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Top 10 Industries That Use Banners in the US

Article Date: March 5, 2024

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Signs and banners have been a great boon for marketing and branding. Even with the internet already doing its part in promoting brands and services, there's still merit in using a reliable banner to highlight products and ideas to many people. New brand offers, sales, services, and advocacies get their visibility through these banners, and there's no sign that they're slowing down with their offline promotions. This article discusses how diverse and valuable banners are by showing 10 industries in the US that use these marketing mediums and how they innovate their designs and functionality to improve brand visibility.

1. Real Estate

Vinyl Banners

The real estate business requires much work to sell or lease a home or office space, including marketing. Most of the time, real estate agents and brokers work with architects and construction firms to form the best marketing strategies to promote the several properties under their belt. And when it comes to big houses, apartments, or buildings, they need giant banners to promote and upsell them.

mesh banner for lease Feather Flags Mirage

Large vinyl, fabric, and mesh banners provide excellent coverage of the real estate business, while flag banners help point clients in their direction. The large banners allow the industry to use housing and architectural images to depict the real property they sell. Large, bold fonts showing “For Sale” or “For Lease” messages, complete with their contact information, are also on the banners to help potential customers reach out to them.

2. Construction

fence banner, construction banner

The construction business, from house-building to maintenance, separates itself from the real estate industry through its banner requirements. Like the other trades, construction companies need large banners for promotion. The difference is that aside from marketing their services, they also require safety and warning banners to tell passersby to move cautiously and practice safety while near their projects.

vinyl banner no trespassing

The right balance between durability and visibility is vital to warning banners, which is why the tough vinyl banners work best with their safety message. Mesh and fence banners with readable, front-and-center warnings also work since they are stable when installed and could be placed everywhere near the danger zones to warn and block trespassers.

3. Automotive

Feather Flag Car Sale

The automotive industry comprises car dealerships, car rental services, and auto repairs, all of which use the trusted banner design for marketing their lineups and services.

Mesh, pole, and flag banners perfectly capture the essence of a lively automotive sale. Most car brands also use sleek banner designs and premium-looking aesthetics to attract high-end customers. Vehicle repair shops and garages list their complete services on their banners to inform customers.

The focus of their branding isn’t just to promote but to build trust with their customers and express their legitimacy as sellers of high-value vehicles.

4. Pet Care

Vinyl Banner, pets

The pet industry has been booming lately due to many people adopting animals as part of their family. In this case, pet supplies stores and animal shelters use their banners and signs to gather support for animal welfare, encourage pet adoption and rescuing, and market pet care products.

Of course, the best way to market their advocacy is through creative banners that feature animals. Vinyl, fabric, and pole banners give animal shelters and pet stores sponsor adequate visibility at events where people can adopt pets and educate themselves. Backdrops are also used so pet owners can take their first selfies and photos with the newest family members.

5. School/Education Sector

Graduation Banner

If there’s an industry that could feasibly use all types of banners year-long, that would be the school sector with their numerous events and annual highlights. Schoolboards use banners to start and end the school year, with welcoming banners for new students and congratulations banners for their graduates. Schools also often put up banners highlighting their students’ achievements.

Mesh Banners Hero

Aside from the school board, many students also order banners for their extracurricular activities, often using vinyl and pole banners to promote club events, school fairs, and student group activities. There are also banners and streamers used for varsity teams, which connects to the following industry that uses banners.

6. Sports and Competition

sports banner

Many people love sports and they love seeing their favorite teams and athletes on posters and backdrops. The sporting industry has benefitted from the banners actively promoting their events. Pictures of athletes and the competition attract the fans’ attention and inform them when the next big event is happening.

fence banners, fence wraps

Sports teams also use banners to promote, cheer, and celebrate their athletes winning their games. Large vinyl banners, streamers, and fence banners come out whenever a new champion is crowned, with the banner design often highlighting the players who brought glory to their team.

7. Hospitality

the blend smoothies graphics, fabric banner

Who doesn’t love a satisfying meal? When people see attractive banners promoting restaurants and food carts, they’ll see delicious dishes front and center on the banners. Banners are proven game changers when marketing in the food business, with many customers wanting to try these new delicacies at first sight.

pizza haus graphic, vinyl banner

Food and hospitality businesses often raise banners and signs to promote holiday feasts, daily specials, and food events. They use mesh and vinyl banners to highlight their specialties, while pole and flag banners can direct people to their restaurants or food trucks.

8. Events and Conventions

Banners, Mesh Banners

The next time you go to a concert or attend an event, try to look around and find banners promoting brands and products. Chances are, you’ll be surrounded by them. Public events like conventions and tradeshows are rife with flags and banners from sponsors and participants. There are also banners to mark the venue and show guests where to go.

events banner Step And Repeat Banner

Whenever there’s a public gathering like a concert, symposium, or convention, organizers would mass-produce single-design banners to highlight their event. They would also print signs like retractable vinyl banners, X banners, and backdrops with unique designs, each highlighting the different guests and participants in their panel or gig.

9. NGOs and Charity Groups

Signs Earth Day

Sometimes, people need the right motivation to do charity work. Believe it or not, an excellent banner design could be the right push to do so. Nonprofit organizations and charities often use banners to promote their messages and decorate their sponsored events.

Signs Earth Day

Unlike most banners, advocacy should be the most crucial element in their banners and backdrops. Big, bold, and brave words telling people the NGO's message and highlighting its vision and mission are all these banners need to convey. Of course, creativity plays a significant role in their banners, and that's why NGOs use simpler banner designs that leave an impression.

10. Political Campaigns

Aluminum banner

Possibly, the most prominent industry uses colorful and insightful banners. Political groups and campaign teams actively promote their candidates and support them through bright and colorful banners, which can surely turn heads and entice people to join in on the elections.

Political Signs A-frame Banner

And when the campaigning season begins, almost all banner-making groups are all hands on deck. All vinyl, mesh, and fabric banners are created and used to highlight candidates and their platforms. You'll see fence and pole banners featuring a running candidate's profile or platform in every public area. Retractable and X banners are also used during forums, debates, and campaign speeches.

Of course, some groups advocate for voting as a gesture. Many NGOs use banners to inform people of their right to vote and encourage them to use that right and vote for who they think is best suited for office.

"When election campaigns start, all the banners come out!"

Some Final Thoughts

Banners, streamers, and signs have stood the test of time, physically (with their durability) and in their importance (use as marketing tools). People, corporations, and groups will continue to use banners for visibility and awareness, letting others know what they’re cooking up for their next sale, product, or campaign. You can join the banner community by ordering your custom banner at

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