you, use these closed for COVID-19 business signs to tell any visitors what your shop is doing.

Grocery Store Signs

Grocery stores are among the most essential of all businesses and have gotten millions of people through the coronavirus pandemic. With this, they have had to implement new policies and procedures. Use these templates to display the new guidelines at your grocery store. Visit our grocery store sign page to purchase a sign with these templates.

Temperature Check Signs

If you need your patrons and employees to check their temperature before they enter your building, you also need to make sure they are aware of the policy. Download these temperature check signs and display them at the front of your office. For a long term and durable sign visit our temperature check signage page.

Coronavirus Testing Sites

COVID-19 testing centers need those that come to be tested to wait in their car for further instructions. These printable coronavirus signs are designed for testing centers to communicate with those that are coming to be tested.

Hospitals and Clinics

The designs below are ideal for Hospitals and COVID-19 specific clinics. Download and print them to show differences in your daily operations due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Thank you for your service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these Coronavirus signage templates actually free? What’s the catch?
  • Yep, they are entirely free! And no, there isn’t a catch. So why are we offering these? With the COVID-19 pandemic making so many changes to how people interact and do business right now, we wanted to provide a service to everyone. We have found that right now there are a lot of business owners that get into a time crunch to put up a sign letting customers know they will be closed or have modified business hours. Most of the time, people end up looking for a sign that they need immediatley. While our custom sign printing is the fastest in the industry, we wanted to offer a short-term solution for all business owners by providing free sign templates they can download and print right away. Any business or resturant that is closing its doors or adjusting its hours and services right now can use the printabe templates for that. Or if your company is remaining open feel free to use the health and saftey sign templates.
  • How do I download and print my free template?
  • To download and print your free sign template, all you need to do is select the template you want above. We will then email the template to you, all ready for you to print. We’ll also throw in a coupon for 10% off your next sign, in case you decide you want to create a custom sign in the future.
  • Where’s the best place to put my printed closed for COVID-19 sign?
  • First and foremost, your sign needs to be placed where it will be visible to your customers before they try entering your business. The sign should be near the entrance of your business, preferably on the main front door. To avoid it being blown off in the wind or taken down by someone, you may want to consider placing your sign on the inside of a glass window or door and have it face out. This will keep the sign safe but also allow it to be easily seen.
  • Can I use multiple templates?
  • You sure can! Feel free to use as many templates as you like.
  • How do I create a custom sign? Which type of sign should I use?
  • If you decide that you and would like to create a custom sign, you have several different ways of doing so. has created a page specifically for COVID-19 and Coronavirus Signage. Visit that page to use any of the templates above on a long-lasting and durable sign. Another way to create your custom sign is through our powerful online design tool. Using our design tool, you can add text, change colors, upload files and more. If you need a starting point, you can also use one of our sign design templates to help you get started. If you have an idea of what you want your sign to look like but don’t know how to create it, you can take advantage of our free design services, where you will be able to work one-on-one with one of our professional graphic designers to create the perfect sign.

    As for the type of sign you should use, that is completely dependent on where you are planning on using the sign and what your budget is. If you are looking for a sign that you can use on a window or storefront, any one of our custom decals is a great choice. If you are looking to capture more attention and stand out, you may want to go with something like a custom a-frame sign or feather flag banner.
  • How long will it take for a custom sign to be sent to me?
  • If you were to order a custom sign today, it would immediately get sent to our production line and would be completed and shipped out the following business day. As for when it will actually be delivered, that all depends on the shipping method you choose.

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