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What Are Carpet Stickers?

Custom carpet stickers are vinyl graphics that adhere to low pile carpet and are commonly used for advertising, branding, or trade show and event purposes. At 9.4 mil (.009") they are incredibly thin yet perfect for temporary use. Due to their protective overlaminate they are certified slip resistant and can handle foot traffic for up to six months of regular use.

Carpet stickers are also commonly referred to as carpet decals or carpet graphics. Carpet stickers are easily applied and removed from low pile carpets or rugs without leaving behind any residual adhesive.

Compatible Surfaces

Carpet stickers are the perfect graphic solution for carpet applications. However, they are not compatible with all types of carpet. When purchasing a carpet sticker the intended installation surface must be taken into account. Carpet stickers must only be applied to carpet with a short nap and a tight weave. Additionally, carpet graphics will only adhere to carpets with minimal texture. This is most often true of commercial carpets rather than residential carpets. Some other common surfaces for carpet stickers are low pile rugs and vehicle carpets or floor mats. With all carpets and rugs the same principles apply: the installation surface must be short, tightly woven, and minimal in texture. Carpet stickers are not meant for non-porous or smooth surfaces. Please see our floor decals if you are looking for a decal not intended for carpet. Carpet decals will not work on surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, tile, unsealed concrete, or surfaces, including carpets, that are dirty, stained (oil, chemicals, etc), or wet.

Low Pile Carpet

Vehicle Carpet

Low Pile Rug

Carpet Sticker Shape Options

Carpet Stickers Standard

Your carpet sticker will be cut as a standard square or rectangle. This is the default shape you'll see in our design tool.

Carpet Stickers Contour Cut

Your sticker will be cut to a custom shape. Complex or very thin designs may require the Custom with Border option.

Carpet Stickers Halo Cut
Custom with Border

Your sticker will be cut to a custom shape with a small border around the entire design.

Carpet Stickers Rounded Corners
Rounded Corners

Your carpet sticker will have a square/rectangular shape including rounded corners with a radius of 1".



Carpet stickers are meant to be a temporary and short term floor graphic. Assuming the graphic is installed properly on a compatible carpet surface it should last 3-6 months.

Factors for Carpet Stickers Lifespan:

  • Compatible Installation Surface
  • Correct Installation
  • Normal Amount of Foot Traffic
  • Low Exposure to UV light
  • Temperature Range (40-180 degrees)

Contact with water should be avoided. Water will permanently damage the carpet sticker adhesive.

When installing your custom carpet sticker be sure to confirm that your installation surface (i.e. carpet or rug) is compatible with the carpet sticker.

The carpet surface must be clean and free from dirt, dust, oils, etc. in order for the sticker to adhere properly. To install the sticker, begin by peeling the protective backing from the adhesive or non-printed side of the sticker. Gently place one end of the graphic to the floor and slowly squeegee* the graphic to the carpet. Once the graphic has been placed, gently press and squeegee the sticker to the carpet one final time.

*Squeegees can be added to your order for a small charge during the design process.


When you are done using your carpet sticker you should remove it from the carpet within six months of installation. Begin by pulling the graphic up from the carpet at one edge and slowly peel the graphic away from the carpet. removing the sticker within six months will ensure that your carpet will not be damaged due to the adhesive. Removing your graphic should not leave any adhesive residue on your carpet so long as you remove it within six months of installation. Carpet stickers are not reusable and once they have been installed they cannot be re-positioned or reused. Once they have been removed they should be disposed of.

How to Use Our Free Design Templates: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click the thumbnail image of your preferred design template. Doing this will redirect you to our easy-to-use design tool.
  2. Once in the design tool, you can edit your template by adding text, images, background colors, and shapes. You can also use the built-in ruler, bleed, and grid tools for accurate measurement.
  3. Once you’re happy with your design, click View Proof to see a preview.
  4. Click Save & Continue to proceed to checkout or to continue shopping.

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Additional Specs

  • Weight

    0.325 lbs. per square foot

  • Details

    9.4 mil (.009") thick carpet sticker consisting of a 3.4 mil matte white vinyl with a 6 mil laminate covering and 90# liner that is easily removed at installation.

  • Uses

    Interior use only. In-store business and sales promotions, trade shows, events, fairs, directional signage, footprints, shopping centers and malls, arenas, etc.

  • Compatible Surfaces

    Carpeted surfaces that are: low pile, short nap, tightly woven and have minimal texture.

  • Print Method

    Four color process, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink


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Award Winning CX
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Certified slip resistance with a protective laminate overlay.
100% Customizable
100% Customizable
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Questions and Answers

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What are carpet stickers made of?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Our carpet stickers are made of a 3.4 mil matte vinyl base with a 6 mil protective laminate over it. This 9.4 mil (.009”) thickness is the perfect thickness for temporary use without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

How thick are the stickers? Do you offer other thicknesses?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Our carpet stickers are 9.4 mil (.009”) thick. We don’t currently offer any additional thicknesses. Our carpet decals are optimized to be durable and lightweight making it the perfect choice for carpet signage.

Are carpet stickers different from floor decals?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Yes! Carpet stickers are designed to be used only on low pile carpet or rugs. Specifically, they are best suited for carpets with a short nap, tight weave, and minimal texture. This is most common with commercial carpets. Alternatively, floor decals are designed specifically for non-porous surface such a hardwood, laminate, tile, and sealed concrete. If you need a decal for a non-carpeted surface please visit our floor decals page.

Do carpet stickers have a protective overlaminate?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Yes! Our carpet stickers are covered with a protective overlaminate. This protective laminate shields your printed design or logo from damage during use. The laminate is water resistant so you may wipe down or clean the top of your sticker. As described below, a simple cleaning with a non-abrasive cloth will keep your carpet decal looking great for the duration of its use.
Can I have my carpet sticker cut into a different shape?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Yes! There are several different shape options to choose from for your floor decal, including Square/Rectangle, Rounded Corners (1” radius), Circle/Oval, Custom or Custom with Border. The Custom shape option (previously known, or sometimes referred to, as Contour Cut) allows you to either upload a custom shape to our design tool or have us create a custom shape for your sign based off of your design. The Custom with Border shape option (previously known, or sometimes referred to, as as Halo Cut) is similar to the Custom shape option but will leave a small border around the edge of your design.

What are common sticker sizes?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Our carpet stickers are fully customizable and allow you to create the perfect size for your desired use. The smallest size your sticker can be is 4”x4” and the maximum size is 54” x 1800”. In other words, so long as one of your dimension is under 54”, you shouldn’t have a problem in finding the right size carpet sticker for your needs! Some common sizes are 6"x6", 12"x12", 24"x24", 36"x36".

Will a multicolor sticker cost more than a single or two color sticker?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Our carpet stickers are printed with a digital process using UV ink in full color. We do not charge any additional fees for the number or colors you use on your carpet sticker. Whether you print with 1, 2, or 10 colors the cost of your carpet sticker will remain the same.
I need help designing my carpet sticker. Can you help me?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Absolutely! When you need help uploading your artwork or logo or a complete creation of your carpet sticker we are here to help. At we have an easy-to-use industry leading design tool that you can use to create the perfect carpet sticker. If you need additional help you can take advantage of our free design services. Our team of professional graphic designers can solve just about any design need. Best of all they are happy to help you get the sticker you need for free!

Are your carpet stickers 3-Dimensional? Do you offer 3D carpet stickers?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Our carpet stickers are a flat vinyl material and don’t have any texture or 3D aspect to them. If you are interested in printing a design that looks 3D on your carpet sticker you may upload your artwork to our design tool or use our free design services. However, the sticker itself will be flat and two-dimensional.

What is the default material color for carpet stickers?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Our carpet stickers are made from a matte white vinyl base. The base is covered with a clear glossy overlaminate. Our carpet stickers are unable to be transparent. However, you may select a number of different colors for the background or your sticker in our design tool or upload your custom artwork.