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About Our Custom Giant Checks

Our 3/16" thick giant checks are made of paper-faced foam board. These giant checks are great for contests, donations, ribbon cutting and public relations ceremonies, and many other events.

Completely Customizable Checks

Completely Customizable

Images, logos, text, fonts, and colors can all be changed. Or leave the lines blank and write in your own details with permanent marker! Get the exact giant check design you want! Need help? Get free design help now!

Looking For Dry Erase?

Dry Erase Check

A dry erase big check let's you take your fully customized design to the next level. Big check presentations have never been so easy when you can write in any award amount, name or reason for the celebration. Present a novelty giant check that will create long lasting memories. Dry erase giant checks are designed to be reusable—perfect for annual awards presented by foundations, companies, and more.

Dry Erase Details

  • Dry erase laminate over printed giant check
  • Writes on clear, wipes away clean
  • Order any size
  • Reusable

Common Sizes For Big Checks

Looking for a standard or commonly used size for your giant check? The most common sizes are 36"x18", 48"x24", and 60"x30". Below are some basic templates in these common sizes to get your design started. If you are looking to get a custom size or design for your oversized check, click "Get Started" in the menu below to start designing! If you would like free design help just let us know by clicking the green button right after our templates!

Additional Specs

  • Weight

    .13lbs per square foot (about the weight of 13 quarters)

  • Thickness

    .1945" (about the thickness of 50 sheets of copy paper)

  • Details

    3/16” paper-faced foam board giant checks are custom made and printed at the highest quality in full-color with weather, fade, and abrasion resistant ink

  • Uses

    Indoor. Presentations, giveaways, contests, donations, public relations ceremonies, ribbon cutting, grand openings, charity events, marketing events, and more

  • Print Method

    Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade & abrasion resistant UV ink

  • Estimated Lifespan

    2+ years with proper maintenance and care

  • Common Sizes

    36"x18", 48"x24", 60"x30"

Why Giant Checks from

one-of-a-kind, produced specifically for you
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Your giant check is unique to you and your company or event. That's why everything about our checks is customizable from images and logos to your text and desired colors. Get the exact look you want and don't settle for cookie-cutter or pre-printed giant checks.
Quality Production
from material to print to packaging
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We use the highest quality foam board to create your custom printed big checks. Our production method includes world-class printers to ensure you get the best looking product possible.
Produced Fast 
with next day production
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We get right to work! Once your order is placed your giant check goes into production and ships by the next business day. With Overnight shipping, you can have your check in hand in as little as two business days.
Best-in-Class Guarantees
starting with a 100% satisfaction
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Be confident in your purchase! Your oversized check is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Verified buyer
September 9, 2023 by Rose Andrikos ( IL )
“Great product and arrived quickly”
Verified buyer
June 15, 2023 by Mandy ( NC )
“Always awesome service and products! Thank you so much!”
Verified buyer
May 11, 2023 by Guest Guest ( AL )
“Exactly what we ordered!”
Verified buyer
September 30, 2022 by Vanessa ( MA )
“Looks exactly like the template and was shipped in a way that none of the corner were bent. Perfect!”
Verified buyer
Thankful September 21, 2022 by Guest ( NJ )
“Amazing ”

Questions and Answers

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How long will my oversized checks last?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Checks are most often used for custom, one-time events. However, assuming that you'd like to reuse your checks, with proper care and storage they can last two years or longer.
Will the printed area of my big checks rub off or peel away?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
The printed area of your checks should not rub off or peel away. Even if the check is accidentally scratched there should be no peeling of the printed area on your check.
Why does shipping cost so much if you offer free shipping?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

We offer free shipping on all orders over $99 unless the material is rigid and over 36 inches in either direction or the order requires freight shipping. Due to industry shipping rates and policies, rigid signs that are over certain dimensions are typically shipped via freight shipping. This type of shipping can cause the cost to ship the check to be more than standard shipping costs.

Do you offer color matching? 
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
We do not offer color matching. 
If I order my check with blank lines, can I write on my check as part of the presentation or ceremony?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Yes, our checks are writeable! You can still take advantage of our free design services to customize your check but leave the lines blank if you wish that part to be part of your event or ceremony. If your giant check does not have the dry erase laminate applied then permanent markers will write without problem on the paper faced material, even when printed. Just to be sure to use a permanent marker and give it a second to dry before touching it to avoid smearing. Doing so will also, of course, mean that it may limit you from using the check more than one time. If you would like to write on the check with dry erase markers you will need to add our dry erase laminate to your sign. This gives you the ability to write on the check and erase it as many times as you would like.

What are the typical uses for custom checks of this size?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Large checks are typically used as part of an event such as a grand opening, charitable fundraiser, holiday events, public relations and ribbon cutting ceremonies, and more. They are also a common part of private donations to public institutions such as hospitals and schools for scholarships and endowments. 
Can the checks be used outside?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Technically speaking the checks are intended for indoor use only. Exposing them to the elements, may result in damage. Precipitation and high winds have a high probability to permanently damage your check. But assuming nice weather, there should be no problem to have them be used outdoors for temporary purposes.
Can I hang my checks?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Most checks are typically held or passed between participants and not installed like many of our other custom signs. However, due to the lightweight nature of our checks, you may hang them with light adhesive tape, etc. How you install or use your checks will depend on your particular situation or event.
How do I store my checks?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Custom checks should be stored in cool and dry conditions. Avoid placing anything heavy on them. They are not intended to be weight bearing in any way. Make sure to prevent bends or creases from occuring as they will be permanent. Store your checks indoors and away from sun and weather exposure. They can be stored vertical or horizontal assuming no weight is placed on horizontally stored checks.
How do I clean my check?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

To clean your checks lightly wipe it with a dry, non-abrasive or micofiber cloth. Wet rags, as well as cleaners of any sort, will damage your check.

Giant checks with dry erase laminate are easy to clean after use. Simply use a non-abrasive cloth, or felt whiteboard eraser to wipe away any marker on the giant check. Microfiber cloths also work well and are inexpensive for cleaning the dry erase surface. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol, dry erase cleaner, or citrus based cleaner when needed.