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Connect With More People Using Church Signs

Signage is an essential element for both the successful operation and public appearance of churches. Custom church signs are typically the first thing seen by visitors and passersby of a church and are everywhere once inside the building. There are also a wide variety of signs that are used as both permanent church signs versus those that are used on a temporary basis for fundraising and event signage. To ensure that your church has the correct signage it needs, read below for more information on both exterior and interior signage as well as the different types of signage your church might need.

Whatever type of church signage you might need, rest assured can handle it. We combine years of experience with unmatched customer service, state of the art production facilities, one day production and free design services to help you make your church exactly as you envision it!

Church Sign Types

Indoor Church Signs

Big or small, churches have a wide variety of indoor signage needs to help patrons feel at home when they participate in any worship service. Signs may not seem like a big deal, but they are necessary to help both new and returning worshipers find where to go. Signs will help to relieve the stress of finding the chapel, classrooms, and other facilities within your church, allowing visitors to feel at peace when attending church. Orderly worship services, professional appearance, and a good overall experience are just a few of the reasons why high-quality signage is needed in every church.

Browse each section of templates below to find the indoor sign you need. Click on any template to start customizing your sign or contact us for free design help. With our easy-to-use design tool, you can create the perfect sign with your church logo, or any other visual aid to help make the church going experience stress-free for both visitors and members of your congregation as well as church administrators and teachers.

Room and Door Signs

Indoor church signage is most often needed for the labeling of doors, classrooms, offices, nursery, and other rooms of the building. If you offer services tailored for specific age groups (i.e. nursery, youth, high school, young adult) you can place signage that represents each service with logos or a visual indication of when each service is or where it is located to help guide the age groups to the right locations. Signage can also be directly related to Sunday church services or the administration of the building or congregational needs such as the Pastor’s office or custodial closet.

We offer a variety of signage materials that can be used for Church rooms and doors. From rigid plastic signs to aluminum, to acrylic, all of our materials are of the highest quality and will provide a sign that is perfect for you and your congregation. Aluminum provides a long lasting and durable sign but at a slightly higher cost than the other options. Rigid plastic is durable and scratch resistant and will look aesthetically pleasing in a church environment. Overall, we would recommend you use acrylic for indoor signs because of its professional appearance while being cost effective and lightweight. Acrylic signs are easy to install and can be secured directly on a wall using standoffs. Acrylic can also be enhanced with well-placed lighting. We do not currently offer any lighting options for acrylic signs, so you will need to provide a light source.

Directional Signs

Directional signs are another common type of sign used inside churches. These signs are typically used to direct adherents to exits, administration offices, the chapel, instruction or study rooms, restrooms and more. Create a map or directory to help visitors familiarize themselves with the layout of your church or use directional signage to indicate emergency exits and other points of interest within your church. Larger churches could use signage to designate sections or rows within a chapel or auditorium to help organize patrons during a service.

Similar to room and door signage, we’d recommend acrylic signs for directional signage with rigid plastic offering a more affordable alternative. Acrylic signs will provide a professional appearance without sacrificing durability. Plus, the transparent nature of acrylic gives the appearance that the sign takes up less space than it actually does. Overall, acrylic is the best choice for churches due to the combination of appearance and cost.

Event & Instructional Signs

The other main use of indoor signage is for temporary needs such as events, classes and other meetings held at the church. These are also often used as announcement boards in the main foyer or as display aides as part of a class or sermon to help improve attendance and assist in effective instruction. We’d recommend foamboard signs for these purposes as it is light, easy to take down and put up and can be reused. Other sign types that would work depending on need and preference including posters, retractable banners, and wall decals. Posters will be your most affordable option, retractable banners the most portable and wall decals a versatile repositionable solution.

If you’re still not sure what sign type is best for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help get you the right type of sign!

Outdoor Church Signs

Exterior church signs go far beyond the typical church sign with changeable letters or one made from wood and framed in bricks. We don’t currently offer these types of permanent exterior church signs often called monument or marquee signs. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other exterior church signage needs. Exterior signs attract attention, inform, and can prevent any unwanted trespassing. Outdoor signage isn’t simply a way to look good, it helps bring in visitors and protect your property. Every church needs to consider how they can implement exterior signage to benefit you and your congregation.

Church Property Signs

Outdoor signage has the tendency to be taken for granted and their importance overlooked since they are seen on a regular basis. Whether you have a large or small congregation, outdoor signage can help alleviate traffic as well as indicate areas of your outdoor facilities (power plant, storage rooms, riser room). Use them to indicate parking spaces that are designated for handicapped patrons as well as members with younger children who want to park close to an entrance. For these types of signs, we recommend our rust-resistant aluminum signs that can last for years outside. Choose reflective aluminum to increase your sign’s visibility during nighttime.

Church Window Decals

Churches with glass doors or windows looking to welcome visitors, display service hours, and communicate other important information to new members can opt for window decals (semi-permanent), clings (reusable and repositionable) or even vinyl lettering. Window decals are very cost effective and provide an excellent signage solution for your church. These different window sign options can also typically be used for indoor glass surfaces for similar purposes.

Church Event Signs

Perhaps the most common use for exterior church signs is to promote upcoming events, advertise service hours and welcome or encourage people to attend. We recommend using vinyl banners to promote or advertise events. Vinyl banners are one of the most popular and versatile signs we offer since they last for years and can withstand all kinds of weather. We also offer feather banners and teardrop banners for outdoor promotion of upcoming events.

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We print various types of signs, from vinyl to rigid signs that you can use as a building sign! 


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