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How to Set Up Tension Fabric Signs

tension fabric Signs

Creative backdrops can improve an event’s ambience. At the same time, these displays are the perfect backgrounds for group photos and selfies. If you are sponsoring an event or hosting a trade show, having creative pop-up displays set up inside the venue can add a welcoming vibe to your guests and make them feel like VIPs.

At, we offer you different signs and backdrops for social events and public gatherings. This includes the simple but chic tension fabric display signs that you can easily put up and take down on your own. The tension fabric signs are perfect for any indoor event and can be used as creative backgrounds for professional photoshoots and red-carpet gala. What makes them more appealing is that they are quite easy to use and can be installed in your venue in a few minutes. Want a creative pop-up banner online? Order at and we will ship them to you immediately!

And on that note, we can guide you here on setting up your sign!

What’s in the Box? Prepping the Sign’s Installation

what's in the box

When you order your custom tension fabric backdrops from, we’ll ship them to you in either a soft bag or a hard case for easy carrying. Now the very first step in setting these up is to check if all the parts are complete and functional. Our tension fabric display set should have the following:

  • Display Frame + Stand: The non-adjustable pop-up display frames are made using hollow aluminum alloy with snap-button functionality. The straight frame set includes four lightweight aluminum poles, two round corners, and a pair of foot stands. If you order our curved signs, you get four rounded corners, two curved aluminum poles, and a pair of straight pole.
  • Tension Fabric Display poles
  • Display Graphic: Our tension fabric display uses 8.8 oz. elastic polyester that perfectly fits the frame like a glove. We use a dye sublimation process for printing high-quality images and designs on the fabric while the bottom Velcro secures the graphic in place. You can choose different sizes for the display graphic: o 6 ft. curved only o 8 ft. straight, or curved o 10 ft. straight, or curved o 20 ft. straight only
  • Optional LED Lights: If you want your backdrop to stand out or to just add more lighting for the photoshoots, you can order the optional LED lights that can be installed on top of your display. The pair of clip-on lights both come with AC power outlets.
  • Tension Fabric Display

Install Your Tension Fabric Background in 5 Easy Steps

Now that you’ve checked all the pop-up backdrop parts, it’s time to put up the sign and display it for your event. Putting together the tension fabric sign is easy and you finish this in 10 minutes on your own!

  • Step 1: Remove all items/accessories from the case onto a clean workstation. Start by gathering the frame’s aluminum poles and laying them out on the clean floor. If you ordered more than one display, we suggest taking them out of their bags one at a time, just so you won’t mix up the frames with each other.
  • Step 2: Start assembling the frame. The aluminum poles are numbered, indicating which end connects with the other. Follow the numbers labeled on the frame parts and connect them using their snap button feature. Once done, stand the frame straight up to see if it is level. If you ordered the straight banners, you’ll need to screw the legs onto the frame before standing them up.
  • Tension Fabric Display
  • Step 3: Carefully slide the tension fabric over the frame like a pillowcase. The fabric should have a tight fit over the frame to prevent wrinkles. Check for snags or creases on the fabric and fix them accordingly. Velcro the bottom portion to seal the fabric sign in place and you’re set. Now, depending on the type of banner you order, you have two options:
    • If you order a curved backdrop, lie the frame down on a clean floor first, then slide the fabric over it, making sure it’s a tight fit, and Velcro its end before standing the background up.
    • For straight tension signs, you can stand the frame up then slide the fabric top to bottom. Adjust its fit accordingly, removing the creases then Velcro the bottom.
  • Step 4: Your tension fabric sign is now assembled! You can now put the display up to its proper location. Fortunately, the background is lightweight and durable, so you can easily pick it up and arrange it accordingly. You can also put the optional LED lights on by clipping them on the banner’s top portion then fastening them tight with their plastic screw. Plug the AC outlet and see your creative backdrop light up.
  • Step 5: And you are done! Step back a couple of meters and view the finished product from a distance. Do a final check on the sign if it’s properly installed and easily readable.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a sponsor for an event, or hosting a trade show, putting up a display backdrop doesn’t need to be a troublesome process. With our tension fabric displays, you can save time and energy by installing them on your own within a few minutes. If you want a creative design for your event background or want to promote your brand through photos and backdrops, you can check out for our tension fabric pop-up displays and get started in creating your custom signs for events.

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