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Custom Vehicle Lettering Just How You Need It

Choose from over 35 different colors of self-adhesive vinyl and have your lettering, numbering, or business logo cut to the exact shape you need.

Design Online
  • Easy-to-Use Online Design Tool
  • Over 70 Fonts Available
  • Any Custom Size
  • Design Templates Available


Design Online
  • Vector Artwork Required (ai, eps, svg, pdf)
  • Most fonts and designs acceptable
  • Need help with files, uploading or design? Check out our Free Design Services!

(Text effects such as gradients, shadows, borders, slants, etc. are not possible with vinyl lettering. For these effects please use our custom vehicle decals.)


Next Day Production
Next Day Production
Order by 9PM EST and we’ll have your vehicle lettering completed and shipped the very next business day.
Free Shipping over $99*
Free Shipping over $99*
Fast and hassle-free shipping directly to your business, office, or home.
100% Satisfaction
100% Satisfaction
We guarantee you’ll love your custom car and truck lettering. If you don’t, we'll be sure to make it right.

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What is Vehicle Lettering?

Vehicle lettering or car/truck lettering includes the lettering, numbering, or graphics individually cut out from a sheet of solid colored, 2-mil vinyl. Each shape is pre-spaced and placed onto masking transfer tape that allows for easy installation on your car, truck, or van in one piece, creating a clean and professional look.

Vehicle lettering works great on cars, trucks, vans, jeeps, buses, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, race cars, off-road vehicles, RVs, tractors, and even lawn mowers. It also works on windows and painted surfaces.

Vehicle Lettering Features

Additional Specs

  • Thickness:

    .002" (2-mil or 50 microns; about the thickness of half of a sheet of copy paper)

  • UV Resistance:

    UV protectants in the material for 8+ years of outdoor vibrancy with proper car and maintenance

  • Estimated Lifespan:

    8 years depending on climate and use

  • Temperature Range:

    -40F to 225F

  • Installation Method:

    Transfer tape; all-at-once installation

  • Print Method:

    Cut, not printed, from vinyl sheet

  • Uses:

    Outdoor. Used on windows and painted surfaces on cars, trucks, vans, buses, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs race cars, off-road vehicles, RVs, tractors, and lawn mowers.

How to Use Vinyl Car and Truck Lettering Templates

Pressed for time to create your own car and truck lettering design? Don’t worry, we have ready-made templates you can easily customize for free!

To personalize these templates, follow these steps:

  1. Select your preferred design template.
  2. You will be redirected to our Online Design Tool, where you can explore a wide range of customization features: adjust the specs, add some text, upload your own images, and insert shapes, among others!
  3. Click “View Proof” to see a preview of your draft.
  4. Once you are satisfied with your design, click “Save & Continue” to proceed with checkout.
  5. Alternatively, you can click “Save” and finish your draft at a later time.

How to Install Vinyl Car and Truck Lettering

All our vehicle lettering comes pre-spaced and pre-masked with transfer tape that makes installation a simple, all-at-once process. Follow the step-by-step instructions below for a fast application:

Thoroughly clean and dry the surface of your car or truck where the decal will be installed.

Apply a horizontal strip of masking tape to the top of the graphic with the top half of the tape on the intended surface, creating a hinge.

Note: Designs with three or more colors will require you to place individually colored layers on your vehicle. Two vinyl dots (one in the upper left corner and one in the bottom right corner of each layer) will be used to help align individual layers.

Hold the bottom edge of the hinged graphic away from the intended surface and remove the back liner, revealing the sticky backing of your lettering. Be careful not to allow the exposed adhesive to touch the surface.

Using a squeegee*, press down on the premask, placing the lettering or graphic onto the intended surface. If creases develop, carefully lift the graphic and place it again. Work from top to bottom and left to right.

*Available for purchase with vehicle lettering.

Remove any air by dragging the squeegee from the center of your graphic outward.

Gently remove the premask, starting at a top corner. If any vinyl begins to come off the surface, use your squeegee to firmly adhere it back to the surface and continue peeling away the premask. This should remove the masking tape hinge as well.

Laying the liner over the graphic with the shiny side facing you, apply hard pressure with the squeegee, removing any remaining air bubbles.

As noted above, for vinyl lettering with three or more colors your order will have one layer per color. Repeat steps 2-7 and use the registration marks in the in the upper left and bottom right corners to ensure proper alignment and installation. The video below shows the installation process for 1 and 2 color vinyl lettering.

Download or Print Vehicle Lettering Installation Instructions

Use water and a non-abrasive cloth to clean your vinyl car and truck lettering. This lettering is not ideal for pressurized car washes, as it may result in peeling corners. Do not use strong cleaners or power washers on or around the lettering. This could damage or remove the lettering from your vehicle.

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Additional Car and Vehicle Decals

We offer several different vehicle decal types to ensure you are able to get the decal that best meets your needs. Create a consistent look and make your vehicle stand out by incorporating several different types of decals on your car or truck.

See All Decals

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Questions and Answers

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How many colors are available? Do you offer colors beyond what is provided on the site?
Asked a year ago by Signs

You can choose from 39 different colors for your car and truck lettering, including standard and specialty colors. Generally, we can only produce vinyl lettering from the colors we offer on our site. However, if you have a specific color in mind and would like to place a custom order, feel free to contact us.

Can I order lettering that has multiple colors?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Yes, you can order vehicle lettering that incorporates any variety of the colors that we offer on our site. Each individual object that you create in our design tool will each have its own solid color. If you want multiple colors, be sure to create multiple objects on the design tool.

Please note that if your design incorporates three or more separate colors, your lettering will be sent out in separate sheets for each color. When you receive the vinyl lettering, you’ll combine the colors together to install it on the surface.

If you are uploading a file, please note that each file uploaded can only have one color applied. For example, if you are trying to create a business logo out of vinyl lettering that incorporates multiple colors, you will need to break up the logo into multiple files based on the color then upload each file separately into our design tool.

My design has several different color variations and I want to display it as is on my vehicle. What can I do?
Asked a year ago by Signs

If you have a design that uses many colors or if you are wanting exact colors from your design, then we recommend using one of our vehicle decals. Our vehicle decals are printed instead of cut, allowing you to use an unlimited number of colors and color variations/effects.

Will the colors on your website match exactly what I want?
Asked a year ago by Signs

You can preview all the colors we have available when using our online design tool. If your screen settings are standard, the color you see on screen should be very close to the color you receive with your vehicle lettering.

Please note, however, that there may be differences in color due to the difference in computer monitors. If you would like, we are also more than happy to provide you with the official names of the colors we use.

As for color matching, this is something that cannot be done with vinyl lettering (unless the color you want is the exact same as one of the colors of vinyl we offer) and is very difficult to achieve even with decals that use printed ink. Even though we do not offer exact color matching, our vehicle decals allow you to use an unlimited number of colors and combinations to help you achieve the look you are wanting.

Is the cost of my car and truck vinyl lettering affected by my color choice?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Whichever color you choose, the cost for your vehicle lettering will be the same. However, the cost is slightly increased by incorporating multiple colors into one lettering order. This is due to the additional technical work required to create such orders.

Can you do graphics or non-letter designs?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Yes. Simple graphic or non-letter designs can be created using our cut vinyl. We offer several graphics for you to choose from in our template library. You can also upload a custom image or graphic. Please note that we’ll only be able to create each file you upload in one solid color per file.

How do I make my business logo out of vinyl lettering?
Asked a year ago by Signs

If you would like to create your business logo out of our vinyl lettering, please upload a file of your logo into our online design tool. Make sure that the file is in vector format (AI, EPS, SVG, or PDF). If your logo has multiple colors, you will need to upload it in multiple files (according to color). If you need help making your business logo out of vinyl lettering, please take advantage of our free design services.

How do I upload my own custom design?
Asked a year ago by Signs

Once you access our online design tool, you will see an icon on the far-left menu that says "Upload". Click on that icon. Be sure to read the uploading requirements carefully. We require all vinyl lettering uploads to be vector artwork and in the file format of AI, EPS, SVG, or PDF. You will then select the file from your computer or mobile phone and upload into our design tool.

If you have a custom design that you would like to use but it is not vector artwork or the appropriate format, please fill out a request form on our free design services page to have your artwork be converted into an acceptable format. We will be sure to contact you within 24 hours from the time you submit your request.

What is a vector file?
Asked a year ago by Signs

A vector is a type of graphic that uses mathematical equations to produce an image made from lines and shapes that can be scaled to any size without the loss of quality or fidelity. Vectors are created in illustration software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator. Vector images are the ideal image type for vehicle lettering because they can be made with a transparent background and are able to be scaled to any size without losing quality or becoming "pixelated".

Why won't my uploaded file work?
Asked a year ago by Signs

If you are having difficulty uploading your desired file, it is most likely because it is either not vector artwork (not an AI, EPS, SVG, or PDF file), or is over 25 MB in size. If you are having difficulty uploading your file, please contact us or fill out our free design services request form.