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We are going through difficult and uncertain times. Whether your business is temporarily closed, changing hours and services, or remaining open and looking for health resources, has you covered. Perhaps right now you do not have the time or resources to order a new sign. That’s why we are offering free printable health and closure sign templates related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Now you can have something up to help out your customers. Just consider this a favor from your friends here at :)

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Additional Information Regarding COVID-19 Signage

COVID19 Sign

What are Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs?

As small businesses across the country rise to the challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, signage can play a critical role in their communication efforts. Signs can be used for a variety of COVID-19 messaging: from encouraging social distancing in stores and advocating frequent hand washing, to highlighting new store hours, announcing a restaurant’s take-out/delivery options, notifying customers of a temporary closure, posting newly released state restrictions and mandates, and much more.

Types of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs

Coronavirus (COVID-19) signs can be created from a variety of sign materials. Some materials, however, are more popular than others due to their effectiveness, display options, ease of use, and cost. Here are some popular sign materials used to create Coronavirus (COVID-19) signs:

Opaque Window Cling - 3-mil white vinyl material with a full-color printed design. Great for colorful window displays that pop. Clings can be re-used. Learn More

A-Frame Sign - Available as Standard with non-removable graphic or Premium with removable graphic. These 24 x 36” signs are simple but very effective. Learn More

Poster - Rigid and durable 24-pt cardstock. Portable but sturdy enough to stand against an easel or other display. Learn More

Vinyl-Banner - 13-oz. vinyl material with free grommets and hems. Ideal for large displays. Learn More

Floor Decal - Removable floor sticker made from 3.5-mil vinyl with laminate coating. Can last up to 180 days with care. Learn More

Plastic Sign - Rigid plastic material, offered in .12” and .24” thickness. Hang, mount, or place as a display. Learn More

Aluminum Sign - 2mm thick with a solid polyethylene core. Long-lasting and a perfect option for outdoor displays. Learn More

Yard Sign - 4mm corrugated plastic with vertical fluting. Versatile, easy to place, and very cost-effective. Learn More

Foam Board Sign - 4mm corrugated plastic with vertical fluting. Versatile, easy to place, and very cost-effective. Learn More

Mesh Banner - 4mm corrugated plastic with vertical fluting. Versatile, easy to place, and very cost-effective. Learn More

The sign types featured on this page are ones that are most commonly used for coronavirus signage. However, we also offer additional signage that may be used for your needs. To see all of the signs we have to offer, check out our home page.

Benefits of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs

By utilizing Coronavirus (COVID-19) signage, businesses can keep customers as well as employees up to date on company actions and strategies including:

1. Social-Distancing - Encouraging customers to remain several feet away from each other in checkout lanes.

2. State/Local Mandates - Messaging to indicate the company is following current city or state mandates regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

3. Take Out/Delivery - Restaurants might no longer be offering in-house dining, but they’re now shifting to take-out and delivery services.

4. Change in Hours/Temporary Closures - As stores and businesses modify their open/close times, temporarily shutter, or consolidate ope

5. Reinforcing Hand Washin - For employees (whether remote or in-house), and for customers.

Where are Some Effective Locations for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs?

Here are some of the best places to place your COVID-19 signag

1. Front entrance/door - For signage indicating a change in business hours, special hours for seniors, a shift to take-out/delivery only, the front entrance is the best option.

2. Business storefront/display window - Don’t hesitate to make use of your company’s storefront to spotlight what your business and employees are doing to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19), and how customers can do their share as well.

3. Store interior/point-of-sale - Use floor graphics to reinforce social-distance messaging around the checkout lane. Signage throughout the store can reinforce to customers that you’re watching out for their health as they buy needed items.

4. Employee lounge/lunch area - Here’s where you can place signage to double-down on messaging about revised store hours, sanitizing duties/schedules, hand washing, and more.

Utilizing COVID-19 Signage in Your Office Setting

Even as companies (and economies) begin reopening and employees return to work, COVID-19 remains a concern for customers as well as staff. The buying public as well as your staff want to be confident that they’re safe as businesses recover.

How can your company use signage to help customers recognize that your company is following best practices to ensure their well-being? And how can you use signage to let your employees know you’re looking out for them as well?

Here are several signage suggestions to integrate into your operation as you gear up for a full-speed-ahead economy:

Social-Distancing Signag - By now, we all know that avoiding close contact with other people can help stop the spread of COVID-19, and that 6 feet is the recommended distance as we shop, work, and interact with each other. Social-distancing signs are perfect for reminding customers and your employees about the importance of social distancing, and floor decals and carpet stickers can even provide actual measurements right underfoot.

Masks Required Signage - With state and local governments as well as some businesses now mandating customers and/or employees wear a facemask, masks required signs can provide an effective visual reminder to people that masks must be worn. In other cases, where companies or communities are making mask wearing optional, signage can help here as well, reminding everyone that masks serve to protect those most at risk—not necessarily the wearer.

Temperature Check Signage - Before entering a facility, some employees and guests/clients are being required to undergo temperature screening for signs of possible COVID-19 infection. Temperature check signs This signage can alert people of the screening and serve as wayfinding to the specific testing location. Of course, signage can also provide additional information once people have reached the testing location: line forms here, remain 6 feet apart, mask required, etc.

Wash Your Hands Signage - We can all probably do a better job with our handwashing routine, particularly in the time of COVID-19 – frequent handwashing can be a major factor in helping prevent the spread of this disease and removing germs. Wash your hands signs can raise awareness among your employees and your customers about the importance of this simple but critical task, while generally stressing public health and safety.

Maximum Occupancy Signage - To facilitate businesses reopening, many states and communities have established reduced-occupancy limits for a period of time. Companies can use maximum occupancy signage to indicate the specific number of customers/visitors currently allowed into their facility, serving to limit congestion and foot traffic. Signage can also indicate one-way traffic in store aisles and signify further social-distancing information.

Curbside Pickup & Delivery Signage - Be sure that your customers know that your company is offering these vital services. Curbside pickup & delivery signs can be continuous and very visual reminders here, ensuring that folks see how you’re proactively finding ways to serve them now and year-round: with curbside pickup, free/reduced delivery, contactless delivery, online ordering, and more.

We’re Open Signag - Ensure that customers, passersby, and the community see that you’re open for business. Alert people to your current hours, an opening sale, perhaps a revised menu, new maximum-occupancy limits, and more. The sky’s the limit with we are open signs.

Of course, signs can take on other COVID-related messaging as well. For instance, you can utilize signage to remind employees that if they feel sick or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they should go home and/or visit the company nurse. But perhaps the sign that everyone wants to see is this: Welco

CDC Resources for Businesses & Employers

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has established a page on specifically to help businesses and employers plan, prepare, and respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Its “Interim Guidance” document is regularly updated, and provides tips and information for reducing transmission among employees, maintaining healthy business operations, and maintaining a health work environment. Cleaning and disinfecting recommendations for businesses and their employees are also available on this page.

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