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What are the Most Common Retractable Banner Sizes?

Article Date: June 13, 2024

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Retractable banners are a popular signage choice for trade shows, conferences, and bazaars because of their durability and portability — you just pull out and retract the banner into the base and you’re set.

At, our retractable banners are made available in different sizes to cater to various settings and budget. It’s essential to choose the right size if you are to attract your audience’s attention and create a lasting impression, especially if you are participating in an event where you’re surrounded by your competitors.

Read to find our most popular retractable banner sizes and their uses.

What are the Most Common Retractable Banner Sizes

Small Retractable Banners

Small retractable banners are suitable for limited or cramped spaces, which are a common challenge in trade shows with dozens of exhibitors. Our small retractable banners come in three variations: 24 “x 81” (Standard), 24” x 92” (Premium), and 33” x 81” (Deluxe).

If you’re only given a small space for your booth, the 24” x 81” and the 24” x 92 banners are your best options — despite their being narrow, you can take advantage of their height. These two banner options are also great if the orientation of your image or artwork is vertical; think beverage bottles, condominiums, office buildings, or even members of a sports team.

Meanwhile, the 33” x 81” retractable banner is suitable if you need a bit more width for your design. These dimensions are only available in Deluxe, which allows you to print on both sides.

Medium Retractable Banners

Medium-sized banners offer ample width and a standout height, making them a popular choice for trade shows and conferences. Many restaurants and cafes also use them to increase foot traffic and drive sales.

Our medium-sized retractable banners are versatile because they provide enough visibility without taking up too much space. They come in two variations: 36” x 92” (Premium) and 47” x 81” (Standard).

The ideal banner font size depends on the distance between the display and your audience, and these two work great with a large image and blocks of text. As a general rule, establish at least one inch for every 10 feet of viewing distance.

Large Retractable Banners

If you have ample space in your booth, the 48” x 92” (Premium) retractable banner size is a great option. Its size gives your setup increased visibility, which is critical in crowded trade shows and conventions where you need to compete with other exhibitors for attention and engagement.

XL Retractable Banners

The 60” x 92” (Premium) retractable banners are suitable for big booths, retail displays, open houses, wedding fairs, and trade shows. Thanks to their extra width, they are suitable for designs with text or images best viewed from left to right.

Their sheer size also makes them ideal for designs with multiple images and more blocks of text. Some brands even use them as their photography backdrops and stand-alone displays. Moreover, these banners are readable from a great distance, even for people in moving cars.

How to Choose the Right Retractable Banner Dimension

A few factors come into play when choosing the most suitable dimension for your retractable banner or any type of signages.

  • Location. An outdoor venue may allow for bigger banners than in a cramped multipurpose hall or an indoor gallery. There’s also a good chance that your booth’s size will depend on how big the venue is so coordinate with the organizers first before ordering your retractable banner.

  • Target audience. It’s worth asking the event organizer what the estimated crowd would be so you can optimize the layout of your signages. Getting a good grasp of the attendees’ viewing distance will help you determine which banner size to get, how big the design elements should be (think font size, images, logos, etc.), and placement of your promotional tools.

  • Your design and artwork. The more information you need to include in your display, the bigger the banner you’ll need. Instead of cramming too much information into banner, consider using multiple retractable banners to exhibit products or services individually, or to create one large picture.


Now that you know the most common retractable banner sizes and their applications, visit to check out the free templates that come with proper bleed and margin to ensure accurate prints.

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