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Real Estate Frames

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What are Real Estate Frames?

A real estate frame, commonly referred to as an “H-Frame”, is a metal frame that can contain one or more signs. Typically, the frame has either one or two sign riders above/below the main display area that holds the 24” x 18” sign. The signs themselves can be one of several different materials depending on the realtor’s needs and budget.

They are primarily used to advertise properties for sale, for rent, or other types of real estate listings. Signs can be easily swapped out to advertise different messages, giving your frame even more versatility.

Graphics Only

Looking for a replacement sign or just want the graphic by itself? Choose your desired material or product by clicking ‘Get Started’ below.


Plastic Riders

24” x 6”. Fits both the single and double-rider frames. 3 materials to choose from.


Coroplast Riders

24” x 6”. Fits both the single and double-rider frames. 3 materials to choose from.


Aluminum Riders

24” x 6”. Fits both the single and double-rider frames. 3 materials to choose from.


Plastic Signs

24” x 18” plastic sign. Fits all three frames. Choose between single and double-sided.


Coroplast Signs

24” x 18” plastic sign. Fits all three frames. Choose between single and double-sided.


Aluminum Signs

24” x 18” plastic sign. Fits all three frames. Choose between single and double-sided.

Real Estate Frame Features

Frame Specifications

Use our custom real estate frames for all of your residential or commercial real estate signage needs. Constructed from an iron frame, and compatible with several signage materials, these metal real estate frames are the perfect option for your listed real estate needs. Beyond real estate settings, use these signs for limited-time sales, promotions, grand openings and more. All three frames allow you to change out all signage sections as your needs or real estate offerings change! For a full comparison see the chart below.

Standard Frame
Large Frame
Single Rider
Double Rider
6 lbs
9.5 lbs
7 lbs
8 lbs
Black Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat 
Black Powder Coat 
Black Powder Coat
Slide In or Bolts?
Sign Sizes
24"x18", 24"x6"
(sold separately) 
24"x18", 2 x 24"x6"
(sold separately) 
Sign Materials
Corrugated Plastic, Rigid Plastic, Aluminum
Corrugated Plastic, Rigid Plastic, Aluminum
Corrugated Plastic, Rigid Plastic, Aluminum
Corrugated Plastic, Rigid Plastic, Aluminum
Spiked legs, foot mounts
Spiked legs, foot mounts 
Spiked legs, foot mounts
Spiked legs, foot mounts
3+ years with proper care and storage.
3+ years with proper care and storage.  
3+ years with proper care and storage.
3+ years with proper care and storage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Specs

What is a Real Estate Frame?

A real estate frame is a metal frame that can contain one or more signs. Typically, the frame has either one or two sign riders above and/or below the main display area that holds the primary sign.

What is a Sign Rider?

A sign rider is a smaller sign that accompanies a larger graphic in a real estate frame. It's commonly used on top of or below the sign in the frame to provide additional information; the most common use of sign riders is in the real estate marketplace. Sign riders are usually placed either below or above (or both) the primary sign. The industry standard size for a sign rider is 24" x 6," which is the size that is compatible with our Single Rider and Double Rider Real Estate Frames.

Is the Real Estate Frame available in more than one configuration? What’s the difference between a standard frame, a single rider frame, and a double rider frame?

Our Real Estate Frames are available in three configurations: Standard, which does not allow for a sign rider; Single Rider, which allows for one sign rider placed below the primary sign; and Double Rider, which allows for two sign riders – one above the primary sign and one below the primary sign. Each frame configuration we offer comes with the frame itself and a 24" x 18" customizable sign that fits perfectly in the main section of the frame. You can purchase sign riders separately if you are looking to add riders to your frame as well.

What size(s) is the Real Estate Frame?

All three configurations of the Real Estate Frame are the identical size: 24" x 47" (w x h). Adding one rider to the Single Rider frame or two riders to the Double Rider frame does not change the physical dimensions of the overall frame – because the rider(s) fits within the frame. However, you do gain 144 sq. in. of messaging space with each rider you add (each rider measures 24" x 6").

What sign sizes does the Frame accommodate?

Each configuration can accommodate a primary sign measuring 24" wide and 18" tall; the Single Rider and Double Rider configurations can also accommodate riders measuring 24" x 6".

What material is the Real Estate Frame made of?

Our Real Estate Frame is ¾-inch iron with a black powder coat finish to prevent rust.

Will the Frame accept all signage types – plastic, aluminum, metal, etc.?

With the Real Estate Frames products, you can choose between aluminum, PVC plastic, or 4mm coroplast for the sign insert. If you are just looking for a replacement graphic, you can do nearly any sign type that is 1/2" thick or less than 24" x 18".

What color is the Real Estate Frame? Can it be painted?

As Henry Ford once said about the Model T automobile, you can have any color you want – as long as it's black. All of our Real Estate Frames are black. If you choose to paint the frame after you purchase it, keep in mind that because its powder coating results in a somewhat smooth finish, you first have to roughen the surface with sandpaper (but be careful to not remove the powder coating entirely); then, wipe clean prior to applying paint. Note: cannot guarantee the frame if you opt to modify its surface finish.

I already have existing signage – can I order just the Real Estate Frame on its own?

You can buy the frame by itself, and we offer all three versions (standard, single rider, double rider); you can do so from the Hardware Only section on the product page. When you purchase the main Real Estate Frame product, it comes with a 24" x 18" sign.-If you want a sign rider, that can be purchased separately on our Real Estate Riders page.

How heavy is the Real Estate Frame?

The Standard Frame weighs 6 pounds, while the Single Rider Frame weighs 7 pounds, and the Double Rider Frame weighs in at 8 pounds.

Can multiple riders be used?

As noted above, our Double Rider Frame can indeed accommodate two 24" x 6" sign riders – one situated above the primary sign and one situated below the primary sign. Additional riders beyond those two cannot be added. Keep in mind, though, that you can print the primary sign and the riders double-sided; so, a Double Rider Frame with all signage printed double-sided would provide you with the possibility of up to six entirely different messages if you wish. The addition of two riders to the Real Estate Frame frees up space on the primary sign, while the riders can hyper-focus on additional messaging.

How does a sign attach to the frame?

It's simple to place the primary sign and the sign riders within the frame. For each sign "slot" on the frame, there's a small tension clip on either side of the frame to hold your graphics in place. Pull these away from the frame and then easily insert your sign; the clips will pinch and hold your sign in place. Our Single Rider and Double Rider frames feature the same type of tension clips for sign riders; for riders that are made of 1/2"-thick material, we recommend pre-drilled holes in the riders to further secure these.

Can a frame be placed atop another frame?

It sounds like you're seeking to extend the frame's height. Although it's not possible to place one frame on top of another, you can insert the frame into the ground at varying depths (assuming the sign will still remain upright and steady) – this will allow your frame and sign to be a bit higher if need be. And, of course, the Double Rider Frame, with its top rider, will serve to draw the eye of passersby to its top-level message.


What are the common uses for a Real Estate Frame?

Real Estate Frames are primarily used as displays for real estate purposes – from pending sales and recently sold properties to open houses and more. But keep in mind that our Real Estate Frames can serve other purposes, too. For instance, they can be used as point of purchase displays at outdoor events, or used as directional signage at fairs and community events. Keep in mind that our Real Estate Frames are intended to be used on soft surfaces (grass, ground, soil), not hard or paved surfaces.

What's the lifespan of a Real Estate Frame?

The frame is made of iron and features a powder coated finish that will help prevent the metal from rusting, ensuring a long lifespan of 3+ years. And because we print our signs using durable UV inks directly onto long-lasting rigid materials, longevity is one of their traits as well.

Will the Frame hold up in harsh weather conditions?

As stated above, the iron frame has a powder coated finish that prevents rust; when installed properly, it will withstand just about any weather conditions. The weatherability of the primary sign and sign riders will depend on the signage material that's used.

Do you offer discounts on multiple Real Estate Frames?

We do – just cursor over "Buy More, Save More" under the Quantity field, above, to see discounts for some common quantities. You can also enter a specific quantity to generate the price per frame.

Is there a standard ratio for property acreage to the number of Real Estate Frames placed?

We're unaware of any specific recommended acreage-to-frames/signage ratio, however: Generally, frames and signs are placed at the primary drive/entrance and at any additional drives/entrances (especially if a property is on a corner lot and those additional drives/entrances are on another street). Very large properties may require two or more frames/signs to ensure passersby from either end of the property will see the message.

Installation & Care

How is a Real Estate Frame installed?

Designed to be placed into solid ground, grassy area, or soil, the Real Estate Frame features spiked legs that serve as stakes. The frame's legs can be driven into the soil using a rubber mallet (to avoid damaging the rider frame); drive the frame about 4" to 6" into the ground. The frame also features footholds on both sides to aid with insertion.

Does installation hardware come with the Frame?

For the frame itself, no additional hardware is necessary – the primary sign is simply placed into its slot and held by the pinch levers on either side of the frame. Optional sign riders are also held by the frame's pinch levers.

Can I install a Real Estate Frame on a paved surface?

Our Real Estate Frame is only designed for the ground and grassy surfaces, not pavement. However, we also offer Real Estate A-Frames, which are ideal for concrete, blacktop and any paved or hard surfaces. Our A-Frames feature a collapsible steel frame mated to a free-hanging coroplast primary sign (you can also add a rider).

How should I clean my Real Estate Frame?

Caring for your real estate frame is simple: Use a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt on the frame or on the sign. We advise against using overly strong cleaning solutions to remove the dirt – this could damage the frame as well as the sign.

What's the best way to store a Real Estate Frame?

To store the sign, we recommend keeping the box it was shipped in – this will provide sufficient protection when storing on a shelf or against a wall. If you no longer have the box, we recommend storing the frame upright and avoid placing any heavy object(s) on the frame while stored. It's best to remove the sign(s) from your frame and store separately to avoid any damage.