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Additional Information Regarding Sale Signs for Businesses


What are Sale Signs?

As stores re-open and consumers confidently return to shopping normalcy, there’s probably no better time for a sale. Maybe you’ve decided upon a general “Welcome Back Sale!” or “We’re Open Sale!” Or perhaps you have decided on an event aimed at a more traditional sales target – Mother’s Day or Memorial Day, for instance. In either case, Sales Signs will allow you to boldly trumpet your company’s event, ensuring that your sales message is front and center for current customers and those passersby just getting back out into the community.

Types of Sale Signs

Sale signs can be created from a variety of sign materials. Some materials, however, are more popular than others due to their effectiveness, display options, ease of use, and cost. Here are some popular sign materials used to create sale signs:

Vinyl Banners - Our 13-oz. vinyl banners are produced using abrasion-resistant, 4-color UV inks, resulting in a gorgeous and vibrant sign solution for your sales message. Available flush cut or with a welded hem/edge, and with grommets or pole pockets; in sizes up to 10 x 165 feet. Learn More

Opaque Window Clings - We can print these repositionable, reusable signage solutions at sizes up to 400 inches! Available in a variety of shapes (including custom) and printed with abrasion-resistant UV inks. Place on your store or shop window, glass door, or any other smooth surface. Learn More

Posters - Printed with vibrant UV inks onto sturdy 24pt cardstock, our posters are available in sizes from 6 x 6 inches up to 98 x 48 inches and in a variety of shapes. Hang with poster snaps, Velcro, or command strips; stand them against an easel or other display, or place in frames. Learn More

A-Frames - Available with a non-removable graphic (Standard model) or with a removable graphic (Premium model), our A-Frames feature a thick, durable plastic frame ideal for outdoor sale signage (as well as indoor). They’re eminently portable, so you can move your A-Frame from the vestibule or foyer to the sidewalk as needed. Learn More

Yard Signs - Vertical fluting and optional wire ground stakes allow our yard signs to be displayed in grassy areas, soil, and flower beds. Made of 4mm corrugated plastic, yard signs are durable and weather-resistant. Wire ground stakes are available in standard-gauge and heavy-duty versions. Learn More

Foamboard Signs - Comprising a 5mm styrene foam core with a paper face on either side, our foamboard signs are one of the quickest and easiest sale signs to display. Designs are direct-printed with UV inks; single-sided or double-sided; and in sizes as large as 96 x 48 inches. Learn More

Plastic Signs - Our plastic signs are as durable as they are versatile, and they can be cut to an array of shapes (and printed either single-sided or double-sided). Hang them outside your storefront, mount against an interior wall, or simply place on a store easel. Made from a high-quality rigid PVC, available in both 3mm and 6mm thicknesses. Learn More

Feather Flags - Great for outdoor sale messaging, our feather flag banners are made from 4-oz. polyester, so they’re weather-resistant and extremely durable. Adding to their durability: the lightweight aluminum and fiberglass pole set. Place in grass or soil with a ground stake; other base options are available for hard surfaces (and indoors). Learn More

The sign types featured on this page are ones that are most commonly used for sale signage. However, we also offer additional signage that may be used for your needs. To see all of the signs we have to offer, check out our home page.

Benefits of Sale Signs

In planning your sale, you might have the best intentions in the world, but all your work will go for naught if shoppers aren’t made aware of your store’s event. Sale Signs work to draw shoppers into your store with event information posted in outside areas – and, of course, can also serve as interior signage, guiding customers to specific sale items or special areas. And, don’t forget, signs can also reinforce product messaging that complements your sale items.

What are Effective Locations for Sale Signs?

Some of these locations might seem commonsensical, but you’d be surprised how many stores – “in the heat of the sale moment” – don’t consider or simply forget about one or more of the following locations:

Street/Parking Lot -Feather Flags are ideal for the adjacent street(s) as well as your parking lot – they are great, colorful attention-getters. Don’t forget about the streets leading up to your location, where yard signs can be very effective.

Store Entrance - A no-brainer here, and there are myriad possibilities to consider: large banners and flags might be obvious choices, but you should also consider A-Frames, yard signs, and even a vibrant sidewalk decal placed in front of your main entrance(s).

Store Windows - our store’s windows offer prime signage real estate, and window clings allow you to take advantage of this by posting large, colorful announcements of your sale. Another window option for your sale: perforated window decals, which showcase your sales message to those customers approaching and entering your store, but still provide you with a view outside.

Store Vestibule/Foyer - A-Frames, posters on easels, and floor/carpet decals are all good choices for these spaces that serve as buffers between the outside environment and the store’s interior.

Hung from Ceilings - Posters, foamboard signs, and plastic signs can work as ceiling hangers, providing customers with easily seen, overhead sales messaging. Sometimes, floor-level or rack-level signage can get lost in the weeds, so to speak, whereas signage placed high up will more quickly draw attention.

Interior Store Walls - During a sale, consider how a bare store wall might become the perfect spot for a poster, foamboard sign, or plastic sign promoting your sale – especially if that wall is adjacent to specific sales items. Other options for store walls include repositionable wall decals, fabric banners, and retractable banners.

On the Rack/Shelf - Posters and foamboard signs are ideal for placement right at the rack/shelf, immediately signaling to the customer that an item can be purchased at a great price right now. These can be placed in frames, set on easels, and hung above the product.

At P-O-S/Check Out - Again, posters, foamboard signs, and plastic signs are probably the most common solutions at the cash register for those last-minute/impulse buys; other possibilities include floor/carpet graphics, banners, and A-Frames.

How to Use Signage to Get the Most Out of a Sale or Promotion

Utilize as many locations for sale signage as possible - Since sales are typically of short duration, don’t hesitate to inundate your store’s interior and exterior with your sales message(s). Strive to look at your store from your customers’ point of view: What will their view be as they enter the parking lot? How will they see the store as they walk into the front entrance? What are they seeing as they make their way throughout your establishment? By the way, if your store has multiple entrances, be sure you’re considering all of these, not just the primary entrance.

Strategize interior sign placement - Consider temporarily moving some interior store fixtures such as display cases, tables, racks, etc., to allow better sign placement for the sale. Also, evaluate your store’s lighting to ensure signs are well lit and not overcome by glare once in place.

Go high and low - Placing signage at eye level is a good practice, but don’t forget that you can also attract attention with signs that are hung from the ceiling and placed on the floor. Consider utilizing floor or carpet decals to lead your customers to extra-special sales items, for instance.

Consistently message across channels - Ensure your information and message is consistent across all your signage for the sale. If you’re also using other channels to get the word out about your sale – social media, tv/radio, direct mail, print advertising, etc. – be sure to maintain a consistent message. And, of course, ensure that you adhere to any required brand standards for your store/organization.

Adhere to good sign-design basics - Ideally, signs for sales and promotions should be simple with few words; don’t try to cram too much information into the sign’s design. And remember that the sign has to be readable (and from a distance). If you want to make your message stand out, go as big as you can (without overwhelming the customer or the product itself) and be colorful. It’s a sale, so it’s ok to have some fun with the messaging and the design!

Avoid re-using old or ragged signage - And, for that matter, refrain from using any store furnishings that are worn or otherwise in disrepair. Customers are more observant than you might think – if they spot creased, frayed, or damaged signs, they may then also question the quality of your merchandise as well.

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