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About Our Custom Giant Checks

Our 3/16" thick giant checks are made of paper-faced foam board. These giant checks are great for contests, donations, ribbon cutting and public relations ceremonies, and many other events.

Completely Customizable Checks

Completely Customizable

Images, logos, text, fonts, and colors can all be changed. Or leave the lines blank and write in your own details with permanent marker! Get the exact giant check design you want! Need help? Get free design help now!

Looking For Dry Erase?

Dry Erase Check

A dry erase big check let's you take your fully customized design to the next level. Big check presentations have never been so easy when you can write in any award amount, name or reason for the celebration. Present a novelty giant check that will create long lasting memories. Dry erase giant checks are designed to be reusable—perfect for annual awards presented by foundations, companies, and more.

Dry Erase Details

  • Dry erase laminate over printed giant check
  • Writes on clear, wipes away clean
  • Order any size
  • Reusable

Common Sizes For Big Checks

Looking for a standard or commonly used size for your giant check? The most common sizes are 36"x18", 48"x24", and 60"x30". Below are some basic templates in these common sizes to get your design started. If you are looking to get a custom size or design for your oversized check, click "Get Started" in the menu below to start designing! If you would like free design help just let us know by clicking the green button right after our templates!

Additional Specs

  • Weight

    .13lbs per square foot (about the weight of 13 quarters)

  • Thickness

    .1945" (about the thickness of 50 sheets of copy paper)

  • Details

    3/16” paper-faced foam board giant checks are custom made and printed at the highest quality in full-color with weather, fade, and abrasion resistant ink

  • Uses

    Indoor. Presentations, giveaways, contests, donations, public relations ceremonies, ribbon cutting, grand openings, charity events, marketing events, and more

  • Print Method

    Four color process, eco-friendly, weather, fade & abrasion resistant UV ink

  • Estimated Lifespan

    2+ years with proper maintenance and care

  • Common Sizes

    36"x18", 48"x24", 60"x30"

Why Giant Checks from

one-of-a-kind, produced specifically for you
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Your giant check is unique to you and your company or event. That's why everything about our checks is customizable from images and logos to your text and desired colors. Get the exact look you want and don't settle for cookie-cutter or pre-printed giant checks.
Quality Production
from material to print to packaging
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We use the highest quality foam board to create your custom printed big checks. Our production method includes world-class printers to ensure you get the best looking product possible.
Produced Fast 
with next day production
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We get right to work! Once your order is placed your giant check goes into production and ships by the next business day. With Overnight shipping, you can have your check in hand in as little as two business days.
Best-in-Class Guarantees
starting with a 100% satisfaction
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Be confident in your purchase! Your oversized check is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Questions and Answers

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What material are giant checks made of?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Our custom giant checks are made of a standard foamboard that is paper-faced with a rigid foam center. The solid foam center creates a durable but lightweight material that is great for these type of checks. The paper-faced surface allows for clarity of printed text and logos for your oversized check. Dry erase giant checks are also made from paper-faced foamboard. The design is printed first then a dry erase laminate coating is applied over the printed surface. Dry erase coated laminate is durable and adds a glossy, but professional finish to the design of the check.
What is the difference between giant checks, big checks, large checks, and oversized checks?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Nothing! Giant checks, big checks, large checks, and oversized checks are simply different names for the same product. Some other commonly used names for giant checks are jumbo checks, donation checks, presentation checks, and novelty checks. 
How thick are big checks? Are there any other thickness options?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Our big checks are 3/16” (about 0.2”) thick. We don't currently offer other thicknesses for these checks, however, we do offer additional material types that have different thicknesses. Please contact us and let our award-winning customer experience team help you if you are interested in printing a check on a different type of material.
How durable are big checks? Will they bend?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
Custom giant checks are somewhat flexible. The larger the size of the check, the easier it will be to bend. It is important to treat them with care so they are not damaged. Bending them will cause permanent damage to the check. For a more rigid and durable material option check out our gatorboard.
Do you offer only one size of large check? What are the largest and smallest sizes you offer?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
We offer multiple standard sizes of large checks including the ability to make your check in virtually any custom size. The most common sizes ordered for these checks are 36"x18", 48"x24", and 60"x30". However, we offer any custom sized check between 4”x4” and 94”x46” to make sure you get the oversized check size that you're looking for. 
My check design is really detailed with multiple colors. Will this increase my cost?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

We print all of our big checks in full color at no additional cost. Regardless of how simple or complex the design of your check, it won’t impact the price of your final product. The cost of your check will be determined by the quantity, size, and any shipping and/or taxes that may be applicable. If you need help with your design we offer free design services to make sure the process of creating your check is simple!

Can I make my big checks double sided?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs
While this isn't a common option for large checks, we do have the ability to print on both sides of your check. Please contact us if you are interested in double-sided checks.
Do you print directly onto the surface of the checks or put a printed vinyl overlay overtop the material?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

The paper-faced sides of our custom checks in combination with our digital printing method allows for us to print directly onto the material. By printing directly onto the oversized checks we are able to provide checks that are high quality with crisp, vibrant text and logos regardless of the design.

Are your checks dry erase friendly?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

Yes, our giant checks can be ordered with a dry erase laminate option. In addition to being completely customizable with background, borders, colors or whatever you desire on the printed areas of your giant check, dry erase laminate coating enhances the usability of these checks. The coating is applied above the printed surface of your giant check, giving it a vibrant, glossy finish. By selecting the "Dry Erase Laminate" option from the Coating option drop-down at the top of this page, you can turn any giant check into a dry erase giant check.

Dry erase laminate also provides additional protection against fading, scratches, graffiti, and other elements.

Will my dry erase giant check leave a stain or shadow after the marker dries?
Asked 2 years ago by Signs

The dry erase laminate we use is designed to be high quality and allow you to write clearly, and wipe away clean—even if the marker has been left to dry for days. Dry erase markers may stain if left on the dry erase surface for over extended periods or when exposed for long periods in the sun.

In the rare case that a stain is left on your dry erase big check, use a non-abrasive cloth and a small amount of Isopropyl alcohol or a small amount of hand sanitizer, a good citrus based cleaner will also work. Gently cleaning the stained area in this manner should remove the stain.