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What are Team Sports Banners Used For?

Sports team banners (also sometimes referred to as sports team posters) are a fun and affordable way to celebrate any type of sports team. Sports banners are ideal for high school and youth level sports teams. Display them at your home field to promote school spirit. Sports teams that typically order this kind of banner include baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, softball, little league baseball and even e-sports gaming.

Ideas for Your Senior Sports Banner

There are many fun ways to show your team spirit with a custom sports banner. You can use our sports banner templates to get started. For example, anyone looking for soccer team banner ideas could use any of our templates that feature a soccer field/stadium. Make sure to customize your sports team banner with your team logo and player names.

Steps to Creating Your Very Own Sports Team Banner

1. Organize getting a picture of your team - The easiest way to create your team sports banner is to take a photo of your entire team together. It is also possible to use individual photos and editing to group them together, but this will require the help of someone with design expertise.

The best way to get a professional, great-looking photo of your team is to hire a photographer. Many times, photographers are also able to help with the editing and ordering of your sports team banner. If you opt to take the photo yourself, make sure to use a good camera. Images taken using smartphone cameras tend to lack the resolution needed to look good on large-sized banners.

2. Determine the design - When deciding on the design for your banner, the first question to ask yourself is what kind of background you want to have. Ideal backgrounds for sports team banners are related to the sport that the team plays. You can use the actual background of the photo taken if you would like, or you can overlay the image of the athletes on a different related background. We offer various templates of different sports to help with that.

Another thing you will need to decide is what you want to include on your banner. Some things that you might want to include on your sign include team names, team logos, and player names and numbers.

3. Get your design ready on - Now that you have your team photo and design ideas, there are three different ways to use to turn that into an actual banner. The first is to use’s powerful design tool, allowing you to design and save your banner image right on our website. The second option is to upload your own completed design file. If you have the skills to design your own banner using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop you are welcome to upload it directly to our site. The third option available is great if you have an idea in mind for what you want your custom sports banner to look like but are unable to design it yourself. In that case, you can use’s free design services. Send us a high quality image file and we can help you overlay it on the background you would like and add any needed design elements.

4. Determine the size and options of your banne - Most sports team banners are wide to feature the whole team. Some common sizes are 60” x 36” and 72” x 36”. Some of the options available for your sports team banner include grommets (metal rings inserted into the edges/corners of the banner to help with hanging), pole pockets, double-sided printed, and hemmed/reinforced edges.

5. Order your banner - Once the design, size and options are all ready to go, all that is left is for you to continue forward and order your banner. Your custom banner will ship out the following business day from the day you order, getting to you just in time for the upcoming game!

For Photographers is a great option for any photographers that need to print custom banners for their clients. You are welcome to use our free design services if you need help with any borders or design elements. If you have all of that taken care of you can simply upload the image file that you want to print and use our design tool to create your sports team banner.

Some things to keep in mind when uploading designs is that our website has a 50mb file upload maximum. If your image is larger than that, please contact us and we can help. We accept various file formats such as ai, eps, pdf, jpg, png, gif, and bmp.

Banner Specs

Our sports team banners are made of a durable 13 oz vinyl. That is a heavy duty and durable material that is also lightweight. When it comes to hanging your team sports banner you can opt for grommets on the edges or pole pockets. The sports banner is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Other Sports Banners

Looking for a different kind of sports banner? offers many options for your sports signs needs. If you are looking for something with more of an individual as opposed to team focus, check out our Senior Sports Banners. We also offer breakaway banners and spirit flags to show your passion for your team.

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what size photo is required to enlarge on a banner?
Asked 4 months ago by Christy G.

The size of the photo required for enlargement on a banner depends on several factors, including the dimensions of the banner, the desired resolution, and the viewing distance. For printed banners, a resolution of 150 to 300 dots per inch (DPI) is typically recommended for high-quality results.
The resolution requirement depends on the viewing distance. For banners that will be viewed from a distance (e.g., outdoor banners), lower resolutions may be acceptable.