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Election Banners

Political Banners

Promote Your Candidate With Custom Election Banners

Election banners are a staple in any political campaign. Banners let you promote a candidate or cause in areas with high foot traffic, such as yards, street corners, and building entrances.

If you’re running for office, political banners remain an excellent way to promote your candidacy or announce upcoming rallies. They also boost name recognition: in a study we conducted in 2016, we found that 40% of respondents first learn of a local candidate through a sign.

How to Create Effective Political Signs and Banners

When running for office or campaigning for a cause, custom banners can be one of your most important promotional tools. Used correctly, they effectively get your message out and drum up support for your cause or candidate.

Here are a few tips on how you can design useful political signs and banners:

  • Keep it simple. Too much text or graphics can be overwhelming and drown out your message. Pare down the details to the essentials: the candidate’s name, a catchy slogan, and the date of the elections. If it’s for a cause, think of a witty catchphrase or tagline that will evoke curiosity.
  • Be consistent. Look at any campaign materials you already have. Don’t stray far from the colors and designs your party uses. Use colors that stand out and match your party’s branding.
  • Aim to be visible. Make sure the font in your banner is large enough to be seen by anyone passing by. Keep it easy to read, too. As a rule of thumb, remember that any text at least one inch (72 pt.) in height can be viewed from 10 feet.
  • Find the best place to hang or install your banners. Display your banner in different areas—against walls, on fences, or along busy streets—then see how it looks. Find a spot where the banner will be highly visible.

Think of banners as another channel for reaching out to voters. In addition to digital ads and print media like bumper stickers and flyers, include political banners on your list of promotional materials.

Design High-quality Election Banners With

We’re all about signs! We love them, and you’ll love them, too. Create a banner you’ll be proud of with these steps:

  1. Find the right banner size. Banners of the right size effectively get attention. If you’re not sure what size your banner should be, read our step-by-step guide to sizing.
  2. Choose the right material. Choose high-quality materials that will withstand the elements and look great for years to come.
  3. Create a design that pops. Do you already have an idea of what you want to see in your election banner? Use any of our templates that can be edited on our easy-to-use Design Tool, or get in touch with us for our free professional design services.
  4. Print with a trusted online printer. Choose a vendor that knows how valuable signs are to a candidate’s overall election strategy. At, we’re obsessed with signs—and we’ll get you the best one for your campaign.

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Election Banners FAQs

What are campaign banners?
These are banners used to promote a candidate running for office or raise awareness for a specific cause. Anyone can put up campaign banners and signs—but be mindful of any federal laws limiting where you can display campaign banners. Read our comprehensive article on political signs to learn more.

Is a political banner the same as a campaign banner?
Campaign banners are political, but not all political banners are campaign-related. Political banners are communication tools that can be displayed to promote a cause or raise awareness about a critical issue.

What is a campaign banner made of?
Campaign banners can be made of vinyl, canvas, or fabric.

Can you use banners to promote your business?
Yes, definitely! Banners are durable marketing tools that are easy to design, produce, and install. They’re affordable, too. Talk to us if you need help creating one for your business.

How much does a campaign banner cost?
The price of campaign banners depends on your order’s size, material, and quantity. Use the calculator on the vinyl banner page to find out how much each piece costs.

Election Banners and Signs Templates

Choose a template below and personalize it with your own campaign images, slogan, colors, text, and more.

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Election Banners and Signs Election Banners Election Banners