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What Are Custom Table Covers?

Turn a simple table into branded marketing material using our custom table covers, also known as table throws. Table covers are reusable, machine washable and made from 6.8 oz. polyester with a vibrant, dye-sublimation- printed design. These table covers are an ideal addition for any trade show, convention, or business event display.

Table covers are specifically suited for use on 6ft or 8ft wide tables and have rounded corners for added visual appeal. With a 3-sided table cover, you can conveniently access the back of your table. Choose standard table cover if you are wanting to completely enclose your table.

With the ability to print on all sides, both the standard and 3-sided table cover will give you the power of instant branding and professional presence at any event, trade show, farmers market or wherever you need a great looking table!


Downloadable Table Cover Templates

Looking to design your table cover using your own design software? Great! Get started by downloading one of the product templates below (available in the .eps file format) to make sure the design you create matches up with your table cover's size, shape and bleed requirements. Once you've created your design you can then jump onto our online design tool and upload your completed design file.

Standard vs 3-Sided Table Covers

Standard Table Cover

Standard Table Cover

  • Fully covers table.
  • Printable on all sides (front, back, left, right, top).
  • Great for concealing boxes or other items stored under your table.

3-Sided Table Cover

3-Sided Table Cover

  • Leaves the back of the table exposed.
  • Printable on the front, left side, right side and top.
  • Provides easy access to promotional material or other objects under your table.

Table Cover Features

Easy to Use
Design Tool design tool with Postcards signs

Create your custom table cover with our simple and easy to use design tool. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!

Start Designing

Free Professional
Design Services

Graphic designer sitting behind her desk and smiling

Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something entirely new, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. Nothing beats free!

Get Design Help Now

Easy to Set Up

Setting up your table cover requires simply unfolding the cloth and placing it on the table. If you have a 3-sided table cover, the process is just as simple—just place it over your table with the printed side to the front, opposite the open back. Your trade show or event table will be ready with your branded table cover right away.


Easy to Clean

Use a damp cloth to remove surface dirt or machine wash with cold water on a low spin or gentle cycle. To dry, simply hang the table cover on a hanger until dry. Do not tumble dry, bleach or iron.

Additional Specs

  • Material

    6.8 oz. polyester fabric (about the thickness of 5 sheets of copy paper)

  • Details

    6.8 oz. polyester table throw with a closed back (standard), or open back (3 sided). Print on up to all four sides of your table cover

  • Uses

    Indoor. Trade shows, conferences, check-in counters, fundraising events, farmers markets

  • Print Method

    4-color, Dye-Sublimation Process

  • Finish

    Sewn Hem

  • Estimated Lifespan

    5+ years with proper placement and care


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Verified buyer
May 17, 2024 by Kim Johnston ( UT )
“I'm very impressed by the quality of fabric used for the tablecloth I purchased. It will hep me stand out at my next conference. It also seems like it's not going to wrinkle or crease as easily as others I have purchased in the past.”
Verified buyer
October 10, 2023 by Jennifer Seuss ( NH )
“Amazing Quality and just as we ordered it! Very prompt shipping :)”
Verified buyer
March 25, 2023 by Kensey Lawhun ( SC )
“Great price and the logo came out looking sharp and beautiful. Will buy again!”
Verified buyer
Got What We Ordered! March 13, 2023 by Gator Waders ( TX )
“The table covers came in great condition, per the colors we requested. We were a little hesitant of the quality of the print and colors because we have very specific brand visuals; however, everything turned out GREAT! If you need some table covers quickly for an event like we did, is a great deal!”
Verified buyer
October 26, 2022 by F. J. Spinelli ( NY )
“Heavy material. Very Nice.”

Questions and Answers

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Do your table covers come pre-treated with a stain resistant coat?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Our table covers are not treated with any special stain-resistant coat.
Is there a way to secure the table cover to the table so it does not slip off? Can I use rope or string to secure my table cover to a table?
Asked a year ago by Signs

The design of the table cover allows for it to remain stationary on a table without having to secure it. There is no need to use tape, rope, or string to attach the cover to the table. Although, in theory, any of the above-mentioned materials could be used on the underside of the table to attempt to secure the table cover if desired.

Will the design on my display fade over time? Is it able to be scratched off?
Asked a year ago by Signs
The dye sublimation printing process results in a design that is both fade and scratch resistant. Normal use and proper storage of the table cover will protect the design from becoming damaged.
How do I set up my table cover?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Setting up your table cover is simple and can be done in seconds. Simply unfold the cover and align the corners of the cover with the corners of the table. Adjust the cover, making sure the front, sides, and back are evenly spaced from the floor.
How do I store my table cover?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Store the table cover by neatly folding it. We recommend placing the folded cover in a hard container or bin to ensure it stays folded and out of harm’s way.

My display is wrinkled - how do I remove the wrinkles?
Asked a year ago by Signs
If wrinkles are present in your table cover, simply use a handheld steamer to remove them. Do not use an iron to remove wrinkles; this can potentially damage the table cover.
How do I wash my display? Can I use a washing machine to clean my display? What about a tumble dryer to dry it?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Using a damp cloth can remove most surface dirt from the table cover. For harder to clean stains, the cover can be machine washed with warm water on a low or gentle cycle. Always use a mild detergent and do not mix the table cover with other textiles. Air dry by hanging or laying out the cover. If necessary, tumble dry the table cover by itself on the lowest heat setting. Do not bleach or iron the table cover.