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4 Bestselling Banner Sizes from

Written By: Nelson James | Article Date: March 22, 2024

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When it comes to outdoor banners, size matters. It affects the effectiveness of your message and the impression it leaves on passersby. But with so many options to choose from, where do you even start?

We rounded up the top four outdoor banner sizes purchased by our customers. Stick around and see what makes them a hit.

4 Bestselling Banner Sizes

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  1. 24" x 36" Pole banners in this size can be easily hung onto lamp posts along main roads, boulevards, campuses, or any outdoor space with a post. They’re perfect for brand and event promotions as well as display for local celebrations, parades, and holidays.

  2. 48" x 24" This vinyl banner size is big enough for establishment signage and is also a go-to choice for trade shows, festivals, sporting events, and school functions.

  3. 72" x 36" A mesh banner in this size does a great job of displaying ads and event details while enduring strong winds. The durability of the material combined with a huge size makes it a popular choice for windy locations.

  4. 96" x 48" The largest banner size in the list This vinyl banner size is an ideal option for business signage, trade shows, festivals, and other special events. Its versatility makes it a favorite among customers.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Banner Sizes

Now that you’re familiar with our bestselling banner sizes, the ultimate decision on which dimensions to order is entirely yours. It’s logical to select the size that best aligns with your specific needs and preferences, but we’re here to help you out further. Here are six factors you should consider when deciding on a banner size.

  1. Purpose. When figuring out the size of your banner, start by determining what you’ll use it for. Will it be for decorative purposes or to make a big, important announcement? Your banner’s purpose influences banner's size significantly because it can determine viewing distance, installation and size restrictions, and more.

  2. Location. Think about where you’ll display your banner. Will it be placed along prime spots where it can grab the most attention, or will you intentionally install it in a location where people haven’t discovered you yet? It will also help if you measure the area where the banner will be displayed so that you can use accurate dimensions when ordering a banner.

  3. Viewing Distance. Imagine you’re viewing your banner from your audience’s perspective. Gauge how far the banner needs to be installed from your store for it to be easily seen. Furthermore, use a readable font type and font size for your banner content so it can be easily discerned no matter where your audience is viewing from.

  4. Material. Outdoor banners need to withstand weather and outdoor elements — you’d want to ensure that you’ll get the best banner material you can get. Check out this comparison of banner materials to find out which banner material is the most suitable for your signage requirements.

  5. Cost. Apart from the size, the cost of your banner may vary depending on the type of material you choose. However, this doesn’t mean the cheapest deal is your best option, especially for outdoor banners that will be exposed to the elements. Invest in high-quality materials that are durable enough to withstand the weather in your area as these banners tend to last longer.

  6. Design. At times, it’s okay to let your copy and artwork dictate the size. If your message is short and straightforward, go for a smaller banner. For more complex visuals and longer text, a bigger size might be the way to go so your banner doesn’t feel overcrowded or distracting.

Dive into our outdoor banners 101 for a comprehensive guide on choosing the right outdoor banner size.

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