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How to Care for Your Vinyl Banners

Article Date: March 1, 2024

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If you’re looking to make an impact with your branding and marketing promotions, nothing can do the job better than a trusted vinyl banner. Ever since the PVC-based sign was used to upsell products, the durable vinyl banner has always been a go-to option to convey a message, whether for promoting a sale, supporting a political campaign, marketing an event, or simply for brand visibility.

If you own a vinyl banner, you may have read tips and guides on how to design it or put it up for your marketing event. But aside from that, another important factor you need to know is how to properly care of your banners, especially if you intend to use them again. In this guide, you’ll learn how to exercise caution when installing and taking down your sign, as well as some tips on how to clean and store your vinyl banners.

How to Maintain Your Vinyl Banners for Future Use

One of the best ways to enhance your banner's longevity is by learning how to use it properly during your promotions or events. It is one thing to know how to put up and take down the banner; it is another to install and remove it with care and safety in mind.

To set up the banner correctly, you must follow the proper instructions and use the recommended accessories that come along with your vinyl banners. Set your banner up using durable bungees, zip ties, and clips, and make sure that the vinyl sign is secure and that the grommets properly hold the peripherals.

Once you install your custom banner, you may leave it to help with your promotions. However, remember to take the banner down once your campaign ends, especially if you hang it outdoors. One of the leading causes for the banners getting damaged is usually the changing weather. Harsh sunlight may cause the colors to fade, while humid or damp weather could warp the PVC material. And while the vinyl banner may be water-resistant, that doesn't mean you can leave it exposed to the rain. Try finding the perfect balance between displaying your banner for promotions and safe keeping it during the day so that you may reuse it in the future. Try installing them during the early hours and taking them down when it's the hottest. You can also be strategic with where you set up your banner.

Choose shaded areas or locations for your banner and use the right vinyl material that works best with the weather where you’re installing your promotional signs. For instance, mesh vinyl banners are great for windy areas because their net-like appearance allows wind and gale to breeze through the banner without risking damage.

To take down the banners carefully, you must check if the grommets and peripherals still hold the sign well. Carefully remove the accessories from the poles or fence attached to the banner before laying the banner down to the ground. Remove the hooks or bungees and store them in their container before rolling the banner like a scroll and putting it away.

How to Clean Your Vinyl Banners After Use

Once you’re done using your vinyl banner, it’s time to clean it. The right way to do so is by wiping off the stains, dirt, and dust accumulated using a damp cloth or towel. For harder-to-remove stains, you can wipe these off by adding a mixture of water and mild soap on a soft towel or sponge. Dry your banner immediately by wiping the excess water using a dry cloth.

Always exercise caution when cleaning your banner. Only apply enough pressure on the banner when wiping away the stains and try not to scratch the vinyl with your cloth. Avoid using abrasive and rough materials to wipe the banner to prevent scratches and damage. Also, please do not use harsh chemicals like bleach since it could affect the vinyl’s durability or cause the artwork and designs to fade.

How to Carefully Store Your Vinyl Banners

With the day ending and your marketing promotions finished, you may now keep your vinyl banner until the next time you use it. Still, the caring duties for your marketing asset aren’t over until you store the banner properly.

So, how do you go about banner storage?

Once you’ve taken your banner from its support, you need to know how to move it back to your home or office. Folding the vinyl is a huge ‘no-no’ since it creates creases you can’t remove. Instead, take one side of the bannerand roll it in like a scroll. When it’s rolled into a cylinder, secure your banner using a rubber band.

Now, you must designate a spot to store the vinyl banner. Ensure the area isn’t damp or humid when keeping the banner so mold won’t form. Refrain from putting it near hot areas to prevent discoloration. When storing the banner, keep it upright so you won’t be tempted to pile other items on it. Be mindful of dust and dirt accumulating since they may be harder to remove.

The best accessory you can get for banner storage are the storage tubes made specifically for large banners or long carrying cases where you can store the banner’s accessories. Once your banner is secured inside the case, you may keep it in your storage room until the next time you use it.

Some Final Thoughts

Vinyl banners are versatile tools for brand promotion and product upselling. You can use these banners anytime and promote your brand in every feasible way. By maintaining and taking care of these excellent materials, you can use these banners for a long time and enhance your brand's visibility. Keep your best marketing tools for future use by taking care of your custom banners.

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