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Vinyl Banners vs. Fabric Banners
Choosing the Right Banners for Different Promotions

Article Date: April 02, 2024

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Banners have seen considerable growth in their use, innovation, and production, and they are still considered one of the most essential tools for promotions and visibility. Whether you are marketing your brand or trying to put out a call-to-action, raising a banner can attract people near you and be intrigued by your promotion.

Banner innovation has also seen its share of growth since many can choose which type of banner to use for different occasions. And while vinyl banners have become a norm for outdoor promotions, you still won’t go wrong with the traditional fabric and cloth banners. Now, the question becomes: When should we use vinyl banners, and when should we go for cloth banners? The best way to answer is to compare the two popular banner types.

Vinyl Banners vs. Fabric Banners: Choosing the Right Banners for Different Promotions

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Banner Durability

Vinyl banners are durable and made to last. The vinyl banners are made from tear-resistant PVC material that can withstand different weather conditions. Vinyl banners are also easy to clean and maintain, which helps prolong their longevity.

Fabric banners are softer and more flexible. However, this makes them fragile compared with PVC banners, which is why they are more suitable for indoor use.

Banner Versatility

The durability and thickness of vinyl banners make them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They can withstand the changing weather and aren’t prone to tearing and damage. Vinyl banners are ideal for large and widely visible décor, as others can see from a distance, though the vinyl’s weight also means you can only install them in select areas.

Fabric banners, meanwhile, are more versatile due to their thinner material. You can hang them almost anywhere with the proper accessories, but they are primarily suitable for indoor use since the fabric can be prone to tearing and damage when left unattended for a long time.

Portability and Storage

The slightly heavier vinyl banners cannot be folded and must be appropriately rolled for storage. You can buy banner tubes to store rolled-up vinyl banners, though they take up a bit of space in your cabinets or warehouse.

Fabric banners are safe to fold and are stored quickly in cabinets without taking up much space. Fabric banners also come with carrying cases, but they are a bit more lightweight and can even fit a backpack for safe transportation.


Comparing the two banners by size, vinyl banners cost less since printing designs on the vinyl is simpler and can be accomplished quickly. However, shipping and handling of the banners costs a bit more due to the banners taking up much space (see storage) and bearing slightly heavier weight.

Fabric banner printing is much more involved, especially when printing detailed designs and art on the fabric. While this makes them slightly more expensive, shipping the fabric banners costs less since they can be folded and would take up less space in the cargo.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Vinyl banners are made from synthetic PVC material with a sleek surface. This also makes them easier to clean and maintain. Wipe the stain and dirt on the banner using a damp or soft cloth. Avoid using stiff and abrasive materials like sponges and brushes to prevent discoloration and scratches.

Cleaning fabric banners can be challenging since stains often stick through the fibers. The best way to clean fabric banners is to wash them in cold water and mild detergent. You can also machine wash the banners using gentle cycle and then hang them outside to dry. Do not use bleach or heavy chemicals to clean the fabric banners and avoid tumble-drying to prevent damage.

Printing Design and Visuals

Vinyl banners have a sleek and shiny surface because of their PVC material. The banners can also reflect light, creating a glossy feel. The vinyl banner also doesn’t fade quickly and the design won’t get distorted when cleaned. Vinyl banner printing is simple but precise, capturing even the most minute details from your template.

Fabric banners use 4-color dye sublimation techniques which create vivid and bright designs. The colors will jump out of the banners and help create impactful messages. The non-reflective and matte texture of fabric banners makes them perfect backdrops for photos and selfies.


Both vinyl and fabric banners have their strengths when it comes to actively promoting a brand or a message. If you are a big business with long-term promotions, going for a durable vinyl banner is a great course. If you are doing multiple indoor events and want to make your banners look livelier, the fabric banners are great for you. offers both banner printing services so choose, customize, and print the best banners you want today!

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