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Top Businesses That Need Storefront Signages

Storefront and business signs are an important aspect of a store’s look. Regardless of where your business is located, a well-designed sign can establish your brand, drive more foot traffic into your business, and inform customers about your products, services, events, and more. While all businesses need signs, there are some that can benefit more from them. In this article, we'll look into the types of businesses that reap maximum benefits of storefront signs.

Why Does a Business Need a Storefront Sign?

Whether it’s for functional or branding purposes, a storefront sign is not just limited to simply putting a logo on display. A storefront sign can turn a customer’s journey into a whole experience, from the first impression and message conveyed, up to the impact created, and every interaction made in between. If you have a business and you’re not sure about investing in custom storefront signs, below are some reasons why they may be essential to yours:

Provides Clear Communication and Information
Storefront signs help communicate key messages and information to customers before they enter a store. Some examples are directional signs to designated areas, business hours, products and services offered, and sales events.

Conveys Brand Character and Identity
Having a storefront sign with a logo of your business, business name, and tagline can define your brand, reflect your brand's character, and allow you to get creative and stand out from competitors. When you stay consistent with your brand vision and incorporate visually appealing design elements in your sign, you get to establish your reputation and reel in more customers.

Increases Brand Awareness
In line with brand character and identity, a well-designed storefront sign can leave a first great impression, evoke positive emotions, and remind customers of their experience with your brand. Once customers see your logo, they'll immediately associate it with your brand and how it makes them feel. It will also help them easily locate your store even if they see your sign from a distance.

Helps Reach the Right Audience
Displaying a storefront sign for your business will not only cement your reputation, it will also help you reach your target audience and gain new customers. For example, if your marketing goal is to attract more people into your store, you can put up signs for special deals and discounts exclusive to new customers.

Cost-Effective Strategy
Investing in quality custom storefront signs is more cost-effective than spending on pay-per-impression advertising like social media ads, email ads, or TV and radio commercials. This has been proven in a 2022 report by Solomon Partners and OAAA, wherein the data showed that outdoor signage has lower average cost-per-mille rates compared to other marketing channels.

In addition, the costs of storefront signs are more affordable, and their reach is more upfront as they have direct exposure to the customers. You can also use the custom signs for many years because they’re made of durable and long-lasting materials.

Types of Businesses That Need Storefront Signs

No matter where your store is located or what industry your business is in, storefront signs play a significant role in your marketing campaign. To get an idea of the importance of storefront signs and their benefits, we’ve compiled a list of businesses that enjoy the payoff storefront signs:

Retail Stores
Retail Storefront Sign In the retail business, it’s important to attract new customers and garner sales throughout the year. With the use of storefront signs, you can increase your shop’s visibility and foot traffic. Use vibrant colors for your vinyl banners to advertise sales, announce discounted prices on your bestselling products through posters, or use eye-catching window clings to stop passersby in their tracks and entice them to come to your store. Remember to do market research and learn as much as you can about your target audience's demographic and lifestyle so you can connect with them better.

Restaurants Storefront Sign When it comes to advertising food, your storefront signs should capitalize on the cravings of your potential customers. Draw customers into your restaurant with outdoor flag banners or by putting up A-frame signs on the pavement. A-frame signs are a great way to inform people about your menu, daily specials, or dish of the month. If you want to elevate your customers’ dining experience, add window clings to glass panels and create a homey ambiance.

Small Banks
Small Banks Storefront Sign Small banks tend to get unnoticed when there are more established names in the neighborhood. To stand out among competitors, increase your brand awareness using storefront signs. Direct people to the ATM with plastic signs, display business hours with plastic with vinyl lettering, or educate them about the basics of financial literacy through posters.

Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
Small Banks Storefront Sign Gas stations and convenience stores are essential businesses; people come to them all the time to grab a quick bite or to refuel. But not all customers will be familiar with your location which means you could use a little more visibility. To increase drive-by and foot traffic and by extension, revenue, use storefront signs like posters, window clings and decals, and banners on windows and near gas pumps to advertise products and special offers.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Shops
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Shops Storefront Sign Similar to gas stations, vehicle maintenance and repair shops are also some of the businesses that need to be seen by motorists even from a distance. Use backlit decals to display your operating hours, or to let customers know that you provide other services like emergency roadside assistance. Another thing you can do is put up a vinyl banner to show the public your dealerships and what makes and models of automobile brands you specialize in. If you sell automotive products, display signs in windows to promote specials

Professional Services
Professional Services Storefront Sign It only takes one chance to make a good first impression on potential clients, especially if you’re offering professional services. In order to show that you mean business, display acrylic signs or brushed aluminum signs in front of your office for a sleek and distinguished look. You can also install window decals or vinyl lettering on your windows so people are aware of your business hours and contact information. Another option is to print your logo on a window decal to give potential clients something to remember you by when they’re ready to touch base.

Health and Beauty Businesses
Health and Beauty Businesses Storefront Sign Whether your business is a health clinic or a day spa, it’s important to make your patients feel comfortable and welcome whenever they have an appointment. Do this by installing decorative window decals or vinyl lettering in your storefront to create a relaxing atmosphere. With attractive custom signs, potential customers will be curious to check out your services. Use retractable banners to show customers a list of your services. If you also want to bring in more people, use foam boards that you can easily prop up on an easel to advertise discounts and other promotions.

Nonprofit Organizations
Nonprofit Organizations Storefront Sign If your nonprofit has a physical office, using storefront signs to make your organization known can help you build authority, trust, and legitimacy. Use aluminum signs or window decals to display your contact information and establish your presence in the community. If you’re planning fundraisers, donation drives, or galas, banners are a great way to advertise these events. Aside from promoting events, you can also build an emotional connection with volunteers and generate support from donors by putting up posters about your cause.


Now that you know the various businesses that need storefront signage, you are now prepared to create your own custom signs for your business with Should you need assistance or have inquiries in your design, call us at 801-441-3400, or visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with our team.