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What Are Yard Signs?

Sign Stakes

Our 4mm corrugated plastic yard signs with vertical fluting (fluting is vertical up to 48”) offer a durable and versatile outdoor signage solution. Yard signs can be displayed with optional wire stakes added during the order process, installed in frames (available for 24” x 18” yard signs common to real estate uses), or hung or propped in a variety of ways.

Yard signs are most commonly used on lawns and alongside roads for political advertising, business services promotion, real estate signage, and more. They also work great as informational signs, yard sale signs, announcements, and directing attendees to weddings and other events.

Yard signs can be single- or double-sided, cut to shape, and have wire stakes added for display purposes.

The most common sizes include: 24” x 6”, 24” x 18”, 18” x 12”, 36” x 18”, 2’ x 2’, and 4’ x 4’.

Full Color

Free Full Color Printing for Any Quantity

All of our yard signs are digitally printed in full color. This printing method offers the highest quality print. It means no limitations or restrictions on your sign’s graphics or design (no extra charges for more than one color!). While they’re slightly more expensive than screen-printed one-color yard signs, we’re confident you’ll love the vibrancy and quality of your custom yard signs.

Reach the Right People in the Right Places With Yard Sign Printing

One of the most cost-effective ways to reach potential customers is through yard sign printing. Yard signs are an inexpensive way to promote your business and capture the attention of potential customers. They’re easy to set up and can be placed in highly visible areas.

Yard signs come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and styles, allowing you to find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Our online design tool allows you to create your custom messages, making yard signs a versatile and customizable marketing tool.

Whether you’re advertising a property listing, supporting a political candidate, or driving traffic to your location, yard signs are an excellent way to get the word out.

Display Options

Our yard signs can be displayed in various ways, with each providing an easy way to effectively promote your business or event.

Wire Stakes

Wire Stakes

Wire stakes are light enough to prevent exorbitant shipping costs and provide portability but durable enough to be pushed into a soft surface. With careful use, wire stakes can be removed with your signs and reused for future display needs.

We offer two different versions of wire stakes: standard and heavy-duty. Standard wire stakes are made of 9 gauge steel, whereas heavy-duty stakes have a base made from 1/4” steel with a welded top made from 9 gauge steel. Heavy-duty stakes provide additional stability against wind and other elements and help keep your sign standing tall for an extended period.

Real Estate Frames

Real Estate Frames

Our yard signs can also be used in real estate frames, propped, and even hung using optional grommets and rope or string.


Premium A-Frames

For retail use, add premium A-Frames and use them as sandwich boards. Lastly, you can also attach your signs to rigid substrates using washers and screws.

Halo Contour

Custom Shape Options

Custom yard signs can be cut to shape in two different ways. Our Custom with Border shape option cuts your sign to a specific shape but leaves a small border around the edge of your sign. Meanwhile, our Custom shape option cuts your sign to the exact edge of your design. Both options can be selected from our design tool during the ordering process. Additional shape options include square/rectangle, rounded corners (1” radius), and circle/oval.

Yard Sign

Double Sided Printing

Your corrugated yard signs can be used both indoors and outdoors for temporary display needs. Your signs are weather- and moisture-resistant, although we recommend removing them in extreme weather conditions, including strong winds. Assuming proper use and no extreme weather, your signs should last 2+ years of outdoor use.

Outdoor Use

Outdoor Use

Your corrugated yard signs can be used both indoors and outdoors for temporary display needs. Your signs are weather and moisture resistant although we recommend removing them in extreme weather conditions including very windy conditions. Assuming proper use and no extreme weather your signs should last 2+ years of outdoor use.

Popular Yard Signs Templates

How to Use Yard Sign Templates

At, we provide hundreds of design templates that you can use to create your yard sign. These templates make it easy to tailor your yard sign to match your brand or business needs. If you opt for a premade template, such as those below, you can simply fill in the information you want to display and print. You can then preview the sign before you order it.


Yard signs can be easily installed using our sturdy, wire ground stakes. Just step the stakes into the ground and slide the yard signs onto the stakes, positioning the points of the stakes over the corrugated flutes. For vertical-oriented signs, we will automatically ensure that you have vertical fluting to use with your optional wire stakes.



If your yard signs are being used indoors, simply clean them with a damp cloth. For exterior use, clean with warm water and a mild liquid detergent. Store yard signs in a cool, dry room and make sure not to stack anything heavy on them to keep them from bending.


Ease of Use
Display and take down in minutes
Fingers snapping
Our custom printed yard signs are the ultimate in temporary signage. Durable yet lightweight, you can easily display your yard signs with the optional wire stakes in mere minutes. Easily take them down, store them and use them again and again as your needs may dictate.
Quality Production
from material to print to packaging
Starting with quality corrugated plastic we produce your design on world-class large format digital printers using an eco-friendly four color print method with weather, fade, and abrasion resistant UV ink leaving your custom yard sign with gorgeous, vibrant colors.
Produced Fast. Shipped Free*
next day production & free shipping
stick figure sprinting
We know that time is money and we don’t like to leave you waiting. Production of your custom yard signs start just minutes after you order and is produced and shipped the next business day. And don't forget that all orders over $99 ship free!
Best-in-Class Guarantees
starting with your 100% satisfaction
Not sure you like it? Your yard sign is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Think you can find a custom product at a better price elsewhere? We have a price match guarantee. We've got you covered.

Additional Specs

  • Weight:

    .1875lbs per square foot (about the weight of 19 quarters)

  • Thickness:

    4 mm (.157 inches). About the thickness of 40 sheets of copy paper.

  • Details:

    Weather resistant, multi-use, fits standard wire stakes (H-Stakes), recyclable, lightweight

  • Print Method:

    Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink

  • Uses:

    Indoor/Outdoor. Directional, property signage, political signage, birth announcements, real estate, event signage, yard sales, and business purposes.

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    2+ years with proper placement and care

Image Gallery

Browse our image gallery and see how our customers have expressed their style and message with custom yard signs! From political signs, real estate, business, and directional signs to heartwarming welcomes and event promotions, our gallery is filled with premium-quality yard signs that can inspire you to get one.

Yard Signs Video Gallery

Curious about our yard signs? Check out our video gallery to learn more. We provide an in-depth look at their usage, material, fabrication, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage. With this visual guide, we hope you can maximize the full potential of yard signs.

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June 4, 2024 by Guest Guest
“Great quality! Fast service!”
Verified buyer
Choose for your next sign or banner purchase!!! May 31, 2024 by Beth Altman ( VA )
“The signs are great! I greatly appreciated the template on the website, and the wonderful support of costumer support.”
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March 25, 2024 by Kara Pennington ( TX )
“We have been using for a while now and every order has been quick with out incident. They are priced great too.”
Verified buyer
Fast delivery. Quality product. March 24, 2024 by Adam Schoesler ( OH )
“Fast delivery. Quality product. Sturdy weatherproof sign. I designed myself with the easy to use order portal. Print job is well done. Got what I needed in plenty of time.”
Verified buyer
Great Company March 19, 2024 by Janice Simmons ( TX )
“I purchased an expensive sign to put in my son's yard as a prank. The price point was excellent and so was the quality for the use intended. The wire stand was omitted from my first delivery and they immediately sent me one without any issues. Their customer service is phenomenal. I will definitely be using this company for all my sign needs for church and for garden club.”

Questions and Answers

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Is there any variance in the cut size for your yard signs?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Yes. While most yard signs are ordered at width of 24", there can be a 3/8" tolerance in the actual cut of the sign. That means that your 24" width yard sign may be cut so that the actual width is 23 5/8". This tolerance is not something that viewers of the sign would typically notice. Your sign will still fit correctly on wire stakes.
What material are your yard signs? Do you offer other material types?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Our yard signs are made of corrugated plastic. The corrugated plastic is industry standard and is 4 millimeters (.157 inches) thick. This material provides an excellent combination of affordability and durability. For those looking for hard plastic or metal yard signs we would recommend our rigid plastic signs or aluminum materials. These materials can be displayed in a variety of ways and offer a more permanent signage solution.
What is corrugated plastic?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Corrugated plastic is what almost all lawn signs are made of. Other names for the same material include Corplast, Coroplast, and sometimes even plastic cardboard. Technically speaking, it is a twinwall plastic that has fluting in the middle of two plastic sheets. Corrugated plastic is often made from polypropylene. Other uses of polypropylene beyond signage include reusable packaging, plastic containers, pet cages and more.
Do you offer wire stakes or h-frames with your yard signs?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Yes, we offer wire stakes (also called h-frames or step stakes) with our yard signs. These terms are actually interchangeable and simply refer to the metal frame that can be used to post the sign on soft surfaces such as lawns. The width of these frames (10”) actually dictates that your sign be at least 11” wide in order to fit the wire stakes. These stakes or frames are made from 9 gauge steel.
Can I order double sided yard signs? What if the back side of my sign is different from my front?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Yes, you can order single or double sided yard signs. To order double sided yard signs you simply need to select the option when designing your sign on our design tool. To create a different design on the back of the sign, simply click the “Back Side” button underneath the design tool. This button will be visible once “2 Sides Different” is selected from the “Printed Sides” option. Using different designed sides is common when the lawn sign will be used for directional purposes and features some kind of arrow. Please design your sign accordingly if it features an arrow or some similar design aspect.
Do you offer yard signs with Velcro?
Asked a year ago by Signs
We can add Velcro to the sign and we often do so when the yard sign is being attached to an a-frame or sandwich board. However, we do not currently offer this option on our site. If this is something you would like us help you with, please contact us.
Do you print 1, 2, or 4 color signs?
Asked a year ago by Signs
All of yard signs are printed in full color with UV ink. Thus, any design element you wish to incorporate will not affect the final price of the sign.
Do you have bulk pricing?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Yes, our pricing reflects any kind of bulk purchasing starting at 2 signs. Assuming all of your signs are exactly the same, the pricing on the design tool will reflect our quantity discounts. For extremely large orders please contact us to inquire about the potential of further discounts.
What are standard or common sizes for yard signs?
Asked a year ago by Signs
The most common size of yard sign is 24”x18”. This is the size of most political yard signs. Other commons sizes include 24”x12”, 18”x12”, 36”x18” and 2’x2’, 4’x4’ and 4’x8’.
Do you only offer standard sizes? If not, what are your minimum and maximum dimensions?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Unlike other companies who may offer just a “small” and “large” or even “small”, “medium” and “large” sign options, we offer any custom size yard sign you might need. When you are choosing a custom size, please keep in mind that our wire stakes are 10” wide, so any sign narrower than that would not work with the h-stakes. Also, our maximum dimension is 96”. Thus, anything within those parameters is an available option for your custom yard sign.