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What Are Custom Table Covers?

Turn a simple table into branded marketing material using our custom table covers, also known as table throws. Table covers are reusable, machine washable and made from 6.8 oz. polyester with a vibrant, dye-sublimation- printed design. These table covers are an ideal addition for any trade show, convention, or business event display.

Table covers are specifically suited for use on 6ft or 8ft wide tables and have rounded corners for added visual appeal. With a 3-sided table cover, you can conveniently access the back of your table. Choose standard table cover if you are wanting to completely enclose your table.

With the ability to print on all sides, both the standard and 3-sided table cover will give you the power of instant branding and professional presence at any event, trade show, farmers market or wherever you need a great looking table!


Downloadable Table Cover Templates

Looking to design your table cover using your own design software? Great! Get started by downloading one of the product templates below (available in the .eps file format) to make sure the design you create matches up with your table cover's size, shape and bleed requirements. Once you've created your design you can then jump onto our online design tool and upload your completed design file.

Standard vs 3-Sided Table Covers

Standard Table Cover

Standard Table Cover

  • Fully covers table.
  • Printable on all sides (front, back, left, right, top).
  • Great for concealing boxes or other items stored under your table.

3-Sided Table Cover

3-Sided Table Cover

  • Leaves the back of the table exposed.
  • Printable on the front, left side, right side and top.
  • Provides easy access to promotional material or other objects under your table.

Table Cover Features

Easy to Use
Design Tool design tool with Postcards signs

Create your custom table cover with our simple and easy to use design tool. Upload images, create objects, add text, adjust sizing, change color, and so much more!

Start Designing

Free Professional
Design Services

Graphic designer sitting behind her desk and smiling

Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something entirely new, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. Nothing beats free!

Get Design Help Now

Easy to Set Up

Setting up your table cover requires simply unfolding the cloth and placing it on the table. If you have a 3-sided table cover, the process is just as simple—just place it over your table with the printed side to the front, opposite the open back. Your trade show or event table will be ready with your branded table cover right away.


Easy to Clean

Use a damp cloth to remove surface dirt or machine wash with cold water on a low spin or gentle cycle. To dry, simply hang the table cover on a hanger until dry. Do not tumble dry, bleach or iron.

Additional Specs

  • Material

    6.8 oz. polyester fabric (about the thickness of 5 sheets of copy paper)

  • Details

    6.8 oz. polyester table throw with a closed back (standard), or open back (3 sided). Print on up to all four sides of your table cover

  • Uses

    Indoor. Trade shows, conferences, check-in counters, fundraising events, farmers markets

  • Print Method

    4-color, Dye-Sublimation Process

  • Finish

    Sewn Hem

  • Estimated Lifespan

    5+ years with proper placement and care


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Questions and Answers

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Do table covers fit a certain size of table? What sizes of tables are recommended?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

In order for the table cover to fit properly, it is best placed on the proper table size. The 6ft table cover is suitable for a table size of 72”x30”x30”, while the 8ft table throw fits a table size of 96”x30”x30”. Using the table throw on a table size that differs from these sizes will result in an improper fit and appearance.

Do your table covers have the ability to stretch?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

The table cover is not designed to stretch. Trying to fit the table throw on a table that is larger than the throw’s measurements could cause damage to the product. If you are looking for a table cover with a more fitted appearance, check out our new stretch table covers.

What’s the difference between a table cover, tablecloth, table throw, and table runner?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Though these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they may not be the same product or used for the same purpose.

A tablecloth is primarily used as a protective table cover at parties and gatherings involving food. Typically, tablecloths only cover the top portion of the table, with a few inches of material hanging over the sides.

Table runners are a decorative piece added over the top of a tablecloth or a table and normally do not span the full width of the table. Runners are used for decorative purposes much like a tablecloth or cover.

Alternatively, table covers (or table throws) are specifically designed to cover an entire table down to the floor for business or promotional use. Some table covers are general use and more akin to tablecloths. Our table covers are professional in both quality and design and intended to be used for events, markets, trade shows. By covering the entire table, trade show materials can be stored under the table and out of sight. 3-sided table covers are also available. This allows you to cover the front and sides of the table, while leaving the back exposed for easy access underneath the table, or to make it more comfortable for chairs to sit behind the table.

Table covers are commonly used in conjunction with other marketing displays at the entrance to trade show booths where visitors and passersby can interact with a company representative and take marketing collateral from the tabletop. A branded table cover offers a professional first appearance at any event or conference.

So while there may be a difference when it comes to these similar-sounding terms, if you’re looking for a branded table cover for an event or conference, then we have what you need!

What material is the table cover made of? Are there any other materials available for table covers?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Our custom table covers are made from a lightweight and durable 6.8 oz. polyester. This material is perfect for use as a table cover and provides a professional look while offering added weight. We do not offer table covers in any other material at this time.
How thick are your table covers? Do you offer any other thickness options?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
We currently only offer a 6.8 oz polyester table cover. The material is 0.49 mm thick or about the thickness of 5 sheets of copy paper. We do not offer any other thicknesses at this time.
What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your table covers?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

We offer two sizes of custom table covers: 6ft and 8ft. The 6ft table cover is measured at 126.5” x 84”. The 8ft table cover is measured at 150.5” x 84”.

In addition we offer 3-sided table covers (sometimes called backless table covers). 3-sided table covers are offered in both the 6ft and 8ft size with measurements of 126.5 x 60” and 150.5” x 60” respectively.

What colors of custom table covers do you offer?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

You can print your custom table cover any color you’d like. This includes the branded portion of your design. It can include graphics, photography, text, and more. If you want a blank table cover, the material color is white.

What is the difference between your standard table cover and your 3-sided table cover?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Standard table covers are 4-sided and are the preferred cover for use in open areas such as foyers, entry halls, outdoor events and booths, and more. All 4 sides of the standard table cover can be customized with print as well as the top.

3-sided table covers (sometimes referred to as open-back or backless table covers) provide a professional covering for the top, front and sides of the table while leaving the back open for easy access beneath the table. 3-sided table covers work well for trade shows, booths, and areas where the table will be set up in front of a wall. You can print on all sides of the 3-sided table cover including the top.

Do you print double-sided table covers?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
We only offer single-sided printing for our table covers. Though with this single-sided printing you are still able to print on all sides of the table cover if desired. Whether you intend on having something on top of the table or not, the top portion of your table cover can also be printed on.
Do you offer circular table covers?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
At this time we only offer table covers that fit on rectangular tables.