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Free Curbside Pickup and Drive-Thru Templates

As your business strives to find its way through the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that, right now, you may not have the time or the resources to order new signage. That’s understandable! And that’s why we’re offering free printable curbside pickup and drive-thru sign templates related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Use these free templates to let customers know you’re still open – and that you have implemented new options for curbside pickup, drive-thru services, deliveries, and more. Just consider this a favor from your friends here at!

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Additional Information Regarding Curbside Pickup and Drive-Thru Signs

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What are Curbside Pickup and Drive-Thru Signs?

Restaurants and other companies in the food-service industry (as well as those in the service sector) have had to rush to adapt to COVID-19. Many businesses have managed to remain operational by offering curbside pickup, drive-thru services, online ordering, and contactless delivery.

But it’s critical to get the word out about these new services to current and potential customers, and signage is the perfect solution to do just that. Signs can quickly and effectively let people know that you’re open, and make them aware of your current operating hours, where your curbside pickup is located, the launch of your free delivery services, and much more.

Types of Curbside Pickup and Drive-Thru Signs

We’ve found that the following types of signs work especially well for curbside pickup and drive-thru signage (we’ve also provided the most popular sizes for each sign type):

Aluminum Signs (24x12) – Great for outdoor messaging, our weather-resistant aluminum signs comprise a solid polyethylene core mated to two pre-painted sheets of .008” aluminum. Hang your aluminum sign, install on a wall, or place in a stand or frame. Aluminum signs can be cut to various shapes, including square/rectangle, circle/oval, rounded corners, or a custom shape. Learn More

Yard Signs (24x18) – Perfect for grassy areas, flowerbeds, and soil, our durable and weather-resistant yard signs are made of 4mm corrugated plastic and feature vertical fluting. We offer optional wire ground stakes for displaying your yard signs, in standard and heavy-duty gauges. Learn More

A-Frame Signs (24x36) – Popularly known as “sandwich boards,” A-Frame signs feature a thick, durable plastic frame that will work outdoors (and indoors) in many conditions, and are optimal for sidewalk and entryway messaging. Available as Standard A-Frame (white frame only), with a non-removable graphic printed directly on either side of the frame; or as Premium A-Frame (white or black frame), featuring a removable graphic. Learn More

Vinyl Banners (72x36) – Our 13-oz vinyl banners provide extremely visible and colorful options when it comes to telling customers and passersby about your curbside pickup, drive-thru services, deliveries, and other services. Too, all of our banners can be grommeted, allowing you to hang them using cords, strings, bungees, etc. Learn More

Window Decals (24x12) – You can place our adhesive window decals on any window, glass door, or other smooth surface. We offer four versions of window decals: opaque, clear, perforated, and frosted. All of our window decals feature vibrant colors and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They’re easy to install and just as easy to remove. Learn More

The sign types featured on this page are ones that are most commonly used for curbside pickup and drive-thru signs. However, we also offer additional signage that may be used for your needs. To see all of the signs we have to offer, check out our home page.

Benefits of Curbside Pickup and Drive-Thru Signs

Curbside Pickup and Drive-Thru Signs allow you to ensure that current customers and passersby know that not only are you remaining open through the COVID-19 pandemic, but that you’re meeting the community’s needs by expanding your services. People have to eat, after all, and you’ve been proactive in transforming your business (and perhaps your menu) in order to help them through these challenging times! Signage can help customers become aware of your new curbside pickup services, your drive-thru and contactless-delivery options, new operating hours, and much more.

Effective Locations for Curbside Pickup and Drive-Thru Signs

Every operation will have its unique, best locations for effective signage, of course, but you might want to consider these trending spots for signs that get out the message about your curbside pickup and drive-thru operations, etc..

1. Front Door – Your establishment’s front door is likely an ideal spot for a window decal, perhaps one that informs customers that, yes, you’re still open and points them to your take-out window around the corner.

2. Sidewalk/Entryway – Position an A-Frame here to announce your new delivery options and highlight your website.

3. Store Window - An obvious spot for a large, colorful window decal that announces your revised temporary menu, along with the fact that you’re now offering curbside service.

4. Rooftop – “Shout it from the rooftops,” in this case with a colorful, hanging banner proudly proclaiming you’re open and ready to serve your community. Or, a straightforward “Free Delivery!” message, accompanied by your website URL.

5. Grassy Area/Flower Bed – Yard signs work well in these areas, allowing you to perhaps direct customers to your drive-thru window or curbside pickup area. Consider using several of these in a row, with each one addressing a new customer service.

6. Parking Lot – Let’s face it, many parking lots are open real estate right now, so your restaurant’s own parking lot might be the perfect area for a feather flag that grabs the attention of passerby and lets them know you remain open for business.

CDC Resources for Businesses & Employers

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has established a page on specifically to help businesses and employers plan, prepare, and respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Its “Interim Guidance” document is regularly updated, and provides tips and information for reducing transmission among employees, maintaining healthy business operations, and maintaining a health work environment. Cleaning and disinfecting recommendations for businesses and their employees are also available on this page.

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