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Table Top Retractable Banner

What Are Table Top Retractable Banners?

Table top retractables are “mini retractable banners” that use a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum display base. The banner portion of these displays pulls out of and retracts into the base. These smaller graphics, when compared to our standard retractable banners, are a great addition to any trade show booth or other event setting where space may be limited. Designed for ultra portability these custom table top retractable banners can be set up in seconds, are easily packed and transported, and come with high resolution, vibrant printing to advertise services or products no matter the event setting.

Downloadable Table Top Retractable Banner Templates

Looking to design your table top rectractable banner using your own design software? Great! Get started by downloading one of the product templates below (available in the .eps file format) to make sure the design you create matches up with your table top retractable banner's size, shape and bleed requirements. Once you've created your design you can then jump onto our online design tool and upload your completed design file.

Table Top Retractable Banner Templates

Print Quality

Exceptional Print Quality

Though small in nature, your banner’s image quality and vibrance are not sacrificed. Your custom design is printed in rich UV ink on a high quality blackout vinyl material to create an eye-catching tabletop display.

Portable Yet Durable

Your custom table top banner is small enough to fit in a briefcase, suitcase, or backpack, making it the easiest piece of signage to take from event to event. The retractable banner roles up seamlessly into the durable aluminum base to maximize mobility, while protecting the banner from damage during transport.

Print Quality

Table Top Banner Sizes

Our table top retractable banners come in two sizes: 8.25” x 10.5” (A4) and 11.75” x 16.5” (A3). While small in nature these custom banners make a big impact at a wide variety of events as they brand your company in a professional manner and are a great reference point as you make your pitch to prospective customers.

Easy to Use Design Tool

Design Tool

Create your custom table top retractable banner with the easiest and simplest design tool in the signage industry. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!

Check It Out

Free Professional Design Services

Professional Design Service

Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something entirely new, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. Nothing beats free!

Learn More

Additional Specs

  • Weight:

    8.25" W x 11.5" H (A4) - .5 lbs
    11.75" W x 17.5" H (A3) - .7 lbs

  • Banner Thickness:

    .0156 inches (about the thickness of 4 sheets of copy paper).

  • Base Material:


  • Details:

    Custom printed, lightweight, durable, portable. A perfect addition to any display or event

  • Uses:

    Indoor use for trade shows, conventions, conferences, product demonstrations, etc

  • Print Method:

    Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    2+ years with proper care and use


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How to Set Up Your Table Top Retractable Banner

Setting up your table top retractable banner can be done in seconds! Follow the steps below to help you master the simple setup process.

Instruction 1

Remove your table top retractable from the box and get both support poles ready for assembly.

Instruction 2

Attach the two sections of the metal pole together (no snap or screw mechanism) and insert the pole into the hole on the base with the flat edge on the top of the pole facing forward.

Instruction 3

Slowly pull out the banner from the base by grasping the metal edge on the top of the banner. Do not allow the banner to “snap” back into position as this can damage your banner. Always pull out and retract the banner from the base in a slow and steady fashion.

Pull the lip of the metal edge over the extruding edge of the top of the pole, carefully releasing the metal edge to secure the banner onto the pole.

Yellow Towel


Cleaning and caring for your table top retractable banner doesn’t require any heavy duty cleaning products or serious washing. To clean the banner material, use a light soap and water mixture with a non-abrasive cloth to gently wipe away surface dirt. Cleaning the base can be done in a similar fashion or you can use alcohol wipes (for glasses and screens) to wipe away any dirt from the base. Storing the mini retractable banner with the banner retracted into the base will help prevent any damage to the graphic while transporting the base. We recommend keeping the base wrapped in the box it was shipped in or some kind of cloth or fabric to prevent any scratches.

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Verified buyer
July 18, 2019 by Marilyn ( CA )
“Custom design was easy; arrived quickly. Edges curl slightly but I don't see a way around that due to the nature of its rollup design which makes it so portable”
Verified buyer
June 27, 2019 by Jonny
Verified buyer
April 17, 2019 by John ( TX )
“Your company provides excellent value and service. Thank you!”
Verified buyer
Works great for table displays! April 3, 2019 by Harmony ( TN )
“Great sign for a good price. Display looks great. My first one broke easily with only a handful of gentle uses. Very thankful for the company sending me another one.”
Verified buyer
Great design service and quality March 30, 2019 by Valerie ( MI )
“They were so helpful with design! It arrived quickly and is perfect.”

Questions and Answers

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What is a table top retractable banner? Is it the same as a mini table top retractable?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Just as the name implies, a table top retractable banner is designed for displaying on tabletops, especially in trade show and convention environments. The banner portion of the display is designed to ‘hide away’ in the base until it’s time for use. The banner is easily pulled from the aluminum base, using a spring mechanism and mini support pole to retain tension when fully extended, resulting in a crisp table top display.

Are ‘table top retractable banners’ and ‘pop up banners’ the same thing? What about table top banners?
Asked a year ago by Signs

In the trade show and signage industries, retractable banners and pop up banners are commonly used interchangeably to describe the same product. ‘Pop up’ is generally a nickname of the retractable banner family, including our large format display retractable banners.

It’s important to note that ‘pop up displays’ can be used to refer to a different trade show product, the pop up display, which is a large format backdrop. To avoid this confusion, we’ll keep it simple and stick with table top retractable banners or table top retractables in all references.

Further, “table top banners” is sometimes used to refer to a standard vinyl banner that sits atop a table. These table top banners do not retract into any base like the retractable banners listed on this page nor our other standard retractable banners. While most of this is simply a case of semantics, the core functionality of these retractable banners is what sets them apart from some of the other very similar products we offer.

Are your table top retractable banners and retractable banners the same product?
Asked a year ago by Signs

As we mentioned above, they are all part of the same retractable banner family. The table top retractable banner is the small format version of the common large format retractable banners that we offer. In short, both types of retractable banners function in the same way using a pull-out banner system; size is the main difference between the two with the obvious use for table top retractable banners for table display.

Also, large format retractable banners come in three different variations - standard, premium, and deluxe - whereas table top retractable banners only offer a standard version in two different sizes.

Are table top retractable banners safe to bring on airplanes?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Absolutely! The size of table top retractable banners allows for placement in carry on luggage or in checked baggage. We recommend packing these small banners in a rigid case or box (with the banner obviously retracted into the base) before packing them for travel. Doing so will help prevent damage to the table top retractable banner.
What material is the banner portion of the table top retractable made from?
Asked a year ago by Signs

The material used is a DSS 13 oz. pro blockout vinyl. This material has a smooth surface, offering vibrant colors using UV and eco-friendly ink. The ‘blockout’ portion is the material’s ability to have complete opacity; the material is designed to block light from permeating through the material. This is especially helpful when spotlights and other backlighting is present in a trade show or convention setting or booth.

Can your table top retractable banners be double sided?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Our table top retractable banners can only be printed single sided. In our experience, single-sided table top retractables are more than sufficient for displaying as marketing and promotional material at trade shows, conventions, and other events.
What sizes are available for your table top retractables? Can I do a custom sized display?
Asked a year ago by Signs

We currently offer 8.25” W x 11.5” H (A4) and 11.75” W x 17.5” H (A3) options. These measurements reflect the actual visible area of the banner. These two sizes are also commonly referred to as A4 and A3 size. With the base included the dimensions for the two banners are: 9.75” W x 13” H and 13” W x 18” H. We do not offer custom display sizes for table top retractable banners.

How is my graphic attached to the table top retractable base?
Asked a year ago by Signs
The banner graphic is attached to a rolling spring mechanism in the base using a high-adhesive glue. This secures the banner in place and ensures it does not lose tension over the lifespan of the table top retractable base.
Can I swap banners on the same base?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Since the banner is glued to the rolling mechanism of the base, it is not designed to be removed and replaced. Trying to remove the banner from the base could permanently damage the functionality of the banner and base.
What is the base made out of?
Asked a year ago by Signs
The base is made from a lightweight and sturdy aluminum.