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4 Ways to Step Up In-Store Marketing with Floor Decals

Article Date: October 3, 2023

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In-store marketing amplifies your promotions and it can your customers an exciting and unforgettable experience. One tool that can help with your in-store marketing is floor decals. They’re simple, cost-effective, and easy to maintain but they can create significant impact on store visitors. Here are four ways to make a big impression with floor decals.

1. Create an Interactive Game

It’s one thing to have customers enter your store and have them browse aisles, but it’s another to keep them interested and willing to shop. One way to encourage them to keep exploring your store is to create an interactive game using floor decals. You can make a trail of clues they could piece together by following a series of decals and lead them to a prize. You can also create a treasure hunt that unlocks a particular discount or a mystery freebie they’ll receive once solve a puzzle. Remember to set up clear and fool-proof rules to emphasize that customers can only avail of the promo or giveaway if they purchase an item from your store to manage expectations.

2. Tell Your Story

Not all customers are ready to make a purchase on their first visit, but you can still create an unforgettable experience for everyone and connect with them through a story. Not sure where to begin? Here's an idea. Take a look at your products and answer the following questions: What journey do they go through before being sold? How are the ingredients for your products grown and harvested? How are they packaged? Answering these questions can help you narrate a story that you can share using each decal?

A coffee shop can trace the journey of coffee beans, starting from the plantation’s harvesting and roasting, then ending with the cup served to every customer. You can place these decals in queueing areas so that people can read them as they wait for their turn at the cashier.

3. Give Them a Reason to Visit This Season

Floor decals are an inexpensive way to decorate your store depending on the season. During the summer, transform your interior with a beach theme and have the floor decals showing water, sun, and sand. Each design can lead customers to summer essentials like sunscreen and swimsuits.

Decals are also an easy way to deck out your store in time for the holidays. With everyone doing their last-minute shopping, use floor decals to control the crowd and direct them to your gift suggestions corner. Design the decals using familiar holiday references like the gifts given in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” or peppermint candy patterns. You can also apply the same strategy during Black Friday: from the entrance or at the starting line for product aisles, create a path of floor decals leading to items sold at huge discounts.

Even transitionary seasons, like the last two weeks of spring, can be celebrated and used to hold end-of-season sales. Decorate the floor with snowflake decals melting into spring flowers. Lead the customers to follow each decal until it reveals the completed flower that has fully bloomed, which you can place in front of the end-of-season sale area.

4. Bring Digital Components to Life

Everyone has their phone attached to their hip, so why not make this work for your business? Encourage customers to use their phones by incorporating augmented reality (AR) triggers and QR codes to unlock unique content. A floor decal can provide more information about your store’s new gadget, like a video showing customers how to use it. Even with their attention on the screen, they still learn information about your items. You could also have the AR scan showcase customer testimonials and reviews they can read or watch on their phones. Whichever you choose, ensure that the content you reveal brings customers closer to making that purchase.

Design One-of-a-Kind Decals Today

Floor decals are cost-effective way to engage shoppers while giving them an enjoyable experience while they’re inside your store. They’ll end up coming back to shop with you whether it’s in-store or online. Check out the floor decals you can easily design according to your plan on These custom floor stickers come in different shapes or in the exact size you need. Just upload your design or create it online to get started on your in-store marketing promotions.

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