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Shift Your Marketing Into Gear: Full Vehicle Wraps vs. Vehicle Decals

Article Date: October 17, 2023

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Interested in taking your marketing on the road? Full vehicle wraps and custom vehicle decals could be the way to go. We break down both options to help you determine which one can get your business noticed from the highway to the parking lot.

Car Marketing That Sticks

Before diving into the comparison of full vehicle wraps vs. vehicle decals, let’s differentiate them first.

What are Full Vehicle Wraps?
Full vehicle wraps are graphics printed on a large adhesive vinyl material that covers every paint-visible part of the vehicle, such as the body, windows, and roof. Wraps can change the appearance of the entire car and turn it into a mobile billboard.

What are Vehicle Decals?
Vehicle decals are graphics printed on a smaller adhesive vinyl material. They are applied to specific areas of the vehicle like the hood, windows, or doors – unlike with full coverage vehicle wraps.

Choosing a full vehicle wrap transforms your entire vehicle into a recognizable and eye-catching masterpiece that communicates your brand’s identity. Decals add a subtle yet personal touch to the vehicle without completely overhauling it while promoting your brand.

Comparing Full Vehicle Wraps vs. Vehicle Decals

Feature Full Vehicle Wraps Vehicle Decals
Coverage Full coverage Covers only specific areas
Material Adhesive vinyl Comes in 3 types of adhesive vinyl
Customization Options Can be more detailed because of its size Has simpler designs because of its size
Cost More expensive Less expensive
Installation and Removal Requires a professional and takes longer to install or remove Can be installed by anyone and takes less time to install or remove
Durability Can last many years and provides an added layer of protection to the car Durable but may not provide as much protection
Maintenance May require special care Requires minimal care

Vehicle wraps are large graphics that cover an entire vehicle and completely transform its appearance, while vehicle decals are smaller and are applied only to specific areas. Vehicle decals often use logos, contact information, or a short promotional message.

Vehicle wraps and vehicle decals are made of the same adhesive vinyl material, except that decals also come in three different types: clear, white, and perforated.

Customization Options
While both graphics are fully customizable, vehicle wraps provide more opportunities to get creative with your design. Unlike decals, you can add different design elements like photos, patterns, and other details to a full vehicle wrap whereas a decal could be limited because of its size or shape.

Because of the labor involved and the significant amount of material they require, vehicle wraps are generally more expensive than decals. Vehicle decals are smaller and require less material, making them a more affordable option for those who want to advertise their business without breaking the bank.

Installation and Removal
Installation of vehicle wraps requires professionals, as they are applied as one piece and take longer to install or remove because of their size. Meanwhile, you can install vehicle decals on your own and you don't need professional experience to apply or remove them. These are also individually cut and placed on the vehicle one by one.

Since vehicle wraps and vehicle decals are made of the same vinyl material, it's expected that they're durable and long-lasting. Both are designed to be UV and water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Wraps also provide an added protective layer to the vehicle's original paint.

Vehicle decals are much easier to maintain because they are smaller and require minimal care. Meanwhile, vehicle wraps might need special care because they're larger and cover more space.

Which one is right for you?

Full vehicle wraps are good for…

  • Businesses that prefer a mobile advertisement that instantly makes their brand identifiable on the road.
  • Businesses that prefer full coverage and want to include multiple design elements such as patterns, intricate details, photos, and more.
  • Those who want to promote their brand on a vehicle while adding a protective layer to their car’s original paint.

Vehicle decals are good for…
  • Businesses that want to try mobile advertising but prefer subtle changes in their vehicle, like showcasing a logo, contact information, message, artwork, or quote instead of altering the appearance of an entire vehicle.
  • Businesses looking for a budget-friendly way of promoting their brand on the road.
  • Those who want to install, reposition, or remove their decals on their own.


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