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20 Hilarious Yard Signs

Welcome to the world of hilarious yard signs, where humor sprouts right on your lawn. Get ready to embark on a journey through gardens of giggles and lawns of laughs. These signs are not just markers of territory, but badges of comedy genius. So, strap in and prepare to smile – these aren't your average 'Keep Off the Grass' warnings!

hilarious yard signs

1. Politics is always a sticky subject, especially with family. If you’re all living under the same roof but need to disassociate yourself a little, consider using a yard sign.

vote muppet

2. When you’re having a hard time rooting for a candidate, you can always rely on a green frog with a great track record. At the very least, you’re sure he won’t make a promise he can’t keep.

But I wanted a haunted one

3. When it comes to sales, it’s always better to be forthcoming and transparent so that your potential customers know exactly what they’re getting. Boo-yer beware.

lost chihuahua=

4. These two signs work together to tell a story in six words. Tragic but morbidly funny.

I did my research

5. A cautionary tale to leave it to the experts and not get roped up with armchair “researchers” and Karens.


6. Even if the hue is deliciously inviting, just don’t do it.

no selling of drugs sign

7. The other corner is perfectly fine.

don't forget

8. Being forgetful in your twilight years is a common occurrence so adding a few more reminders along the way helps a lot.

one nachoe

9. Can’t argue with that. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

cancer free sign

10. Not funny, but incredibly heartwarming. Cancer sucks and kicking its sorry ass should always be celebrated!

yard thale

11. Signs you can hear. We can chuckle, but just a reminder that speech impediments are nothing to laugh at.

punny Lionel Richie sign

12. Yard sales are competitive and capturing attention is crucial. An extra punny Lionel Richie sign is sure to attract passersby.

wrong GPS

13. Sometimes technology fails us.

beware of the dog

14. While it’s given that cats are mischievous and devious critters, it’s better to give out a warning.

I buy horses

15. Just in case there was any doubt, this man likes horses.

we don't rent pigs

16. We know there’s a story here, but some pranks leave a lasting impact that you’ll need a sign to clear things up.


17. Strongman politics is popular nowadays. How about someone who envisions global, even universal domination? His #2 Starscream is not to be trusted, though.

back door

18. Might seem super obvious, but you never know nowadays.

just wanted a yard sign

19. Not all signs have to be political or advertise a sale.

do not throw stones

20. We’ll give you a guess what happened after.

And there you have it – a roundup of yard signs that are more than just pieces of wood and paint; they're the unsung heroes of humor in suburbia. These signs show that a little creativity can turn a patch of grass into a stage for comedy. Remember, a yard sign is not just a statement, it's an opportunity to make someone chuckle as they pass by.

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