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Senior Sports Banners

Celebrate high school teams, organizations, and students, events with sports banners! Learn more about this signage’s material, specifications, and installation features to help you maximize your own banner.


Our senior sports banners are made with 13 oz. vinyl, thick enough to withstand outdoor elements and are printed using high-quality UV ink which means they won’t fade even when displayed for years. If you require a more durable banner, choose the 18 oz. vinyl option, which is thicker and heavier than the standard 13 oz. vinyl.


Custom Banner Size

Get your senior sports banners in the exact size you need them. All you need to do is enter the dimensions (width x height in inches) in the product calculator found on top of the product page to see the cost per banner.

Single-sided or Double-sided Printing

You can choose for your banner to be printed on one side only or both. Single-sided printing is ideal for indoor use or if you’re planning to install the senior sports banners with their backside to the wall.

Meanwhile, a double-sided printed banner can give more visibility to your school or organization, and they make for better outdoor signages as passersby can see them from two directions. Please note that double-sided senior sports banners are not available with welded hem edge finish.

Edge Finishing Options

We finish senior sports banners three different ways and you can pick a style you like. Welded Hem - The borders of your banner are heat-welded together creating an incredibly strong border around your sign and a high-quality finished edge.

Sewn Hem – The borders of your banner are stitched at the edge to reinforce the signage and give it a clean, finish. Please note that the sewn hem is not available with single-sided senior sports banners.

Flush Cut (No Finishing) -Your sign will not include a hem. Instead, the material will be cut to the exact size of your sign (flush cut) with no finished edge.

Grommet Placements

Choose the location of your senior sports banners’ grommets for easier installation.

Every 2-3 ft. – Your sign will not include a hem. Instead, the material will be cut to the exact size of your sign (flush cut) with no finished edge.

Every 12-18 in. – Your sign will not include a hem. Instead, the material will be cut to the exact size of your sign (flush cut) with no finished edge.

4 Corners - Your sign will not include a hem. Instead, the material will be cut to the exact size of your sign (flush cut) with no finished edge.

Top Corners Only – Your sign will not include a hem. Instead, the material will be cut to the exact size of your sign (flush cut) with no finished edge.

No Grommets – No grommets will be placed on your sign.

Pole Pockets

We can also add pole pockets to your senior sports banner so you can set it up with poles in a breeze.

3-inch Pockets (Top & Bottom) – We will add 3-inch pole pockets at the top and bottom of your senior sports banner. Please note that this feature is not available with welded hem edge finishing.

3-inch Pocket (Top Only) – We will add a 3-inch pole pocket at the top of your senior sports banner. Please note that this feature is not available with welded hem edge finishing.

No Pole Pockets – Your senior sports banner will not have any pole pockets.


Our senior sports banners can be set up in different ways and we make it easier for you by making different installation accessories available. You can add these to your senior sports banners for a minimal cost.

  • Bungee Cords (8 pieces)
  • Zip Ties (10 pieces)
  • 10-ft. Nylon Rope (4 pieces)
  • Hanging Clips (6 pieces)
  • 1.75-inch Suction Cups (8 pieces)
  • Velcro Tape (12 pieces)

Shipping Timelines

Working a tight schedule? We can get your senior sports banner ready to ship in 1 business day, otherwise you can avail yourself of the standard shipping timeline of 4 business days.

What are the Uses of Senior Sports Banners?

Also known as high school banners or stadium banners, senior sports banners are the perfect signage to help boost morale and spread excitement especially during sports events, parties, and other school functions.

Senior sports banners are typically slim and designed for vertical installation. They feature individual athletes, jersey number, and team name and are decked in school colors and the school’s logo. They’re great for sports meets at school including basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, cheerleading, and dance and band. While they are called senior sports banners, these signages can also be used to celebrate students of any level, whether they’re in primary school or in high school.

Get the Party Started With Senior Sports Banners

Celebrate and create memorable moments for your students with senior sports banners! Aside from sports events, senior sports banners are perfect for school functions and occasions such as graduation day, prom, talent show, or homecoming dance. With the help of senior sports banners, you can honor your school’s outstanding athletes, top-performing students, or belles of the ball at school dances.

How to Create the Perfect Senior Sports Banner

content There are three ways you can create your custom senior sports banner on

1. Use Our Online Design Tool. developed a powerful online design tool that anyone can use. Use it to build the perfect sign with intuitive controls and easy-to-use features. You can use custom colors, upload images and graphics, use your preferred fonts, and more, plus it’s free!

2. Upload a File. If you have the design chops with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, feel free to design your own sign and upload the file. Please note that you can only upload a file size of 50 mb maximum. If your image is larger than that, please contact us and we can help. We accept many file formats including AI, EPS, PDF, JPG. and PNG.

3. Use Our Free Design Services. is proud to offer free design services. No need to worry if you are unable to design the banner yourself. If you provide a high-quality photo for the banner, our designers will help you make the perfect senior sports banner. Blurred or smartphone photos may not turn out well when enlarged on a banner.

Please note that design requests which require several different designs to be created or require extensive photo cropping can take additional time to complete. Keep that in mind and try to use professional-quality photos for your banner. Our free design services are intended to provide touch-ups to photos and add simple graphics. Our design services are free of cost, but if you need more extensive work, our designers may require a small fee.

The Advantage

Fast Production

Next Day Production

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Next Day Production

Order by 9PM EST and we'll have your sign completed and shipped the very next business day.


Free Shipping over $99

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Free Shipping On Orders Over $99*

For orders over $99 your sign ships free! *Does not apply to orders containing rigid signs over 36" in either dimension or orders that require freight shipping. Contiguous US only.

Award Winning

Award-Winning Customer Service

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Award-Winning Customer Service

Winners of numerous customer service awards, our customer experience team keeps you as their number-one priority throughout your entire experience with


Free Customization

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Free Customization

Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something entirely new, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you'll love your sign. If you don't, we'll be sure to make it right.

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Hello. Our booster club is looking for banners for seniors upcoming football season. We would like to know if we could have three photo images on 3 X 6 vinyl banner? If so, what is the estimated time from to get those, we have about 22 seniors? Thank you
Asked 2 months ago by Antonette C.

We can definitely print out as many pictures as you would like on a banner. However, we consider 1 artwork per banner. So, if you would like to place an order for 22 athletes, that would be for 22 items as well. As for the turnaround time, our banners can be printed within 1 business day printing turnaround time. Delivery would depend on the shipping method chosen.

Do you have cassette for the banner to stand upright since we are not hanging on the wall. Any other device to have them be in upright position?
Asked 4 months ago by Christina

If you need a banner that needs to stand upright with support, the best product we can suggest is a retractable banner. Please click the link below to learn more:

Im looking for a 3'x5' and when I typed it in and click the go button it showed up as a 3'x3'. So you you have 3'x5' banners
Asked 6 months ago by Yvonne

Yes, we do have 3x5 size. You can manually enter the size in the specification page in inches. it should be 36 inches x 60 inches. I have attached the link below with your desired size.

What other sizes are available with costs?
Asked 6 months ago by Japheth

Other sizes are available online. You can simply play around with the sizes and printing costs are computed in real time.