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Retractable Banners

What are Retractable Banners?

Retractable banners pull out of and retract into an aluminum stand or base for maximum portability. This feature makes these banners the ultimate signage solution for trade shows, events and conferences.

Our retractable banners include the option of printing your graphic and messaging on 13 oz. smooth vinyl or UV fabric. Enhance your presentation with our premium and deluxe options, allowing you to customize the size of your display with the included adjustable pole (standard banners feature a non-adjustable pole). Each banner also comes with a padded carrying case that makes storage and travel a breeze. Optional LED display lights are also available to complete your display.

The durability, portability and ease of use coupled with professional quality printing means your next trade show or event using your retractable banner will be your best yet. Your retractable banner and metal base will last for many events and years to come.

Downloadable Retractable Banner Templates

Looking to design your retractable banner using your own design software? Great! Get started by downloading one of the product templates below (available in the .eps file format) to make sure the design you create matches up with your retractable banner's size, shape and bleed requirements. Once you've created your design you can then jump onto our online design tool and upload your completed design file.
Retractable Banner (Standard)
Retractable Banner (Premium)
Retractable Banner (Deluxe)

Standard retractable banner with image of girl printed on material advertising a private school


  • 24" x 81", 33" x 81"
  • Normal Base with Feet
  • Single Sided Only
  • Fabric or Vinyl
  • Carrying Case (Not rigid)
  • 1 LED Light Option
Premium retractable banner with image of man lifting a free weight printed on the material


  • 24" x 92", 36" x 92”, 48" x 92”, 60" x 92”
  • Premium Chrome Base
  • Single Sided Only
  • Fabric or Vinyl
  • Rigid Carrying Case
  • 1 (36"x92") or 2 LED Light Option
Deluxe retractable banner with image of person skiing down groomed mountain slope printed on material


  • 33" x 81"
  • Deluxe Chrome Base
  • Double Sided Same or Different
  • Fabric or Vinyl
  • Carrying Case (Not rigid)
  • 2 LED Light Option

Aluminum Bases

circle magnified view of standard retractable banner base


Our standard retractable banners are an affordable way to get a great-looking banner. The base for our standard banners is made of aluminum with stabilizing feet that swing perpendicular to the base and support the banner once installed. These feet can swing parallel to the base for compact and easy traveling.

circle magnified view of premium retractable banner base


Our premium retractable banners have a base that adds a professional touch to your display. The premium base stabilizes itself without any supporting feet like our standard base. The premium base also has chrome end caps to make your banner stand look sophisticated.

square magnified view of extra wide retractable banner poles

*Our extra wide 60” x 92” premium banner comes with two support poles, while all other banners function with only one support pole.

circle magnified view of deluxe retractable banner base


Our deluxe retractable banners are the best way to show off your company’s brand and offering. Like our premium base, the deluxe base features sleek chrome end caps and self-stabilizes without rotating feet. Additionally, our deluxe retractable is the only retractable banner to feature double-sided printing.

Looking for Double-sided Retractable Banners?

Double Sided banners

Sometimes, you may need a retractable banner with a graphic on both sides. Our deluxe retractable banners are double-sided and are great for trade shows, hallways, receptions, and other areas where you need a banner with bidirectional visibility.

Double-sided retractable banners use the same support pole as single-sided retractable banners. A rail is fixed to the top edge of both banners, which rests on the hook at the top of the pole system. Double-sided retractable banners can be printed with the same design on both sides, or you can print a different design on each side.

Choose from Vinyl or Fabric Material

Our retractable banners — standard, premium, and deluxe — allow you to choose between vinyl or fabric material.

circle magnified view of vinyl material for retractable banners


Our vinyl retractable banners are made from 13 oz. smooth vinyl, printed with durable UV ink, and have a glossier finish than fabric. This material can be easily cleaned with a damp, non-abrasive cloth.

circle magnified view of fabric material for retractable banners


Our retractable fabric banners are made from UV fabric and are printed using a dye-sublimation process. These banners have a matte finish. The material can be spot-cleaned or machine-washed once removed from the stand. See our FAQs below for more details.


*A carrying case is included with each retractable banner.

standard carrying case for standard retractable banners

Standard Carrying Case

Our standard retractable banners each come with a compatible padded carrying case. This is the best way to store and protect your banner while traveling or during storage. The standard case is only available for standard banners and isn't compatible with premium or deluxe retractable banners. Each size has a specifically fitted case and will not fit different-sized banners. The optional LED light will not fit in this case.

premium carrying case for premium retractable banners

Premium Carrying Case

Each of our premium retractable banners includes a compatible padded carrying case. This case is more durable and rigid than the standard or deluxe cases. This provides added protection during travel. The premium case only comes and is compatible with the three premium retractable banners. Each size has a specifically fitted case and will not hold different-sized banners. The optional LED light(s) will fit in this case.

deluxe carring case for deluxe retractable banners

Deluxe Carrying Case

Our deluxe retractable banners include a carrying case for each banner. This padded carrying case protects your deluxe banner during storage and when traveling. The deluxe carrying case is only available with deluxe banner purchases and only fits deluxe banners. Each size has a specifically fitted case and will not fit additional-sized banners. The optional LED lights will fit in this case.

led light with cord option for retractable banners

LED Light(s)

You can add an LED light(s) to your order when ordering your retractable banners. This light easily attaches to the top of your retractable banner, your graphic better visibility.

*48" x 92" premium, 60" x 92" premium, and 33" x 81" deluxe retractable banners offer two (2) LED lights only.

Fast & Easy Set Up

It only takes a minute or two to set up your retractable banner requires. The only assembly needed is removing everything from the carrying case, locking the pole, pulling the banner out of the aluminum base, and then attaching it to the support pole. If you purchase a display light, you can attach it to the top of the stand/banner. You’ll have a professional pop-up banner for your display or event in just a few minutes. Reverse the process, and you’re walking out of the show with your retractable banner in its carrying case.

Begin by removing the retractable banner base

Begin by removing the retractable banner base and poles from the carrying case.

Assemble the poles

Assemble the pole(s) by connecting the two ends, sliding the sleeve of the top piece over the narrower end of the bottom piece like you would a tent pole.

Insert the bottom of the poles

Insert the bottom of the pole(s) into the base’s hole(s). Ensure that the bottom of the pole(s) firmly touches the bottom of the base’s hole(s).

Carefully pull out the banner from the retractable base

Carefully pull out the banner from the retractable base and attach the rung of the banner to the top of the pole(s).

Extend the adjustable top half of the poles

Extend the adjustable top half of the pole(s) to the required height for your banner. Twist the pole clockwise to lock the height into place. If you are setting up the deluxe retractable banner, you will have to carefully pull out the back side of the banner and attach the top rung to the mounting clips at the top of the pole.



Assuming the setup and removal are done correctly, your retractable banner requires little to no care and maintenance. Retracting the banner into the aluminum base will protect the material (fabric or vinyl) from potential damage between uses. Furthermore, storing your stand, pole, and light within the padded case should prevent damage between uses. Stains can either be wiped away with a damp cloth (vinyl and fabric) or laundered under extreme circumstances (fabric only), as explained in more detail in our FAQ section.

When displaying and taking down your retractable banner, do so with care. Slowly pull out and retract the graphic in and out of the base while maintaining the graphic centered on the base. Don’t let the graphic rapidly retract or snap back into the base, whether centered or uncentered. Doing so may cause permanent damage to your graphic and/or base. Carefully install the pole to the base and top of the graphic. Mishandling the pole or using of it beyond its intended purpose may cause permanent damage, and may render the banner unusable.

Additional Specs

  • Standard Weight:

    6.8 lbs. (based on 33" x 81" banner including carrying case)

  • Premium Weight:

    16 lbs. (based on 36" x 92" banner including carrying case)

  • Deluxe Weight:

    11.25 lbs. (based on a 33" x 81” banner including carrying case).

  • Thickness:

    13 oz. smooth vinyl or UV fabric banner

  • Details:

    Durable aluminum base and components, LED display light(s) (optional), carrying case (included), fabric and vinyl material options

  • Uses:

    Trade show display booths, events, conferences, presentations, point of purchase displays

  • Print Method:

    Full-color printing, UV (vinyl), and dye-sublimation (fabric)

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    5+ years with proper use and care

  • Standard Sizes:

    24" x 81", 33" x 81"

  • Premium Sizes:

    24" x 92", 36" x 92", 48" x 92", 60" x 92"

  • Deluxe Size:

    33" x 81"

Create Your Retractable Banner Online With Ease

Designing and customizing your retractable banner is easy at! We offer three ways for you:


Upload Your File

Step 1: Select “Get Started” in the product calculator.

Step 2: Choose “Upload File”.

Step 3: Select your design from the file source.

Step 4: Ensure it’s in the correct file format.

Step 5: Edit your design and click “View Proof” to preview your work, “Save” to save it as a draft, or “Save & Continue” to proceed to checkout.


Design Online

Step 1: Select “Get Started” in the product calculator.

Step 2: Choose “Design Online”.

Step 3: Select the type and size of retractable banner you prefer.

Step 4: Start creating your design.

Step 5: Click “View Proof” to preview your work, “Save” to save it as a draft, or “Save & Continue” to proceed to checkout.


Use a Design Template

Step 1: Select “Get Started” in the product calculator.

Step 2: Click on the search bar and type “Retractable Banner”.

Step 3: Select a template you like.

Step 4: Edit the design template as you deem fit.

Step 5: Click “View Proof” to preview your work, “Save” to save it as a draft, or “Save & Continue” to proceed to checkout.



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Retractable Banner Q&A

Q: Why use retractable banners?

A: Retractable banners are portable and easy to set up. They're also versatile, space-saving, and durable enough to be used in indoor and outdoor settings.


Q: How fast can you process my order?

A: We can have your order shipped in one business day. To get an estimate of when you’ll receive your order, enter your ZIP code in the product calculator.


Have your own questions? Find answers from others and ask your own questions below.


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“This product was a great deal for the price and meets our purpose. It is compact and light to carry, it is a little wobbly if in a high-traffic area but for our purposes - background signage for a recruitment fair - it was GREAT! The printing quality was excellent and free design service was great to work with.”
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Questions and Answers

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Oldest questions
Oldest answers
How big is the banner area? Can this be changed?
Asked a year ago by Signs

It is important to understand the difference between the listed size of standard, premium, and deluxe banners and their viewable areas. The viewable area is slightly smaller in height due to some of your banner remaining in your base and the metal bar at the top of the display.

Thus, the viewable banner area on a 24" x 81" standard retractable banner is 24" x 77". The viewable banner area on a 33" x 81" standard retractable banner is 33" x 77".

The viewable banner area on a 24" x 92" premium retractable banner is 24" x 88". The viewable banner area on a 36" x 92" premium retractable banner is 36" x 88". The viewable banner area on a 48" x 92" premium retractable banner is 48" x 88". The viewable banner area on a 60" x 92" premium retractable banner is 60" x 88".

The viewable area on both sides of the 33"x81" deluxe retractable banner is 33" x 77".

As can be seen for all of the banners the viewable area is 4" less than what the height indicates. The additional 4" of height is bleed that we will add to your design.

This bleed area is noted on the design tool when "Retractable Banner" is selected by a dotted blue line at the top and a dotted blue line and the message "NON-VISIBLE AREA" at the bottom. As noted above, this is due to the fact that the four inches of non-viewable area is made up of one inch for the top bar and 3 inches of material that will stay within the aluminum base at the bottom of your design. Simply make sure to keep your design within these two dotted lines and you will have no problems with your end design.

Alternatively, the width (24", 33", 36", 48", 60", and 33") on all of these areas is unchangeable. If, however, you would like to decrease the height on any of the premium sizes (36", 48", and 60") or deluxe (33") banners, you can simply leave the lower portion of your graphic blank. Then, when you pull your banner out of the base, you simply pull it up to where your graphic ends. Both premium and deluxe retractable banners can be adjusted to be as short as 70" in height as the support pole is telescopic in nature. Alternatively, the standard banners have a fixed height of 81" and the supporting pole isn't able to be adjusted to a different height. The 60" premium retractable banner comes with 2 poles for additional support due to the width of the banner.

Do you offer different sizes for your retractable banners?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Yes, we offer a number of different sizes for your retractable banners. These sizes vary depending on whether the banner is a Standard, Premium, or Deluxe model. These sizes are listed below.

Standard: 24" wide x 81" high and 33" wide x 81" high

Premium: 24" wide x 92" high, 36" wide x 92" high, 48" wide x 92" high, and 60" wide x 92"

Deluxe: 33" wide x 81" high

The height of your design can technically be decreased to 70" on the premium and deluxe retractable banners. Standard banners are a set height that cannot be decreased. The widths for all banners are unchangeable.

Can my design be smaller than the actual banner area?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Yes, technically you can make your graphics smaller than the area provided in the banner (see the question about banner areas two questions above). Simply leave the lower portion of your design blank or a solid color.
Do you print your retractable banners in one color or full color?
Asked a year ago by Signs

We currently print our banners in full color, meaning you are able to have the graphics on your banner printed in several different colors or just one if that's all you need.

Do you do color matching with the graphics I upload?
Asked a year ago by Signs
We do not currently offer color matching on our retractable banners, but we typically hit or get extremely close to the colors you provide in your file.
What is the lifespan of your retractable banners?
Asked a year ago by Signs
Our retractable banners should last up to 5+ years with the proper use and care. The lifespan can be even longer, but it obviously depends on what kind of conditions you use your banner in and the care you give it.
Why isn't there free shipping on these retractable banners?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Per our standard policy, any rigid sign over 36" in either dimension will incur a shipping cost. Because all three premium banner sizes have a base of at least 36", we are unable to ship these banners for free. This is true even if your order includes other signs that otherwise would typically get free shipping. Since our deluxe retractable banner along with both of our standard banner sizes are all under the 36" width restriction they ARE ELIGIBLE for free ground shipping as per our shipping policy. Though, this will not be the case if your order contains any rigid sign with either dimension greater than 36" or that requires freight shipping.

What if my graphics for the retractable banner have more than 2 colors? Will it cost more?
Asked a year ago by Signs

No. We print all of our signs in full color, meaning no matter how many colors your banner(s) may have, your cost won't go up. Your cost will be determined by the quantity you order, the shipping options you choose and any applicable taxes.

Do I have to use one of your templates for my custom retractable banner?
Asked a year ago by Signs

No. We have a vast range of templates available for you to use or start your design with. You can also contact us to take advantage of our free design services from one of our professional designers. Another option is to upload your file(s) to our design tool to create your custom retractable banner.

Is there any assembly required with retractable banners?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Assembly is quick and easy with our retractable banners. Simply remove everything from the carrying case, lock the pole into place, pull the banner out of the aluminum base and then attach it to the pole. Be sure to take care when attaching the graphic to the pole so that it is firmly in place before letting go. Don't let go of the graphic as it will quickly retract to the base and may cause permanent damage. Use care with the pole(s) as they may bend if mishandled or improperly installed. Carefully attach the top of the graphic to the pole. Don't use excessive force as this may damage your retractable banner. If you purchased a display light or lights, simply attach the light(s) to the top of the stand. The entire assembly process should take only a few minutes.