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Boat Lettering & Decals

Easy Install - Long Lasting - Vibrant Colors
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Boat Lettering vs Boat Decals

Whether you're looking for custom boat lettering for your boat name or registration number or a little more complex and creative design to add some flair, you've come to the right place!
Boat Lettering

Boat Lettering

  • Pre-cut from a solid color vinyl material
  • 39 colors available
  • Individual letters
  • Pre-masked and pre-spaced
  • Uses: individual lettering & simple 1-3 color graphics
  • Gradients, shadows, borders, slants, etc. not possible.
Boat Decals

Boat Decals

  • Printed full color onto adhesive vinyl
  • No color limitations
  • Can be cut to shape but no individual letters
  • Protective backing with no transfer tape
  • Uses: complex graphics
  • Gradients, shadows, borders, slants, etc. possible.

Learn more about our lettering and decals below, get started using our online design tool or contact us today for free design services for using custom fonts and graphics!

Please note that we do not offer full or partial boat wraps nor any boat striping that runs the length of the boat.

Boat Lettering

Color Palette

Pre-spaced and pre-masked for easy installation our custom boat lettering is perfect for boat names, hail ports, and registration numbers. Crafted from high-quality vinyl adhesive, our boat lettering is designed to withstand the elements while providing a vibrant color palette to decorate your boat with.

Boat lettering can also include simple graphics as part of your design. More complex graphics should be created with our custom boat decals detailed further below.

(Text effects such as gradients, shadows, borders, slants, etc. are not possible with boat lettering. For these effects please use our boat decals.)

Boat Lettering Templates

Principessa Cut Vinyl


Because your boat lettering is both pre-spaced and pre-masked with transfer tape it can be installed within minutes.

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First, make sure your boat is clean and free of wax and polish as well as out of the water before starting the installation. Further, do not install any lettering (or decals) on paint that is not cured. Lastly, air and boat surface temperatures that lead to greatest success when applying your lettering are between 60 and 90 F.

The first step to applying the lettering is to clean the surface of the boat (with boat or glass cleaner) where the application will be placed and then allowing it to dry. To apply the lettering, place it with both the protective backing and pre-masked transfer tape still attached to the lettering onto the boat. This can be done by using painters tape or masking tape to hold the lettering in place, typically along the top edge. You can now slowly remove the protective backing of the lettering so that the adhesive side of the lettering is exposed. As you slowly peel away that backing, apply pressure to the lettering to ensure it adheres properly (it’s best to use a squeegee to do so - start from the top and work toward the bottom). After the backing has been completely removed and the lettering is fully applied to the boat, slowly remove the pre-masked transfer tape, which sits on top of your lettering, to complete the installation. Our step by step video of how to install window lettering is the same installation process for boat lettering. This installation process is the very similar to our vinyl lettering installation, check out the video of how to install your boat lettering here.


Boat lettering can be cleaned using water and a non-abrasive cloth.

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Do not use strong cleaners or power washers to clean the lettering, this could damage or remove the lettering from the boat. Likewise, power buffers when applying wax or polish to the boat’s surface can also cause the boat lettering to come off of your boat. Due to the nature of boating and water activities, it is necessary to clean the lettering after each outing.

Boat Decals

Carpe Boat Decal

Our durable boat decals are perfect for detailing your boat with custom designs and images. Made from a highly adhesive vinyl, boat decals are specifically designed for long-lasting use on boats and in any weather.

Boat decals can be cut to the shape of your design or desired graphic. Lettering and more complex images or designs can be done with our boat decals but the lettering will not be cut out individually like our boat lettering.

Lettering on a boat decal will also not be pre-masked but can be printed in any color and can include text effects that boat lettering does not allow for.

Boat Decal Templates

Swordfish Boat Decal


Before application, clean the area of the boat (with boat or glass cleaner) you will apply the decal to. You not only want to remove any dirt and grime from the surface but your boat should also be clean of any wax or polish in order to correctly install your graphics.

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Before installation, you should also ensure that any paint is fully cured. Applying your decal to uncured paint can permanently damage your boat’s paint job. Lastly, air and boat surface temperatures that lead to greatest success when applying your decals are between 60 and 90 F.

To apply, remove the protective backing and position it on the boat. Before applying pressure to the decal, you can temporarily reposition the decal to make sure it is in the desired location. Use a squeegee to permanently adhere the decal to the boat; this will cause the adhesive residue to release, creating the permanent bond. Before doing so you will have a limited ability to reposition your decal. We recommend carefully placing the decal in the correct position when first installed so as to not have the need to reposition the decal before applying pressure and releasing the adhesive. Allow 24 hours for the decal to dry before taking your boat out on the water.


Our boat decals are designed to withstand the harsh elements of boating and inclement weather conditions. Use soap and water to remove surface dirt from the decal on a regular basis. Using power washers for cleaning and power buffers for applying wax or polish may damage the boat decal.

How to Use Boat Lettering & Decals Templates

If you want to bring out your creative side and try making your own boat lettering and decals, we have free design templates for you. Our premade templates are beginner-friendly and fully customizable—no need for a professional background in graphic design!

To get started, choose your preferred template on the page. You can do this by typing it into the search bar or by simply clicking on the template options. Once you’ve selected a template, the browser will redirect you to our online design tool.

When you pick a design template, you have the freedom to customize the design the way you want. You can add text, change the font, upload a logo, or adjust the colors. You can also upload a ready-made design if you have one.

Don’t forget to double-check your design before printing. You can do this by clicking “View Proof.” If you’re ready to save your work as a draft, click “Save,” or choose “Save & Continue” if you want to proceed to checkout.

designed for the open water
Our boat lettering and decals are crafted from the highest quality vinyl material. Highly adhesive and made to last for years, these versatile vinyl products are the ideal for both your required and desired boat graphics.
Easy Installation
install your lettering & graphics in minutes
Easy Installation
Pre-masked lettering and high-adhesive decals can easily be applied within minutes to any non-porous surface on your boat without the hassle of additional glues or heavy duty tools.
Produced Fast. Shipped Free*
next day production & free shipping
Produced Fast. Shipped Free
Why wait to decorate your boat when you can do it now? Production of your boat lettering or decals begins right after you place your order. Your product then ships the next business day. And did we mention that shipping is free on all orders over $99?
Best-in-Class Guarantees
your 100% satisfaction is our priority
Best-In-Class Guarantees
Just in case your graphic doesn’t meet your expectation, it’s backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Think you can find the same product somewhere else at a better price? We also have price match guarantee. We value your happiness.

Additional Specs

  • Boat Lettering

    Boat Decals

  • Thickness:

    .002” (2-mil or 50 microns; about the thickness of half of a sheet of copy paper)

    .015" (about the thickness of 4 sheets of copy paper)

  • UV Resistance:

    UV protectants in the material for 5-10 years of outdoor vibrancy

    UV ink with 8-10 years of outdoor vibrancy

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    5+ years with proper installation and care

    5+ years with proper installation and care

  • Temperature Range:

    -40F to 225F

    -40F to 225F

  • Installation Method:

    Transfer Tape

    Peel and Stick

  • Print Method:

    Cut, not printed, from vinyl sheet.

    Digital. Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink

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July 26, 2022 by HERBERT ( NJ )
“The artwork was excellent, everything was exactly as discussed including the colors. The decals are going on the kayak today. Kelsey is my go to, for all my artwork from now on. Thanks”
Verified buyer
Boat decals July 15, 2022 by Hal ( OH )
“The decal worked perfectly, it is original, it separates my boat from the pack and it covers some scratches that were on my boat. I am happy with them.”
Verified buyer
Nice! July 7, 2022 by Chris
“Fast accurate service. What a breath of fresh air.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Specs

Are boat lettering and boat decals the same thing?

While they are both similar, they do differ in purpose and use. Boat lettering is specifically used for numbering and lettering on boats. This includes, names, registration numbers, and hailing port designation. Boat lettering is individually cut from a solid piece of vinyl material with no print on the material. Boat lettering cannot be used for printing images, intricate designs, text effects, or gradients because it is cut from one solid colored sheet of vinyl. Boat decals have your graphic printed on a high adhesive vinyl and are not made from individually cut pieces. Boat decals are not pre-masked due to the decal being a single piece of material. Having a single piece of material means that all spacing in your design will be printed onto the material and not cut into individual portions like boat lettering. Decals are designed for displaying logos and images. Images, colors, gradients, and letter effects are all printed onto the high adhesive vinyl material.

Are boat decals, boat graphics, and boat stickers the same product?

Decals, graphics, and stickers are used interchangeably to describe our boat decal product. The purpose of decals, graphics, and stickers is the same.

What are height requirements for boat lettering?

In most cases, boat lettering must be at least 3 inches in height and be block style letters for boat registration numbers. For hailing port identification, letters must be at least 4 inches in height but do not need to be block letters. We recommend checking or verifying local regulations for any specific height requirements.

Where is the best place on a boat to display a registration number?

In most cases, registration numbers are required to be displayed on the forward half of the boat (known as the bow of the boat) and as high above the waterline as possible. Registration numbers must be displayed on both sides of the boat (so make sure you change your quantity to two in order to receive a number for each side of your boat).

Can boat lettering and decals be submerged for long periods of time?

Boat lettering and decals are not intended to be submerged in the water for extended periods. Submerging lettering and decals for extended periods will deteriorate the adhesion and quality of the graphics. Only place lettering and decals above the waterline to ensure they work properly and can be seen as per local or state regulations.

With boat lettering, will all of my individual letters/design elements be placed on the same sheet of transfer tape?

In most cases, the individual letters contained within your boat lettering will be appropriately spaced and placed on a single sheet of transfer tape, making installation quick and simple. However, if your boat lettering exceeds 48" (for colors black and white) or 24" (for all other colors) in both width and height, your lettering will be split and placed onto two sheets of transfer tape. You will also receive your boat lettering in multiple sheets if you are using three or more different colors. In this case, each separate color will be grouped together on its own sheet.

What is a hailing port? Do I need to identify it on my boat?

A hailing port is the port where the boat originates from. Boats are required by law to have the hailing port visible on the stern of all documented vessels in the United States. The hailing port includes a place, a state, or territory. States can be abbreviated on the boat.

Are there any laws regarding boat lettering and decals?

Laws on boat lettering and decals can typically be found through state and local ordinances. Common laws include lettering height (at least three-inch-high block letters for registration numbers and four-inch-high for hailing port designation), spacing letters from numbers using a hyphen or space, and color of letters contrasting the color of the vessel. We recommend checking with state and local boating laws for specific regulations.

Where would I find information on registering my boat?

Information on the boat registration process can typically be found on your state’s DMV or Parks and Wildlife website.

Do I need to register my boat?

Regulations for boat registration can vary by state. In most cases, boats that are motorized, used as commercial vessels, or sailboats that are 14 feet long or longer must be registered.

Do you provide registration or license stickers for boats?

We do not provide registration stickers. These are only available through state agencies (in most cases the DMV or Department of Parks and Wildlife are the issuing authorities). Place registration stickers adjacent to registration numbers on the forward half of the boat. These same issuing agencies typically provide you with specific requirements for placement of these stickers.

What material is your boat lettering and boat decal made from?

Boat lettering is cut from a thin, adhesive vinyl allowing for a sleek and seamless appearance on the boat. Boat decals are made from a high adhesive vinyl, which is the ideal material for watercraft decals. 

Do you offer boat wraps?

We do not offer full or partial boat wrapping services.

Do you offer boat stripes or striping?

You can use our boat decals as a long thin strip for striping purposes. Please note that the maximum length of such a stripe is 33’. Further, we do not provide any professional installation for these extra long stripe decals.

What is the lifespan of your boat lettering and boat stickers?

With proper care, boat lettering and boat stickers can last 5+ years.

Will exposure to sun or the elements affect the boat lettering and decals?

Our boat lettering and boat decals are designed to withstand both direct sunlight and harsh elements.

Do you offer boat lettering and decals with a protective laminate?

Our boat decals contain a protective laminate but the lettering does not. Boat decals are digitally printed resulting in a permanent, durable image. The protective laminate adds more protection and durability to the decals. Boat lettering is made from a high quality vinyl that is resistant to fading and scratching. Assuming proper installation and regular care, no laminate is necessary to ensure your boat lettering will last for the long term!

How small or big can my boat lettering and decals be?

Boat lettering can be as small as 1 inch in height and as large as 23.5 inches in height. It’s important to note that registration numbers must be 3 inches in height to meet boating regulations. Boat decals range from 4 inches by 4 inches to 4 feet by 33 feet.

Can the boat decals and lettering be cut to shape? Individual letters?

Boat decals can be custom cut to shape (commonly known as contour cut) or custom cut with a border (commonly referred to as halo cut). Decals are not designed to be cut into individual letters. Please use boat lettering for this purpose. Decals with lettering or words will not be pre-masked or individually cut. Boat lettering is only designed to be cut into individual letters and simple, one color graphics. These letters or numbers come pre-spaced and pre-masked with transfer tape for easy installation.

If I print my decal in more than one color am I charged more?

You will not be charged for additional colors used in your boat decal. Multiple colors for boat lettering will affect your price due to the production process and the inherent difference between the two products.

How thick are boat lettering and decals?

Boat decals are .015” thick, which is equivalent to 4 sheets of copy paper. Boat lettering is .002" (2-mil or 50 microns) thick, which is the equivalent to half the thickness of a sheet of copy paper. In other words, whether you get lettering or a graphic you don’t need to worry about the aesthetics of these products. They will be thick and durable enough to last a long time but not detract from your gorgeous boat!

Do I have to use one of your templates for my lettering or decals?

It is not necessary to use templates to create lettering or decals. Our templates are available for convenience in creating whatever custom lettering or decals you may need or want for your boat. We also offer the option to upload your own design, create one from scratch within our design tool or get free design help.

Are boat stickers and lettering visible in the dark? Do you offer reflective decals or lettering?

Our stickers and lettering are not designed to be reflective or visible in the dark. Currently, we do not offer reflective boat decals or lettering.

What should I do if there are adjustments to my graphics like cuts, spacing, sizing, and more? Who should I talk to?

If there are sudden changes in your order, we suggest contacting us immediately at 1-888-222-4929. We’ll try to make those changes as long as the call is placed within minutes of ordering. However, we can’t guarantee that changes can be made to orders that have been placed

If I'm ordering registration numbers, is it necessary that I order a quantity of two?

Yes, because registration numbers are required to be displayed on both sides of the boat. As such you would need to order a quantity of two.

What file types are accepted in your online design tool?

We accept the following file types:

  • PNG
  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF

How long will it take for my graphics to be shipped?

Your order can be shipped within one business day. To get an estimate of when you’ll receive your order, you can type your zip code into the “Estimate Shipping” box under “Additional Details” found in the product calculator.

Will my design arrive as one piece or several?

Boat lettering orders are usually placed on a single sheet of transfer tape. However, if the boat lettering exceeds 48” (for black and white) or 24” (for other colors), the lettering will be placed in two separate sheets of transfer tape. If there are three more colors, you’ll receive multiple sheets of transfer tape.

Which method of installation is the best?

We recommend the dry installation method for our boat lettering and decals. Installing our boat lettering uses the same process as our window lettering and vinyl lettering. Check out our step-by-step video on how to correctly install your order.

Can the boat lettering and decals be applied to other things besides my boat?

Yes. You can apply the lettering and decals on any surface as long as it is smooth and flat. Keep in mind that our lettering and decals are not made for inflatable boats.