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There is no doubt that while campaigns and elections continue to move to digital battlegrounds that the traditional forms of media still continue to play a big role in winning elections. Political signage is a perfect example of this as candidates at the local, State and Federal level plaster yards, buildings and busy roadways with campaign promises, political slogans and get out the vote messages. Whether you need signage for your front yard or vehicle, campaign headquarters or for your entire district can help. We offer a wide variety of interior and exterior political sign options to help show your support or ensure your candidacy is effectively communicated to your constituents.

Combined with years of experience as a leading online sign company, offers next day shipping, free design services and unmatched customer service. Find your political sign templates below to get started or contact us to help you get your signage printed and visible ahead of the big day!


Political Sign Types


Yard Signs

The most commonly used sign for political campaigns, our lawn signs are made from a durable corrugated plastic that makes installation easy with the optional wire stakes, providing easy campaign exposure.

Vinyl Banners

These popular signs are perfect for promoting campaign events and fundraisers. Our 13 oz. banners are portable and are great for campaign booths at fairs, rallies, and community events.

Window Decals

Decorate your campaign headquarters with semi-permanent window decals. Display campaign slogans, contact information, and other campaign promotions using this simple signage solution.


Our versatile magnets can be placed on cars, refrigerators, or any other magnetic surface. Hand these out as promotional items with your logo and slogan on them or place them on cars of staffers and supporters to help promote your campaign.

Car Decals

Transform your car or truck into a mobile billboard using custom political car decals. These are perfect for decorating campaign cars and the vehicles of volunteers wanting to show their voting allegiance and campaign spirit for the upcoming election.

Foam Board

Lightweight and portable, these signs are perfect for campaign rallies, events and more. Store them and easily reuse them throughout the campaign. These signs are easily held by supporters or affordable enough to be purchased and distributed by campaign staffers.

Political Supporters & Campaigns

Political campaigns are a sign lover’s dream. From a sea of lawn signs to cars decked out in candidate bumper stickers, campaign season is driven by signage and advertising. Name recognition of a candidate is crucial to educate voters and ultimately win their votes, and signage is the most common way to accomplish this. We offer a range of signage solutions that are tailored to help maximize campaign exposure while not breaking the bank. Whether you’re running for office yourself or you’re looking to support a candidate, you have a variety of sign types to choose from.

Provided below are customizable templates for campaign signage as well as common uses for campaign signage. There are also a plethora of other templates that are searchable at the end of this section.


We’re sure you’ve seen political signs displayed in neighborhoods and in front of homes. In fact, we’re positive that these signs have caught your attention at one point or the other, especially if they have catchy slogans or pictures. Signs displayed on lawns have proven to be effective in promoting a candidate.

While a variety of signs (banners, aluminum, etc.) would work for this purpose, we recommend our corrugated plastic lawn signs to advertise a campaign. These signs are cheap in cost but durable and easy to set up. With any yard sign purchase, we offer the option to include wire stakes for easy posting in yards and locations throughout your political district. You can also custom-design yard signs to catch the attention of neighbors and passers-by using colorful and captivating designs or simply upload official campaign logos and slogans. You could even provide links to campaign websites or a phone number to call to receive more information on the candidate in an effort to help your candidate get elected.

Likewise, as a campaign staffer, yard signs are an affordable option for large quantities of signs in order to distribute to supporters. In printing industry lingo, we can either digital print or screen print your political yard signs. Also, don’t hesitate to inquire about our custom design as you prepare your large order of yard signs for your supporters. Please note that extremely large orders may need slightly more than the usual one day production. Please contact us if the number of yard signs you are going to order is going to be very high and you are on tight deadline. This way we can ascertain whether we are able to complete your job by your deadline if for some reason we can’t do it within one day.

Your Local Area

Community involvement in a campaign is vital to gaining support from local businesses and leaders. Mass promoting to the general public is made easy using political signs and banners. Simple, affordable, and sure to catch attention, banners are an excellent choice for campaign signage. We offer a number of different banner types, but we recommend using our 13oz vinyl banners to promote throughout your community due to their low cost, durability and versatility. These banners are easy to use to display campaign information at community events, political rallies, and storefronts. Store owners who support a campaign can opt to display banners outside their business or help you find locations to advertise effectively. These banners can be used in basically any condition excepting extreme weather, but can be removed effortlessly if poor weather is imminent. They are also easy to take down once election season is over. Our rigid plastic and wooden signs are some other exterior sign options that can be used by supporters and staffers alike.


Vehicle advertising is becoming a norm in today’s world. Small businesses are transforming their cars into mobile billboards with company logos, locations, hours, and contact information. Why should this be limited to businesses? Campaigns can utilize car advertising to reach people who may otherwise not have any exposure to the campaign or candidate. This method of political advertising can be particularly effective in urban areas and even more so where congestion is a problem, as congestion can lead to a very captive audience! Of course, not only can campaigns use vehicle signs on supporter and staffer cars but the same principle applies to buying space on buses and other public transportation vehicles that are widely seen.

We recommend using clear car decals to deck out campaign vehicles with political advertising and information. Car decals are easily adhered to any vehicle and will not ruin the paint on the car. They can also be used on car windows and will allow visibility on any part of the decal that is not printed. Though we’d recommend using a perforated window decal if supporters or staffers are going to completely cover any window with signage. These perforated decals will provide one way visibility regardless of how much of the surface area you cover with your graphic. This visibility ensures safety while effectively promoting the candidate. Affordable and versatile in use, car decals are an excellent tactic for increasing campaign awareness.

Car magnets are another viable option for vehicle advertising. Similar to decals, magnets are a great way to turn your car into a mobile promotion. Magnets are great because they can easily be attached and removed from any vehicle (whereas decals are semi-permanent in nature), so switching or removing the magnets is extremely easy. This is particularly desirable if campaign vehicles are also used as personal vehicles and the signage needs to be removed for any given occasion. Political car magnets can also be used as promotional material that is handed out at campaign rallies or other events to encourage supporters to put them on their cars or trucks. Voters aren’t afraid to show their candidate loyalty, and car magnets are a great way for them to do so.

Campaign Headquarters

Decorating campaign headquarters in quality promotional material will help a candidates’ name recognition and overall awareness within the community and among voters. We’ve already alluded to the effectiveness of banners, yard signs, and car advertising, so now it’s time to turn your political headquarters into the posterchild for campaign advertising. A well-decorated headquarters shows that the candidate and campaign committee are committed to the election effort. Campaign headquarters can feature a variety of political signage types including banners, feather banners, yard signs, and even aluminum signs on the exterior of a building. Inside the building posters, wall decals, flyers, postcards, decals and so much more will undoubtedly help properly decorate a headquarters location. These signs also can help with press conferences (backdrops), presentations (foamboard) and so much more. Assuming a building has plenty of street facing windows, perhaps the most effective sign type for headquarters are window decals.

Window decals are cost effective and easy to install for temporary use of a building or headquarters. These decals are printed on a semi-permanent adhesive vinyl and can be installed on the exterior or interior of windows facing a street. Window decals allow for logos and other images to be adhered to glass-like surfaces without any mess or hassle. We offer clear, opaque, perforated, and frosted window decals to help cover both indoor and outdoor glass surface at campaign headquarters.

Ballot Initiatives and Grassroots

If you’re looking to help boost exposure of ballot initiatives or grassroot campaign efforts, you’re going to need an effective signage strategy. There are many signage options that can be used, such as yard signs, rigid plastic signs, and foam board. Yard signs are commonly used to promote campaign efforts because of their cheap and simple set up. Rigid plastic signs are durable and great for displaying on light posts and storefronts. Foam board makes an excellent temporary sign for indoor use at rallies and events.

For maximum exposure of ballot initiatives and grassroots efforts we recommend using vinyl banners to educate voters and increase support. Vinyl banners are available in any size from 6”x6” to 10’ x165’, so whatever size your display needs have, a banner will be an ideal solution. These large political banners can be placed in high traffic locations and play a pivotal role in beginning the process of educating voters on critical local or state issues. Vinyl banners are versatile, easy to hang and store, and affordable. Pick a template below, upload your own design or contact us for free design services to get your political signage finalized today.

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